2. Assistance


The Witch of EDEN - Mikagura Mirei - was nothing if not helpful and polite (If somewhat mischievous, Erika had never seen someone so… playful as a hacker that wasn't Chitose, and Chitose took hacking seriously. For her it just seemed to be fun if nothing else.). She led the Digimon to a tree without hesitation. There wasn't anything particularly unusual about it except that all of Erika's memories insisted that help did not come without a price for anyone, or anything.

And yet there she was, in a room playing soft music, chairs and beds and a kitchenette in various corners. Dishes washed themselves in the small sink.

"You can separate if you would like." Mirei knelt down to pet two very familiar cats. "There's no reason to harm you here, little hacker."

"There isn't?" They ask together, because Erika's given Wormmon her wariness and she feels so, so guilty about that now even if it is all right.

"What could you do to me?" Mirei asked her, raising one eyebrow.

Erika could think of a thousand things, but the playful smirk resting on the woman's face told her so much about what power really was and what it looked like.

So, with some effort, considering they had never tried before, the two of them split apart. Wormmon scuttled to Erika immediately to be picked up. She stumbled with her many limbs. Erika herself almost fell, remembering how to walk the instant after she hit the ground.

Mirei helped her up, smiling a little. "It does take some getting used to, I'm well aware. Now, come, I'll lead you to the bathroom."

"I… I need to shower?" What was the point of being in another world if you still performed ordinary bodily functions?

"You'll want to," Mirei replied in that same, casual voice. "While you don't have to perform all human functions, it makes you feel better afterwards, closer to yourself." The familiar black and white cats climbed up her arms and each settled on a shoulder. They looked mockingly right into her eyes.

Wormmon hiding behind her did not make Erika feel better.

She decided to obey. Wormmon had likely never experienced a warm bath in her life. Showers were not the same and EDEN certainly had nothing similar.

"There's little purified water outside."

Erika saw Wormmon nod and never ran so quickly for a bath in her life.