1. Greetings

Hudiemon rarely devolves.

To show a human in this world would only be a danger, rather than a delight. Humans have become the stuff of legends, the five chosen children that chose to make the world right and succeeded and failed all at once.

Besides, Hudiemon was in no hurry. She was finally in the Digital World Wormmon had told her about, finally in the home that would not hurt her like the human world had, even if it was unintentional.

So, curious and elated and free, Hudiemon flew about. It was the most nature that Erika had ever seen in her life. They had never been to many parks, and she couldn't have gone very far after the accident.

So now she was able to go and see so much. Most of the small Digimon were perfectly cheerful, perfectly friendly. How had she ever thought they would be nothing but unthinking programs?

Don't hate yourself, everyone thought so.

Wormmon's voice was as soothing, as true as ever. The two of them had learned so much about each other because of their friendship, so much about being a person. If only, if only everyone could see them now.

Well, it was better that they didn't. The world was better now, she hoped.

Hudiemon fluttered to the ground. There were berries on nearby bushes, definitely worth examining. Feeling her stomach grumble, she let out a sigh. How annoying. Erika had hoped to leave hunger behind, but considering she had yawned three times in the past twenty minutes, she doubted that would be the case for everything else either.

Living beings function much the same, Erika!

Yes but that didn't make it any more bearable. She had never squatted to use the bathroom before.

Don't worry, there are portable toilets all over the place that reset twice a day! You can buy them too!

That was the least comforting thing about the subject.

As she leaned to inspect a patch of red berries, a quiet voice said, "Those aren't ripe, young one. I would wait a day."

"That doesn't help me now, does it?" She said sharply, standing up and turning around, blue wings all aflutter.

The speaker chuckled. "It does not. Hello, young hacker. It looks as though you have ended up in quite a situation since you threw your friend into my care."

Hudiemon looked up at the witch. "Oh."

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