Elizabeth Sutton isn't just like any other tourist from American visiting Cairo. She wears a long bright pink t-shirt, black leggings. Her blonde french braids are messy and carries a single purse. When she smiles her blue eyes light up, her teeth are pearly white. What is different is her secret.

She was trained by a spy. Her mind was trained to analyzes, to deceive, to uncover. Sutton does not need technology, (A spy is after all much better without it) for she can recount every little detail sent to the Palestinians. And if she must, she kills. Her mind is a most powerful weapon.

Still, Kobli Handay's mind is much older and wiser having been trained by the great agents of the Sphinx Schelpure. The Sphinx Schelpure protects hides historic sacred objects that are a symbol of the Ancient Egyptians past's intelligence. Heptatasit's schelpure is the greatest object of all for it contains all of the magical powers one could dream of.

I am Kobli Handay and she will be deceived and die because of it.

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