5:39pm on Friday,

"Hey, it's Washington, anything can happen." Aaron said, a slight smirk on his face.

"And it usually does." Emily smirked back, noticing the up-down look Aaron was giving her.

They may have had their differences, they may have lost what they might have had but the future always holds the unknown. If there's anything Emily Rhodes looks forward to its the unknown.

9:12pm on Friday,

Emily threw down her fourth glass of the night. The bourbon, left in the desk from Aaron no doubt, was sliding down her throat to create a slow burn in her stomach.

Today had been one hell of a day. Abe Lennard wrote a story about Al Sakaar which in turn ruined the President's agenda at NATO. Currently, she was the highest-ranking person in the White House. Not only was she working on advancing Kirkman's agenda here but she was also putting out fire after fire. Throw the story and the President's setback and she was conquering a full-on blaze. Seth was out of the country with the President and Aaron… well, Aaron wasn't around anymore.

Seeing him today with Nadia lit a fire inside of her that not even four glasses of bourbon could put out. Instead, her mind kept circling back to him. Her whole body was lit green with envy at seeing Aaron laugh with that girl. A girl that well, wasn't her. Before today Emily hadn't met Nadia. Aaron had mentioned her in passing about her getting a position on the Hill. When Emily heard that deep seductive voice coming from behind her at the restaurant the last thing she expected to see was Aaron next to a little cheery brunette.

Before Emily could even think it through her legs were moving and her mouth was greeting him. Their eyes instantly connecting, that electric jolt of attraction traveling at the speed of light. Before any rational thought could even begin to take over Aarons lips were on her cheek, his arms were around her waist, and his cologne was taking over her senses. Georgio Armani's Acqua Di Gio making her arms tighten a bit more and her head involuntarily find the soft place between his jaw and his shoulder. In that moment the only thing she wanted to do was kiss him, right there in that soft space… but instead, she felt him pull away and her gaze landed on the bubbly girl who was giving her a bright smile.

"Emily, " Aaron said, making her attention snap back to him, "meet my cousin Nadia. I told you about her working on the Hill, right?" He asked, his hand lingering a bit on her elbow. The word 'cousin' easily turning Emily's fake smile into a genuine one.

Throwing back her last glass Emily knew she had to do something. Getting drunk alone wasn't a good idea, it meant that your only company was your thoughts – and right now, Emily wanted nothing to do with those thoughts.

9:40pm on Friday,

Seth glanced up from this computer, seeing the Chief of Staff leant against his door frame.

"C'mon, we're going out." She said, sliding into her coat.

Taking the pencil out of his mouth Seth's eyebrow's furrowed, "Going out? Emily, are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm perfect. Listen, I'm four glasses in and it wasn't any fun by myself. C'mon Seth, I know you just got back but today's been a hell of a day. Let's just grab a late drink."

Knowing she was right he rolled his eyes, "Yeah, yeah… let me finish up this email then we can head out."

Emily grinned, winning at arguments had become her daily job and it proved to be her greatest strength in her personal life as well.

10:45pm on Friday,

Seth couldn't stop laughing. He didn't even know what Emily had just said but knew that he was well and past drunk right then. They both were. He glanced down at his watch and threw back what was left of his scotch. It was definitely time to head home and sleep off this hangover he knew was coming.

"I'm gonna call you a cab." He muttered.

"Noooo, no cab, just fun!" Emily said, popping off her stool and grabbing the table to steady herself. For the past hour she only spent half the time thinking about Aaron. That a was a huge improvement in her book. Going home was not in her current plans. Going home meant being back in her thoughts. If she could delay that event then life would be easier.

Seth didn't know about her and Aaron, but he definitely knew something was up. It wasn't like her to stay out, even on a rough day. Emily was a routine oriented person. Every day she left work, usually the last person in the White House to head home, even after the President himself, only to grab takeout and most likely pass out on her couch. Something was definitely up.

"An Uber? Lyft? The red line?" He tried.

"No, nope, nuh-uh. I have a better idea, shots!" She laughed, her hands going in the air at the end.

"Yeah, sure. After the bthroom." Seth replied while walking off.

Not long after he stepped out of the loud atmosphere his fingers were dialing, and then redialing because he vision wouldn't hold straight, the only number he could think to persuade her.

11:00pm on Friday,
Seth stood by the entrance, watching Emily from afar. She was speaking animatedly with sorority girls from Georgetown at the table next to theirs. Seth didn't know much about her college days but had a feeling she had been one of those girls. They theory was definitely proven when they all started doing some cheer that involved lots of clapping.

"Twenty to one says our girl was definitely in a sorority." Aaron said, appearing next to Seth, car keys in hand.

"I won't even bet against you. And you mean your girl now, good luck with… well, whatever this situation is. I'm heading home." Seth replied, giving Aaron a quick salute and a pat on the back on his way out.

Aaron watched Seth head across the street and into his apartment, making sure he got in alright before he turned his attention back to Emily. His gaze admiring her, even absolutely inebriated she still held a glow. It was when Emily started handing the girls her lipstick and some money that he decided to take over.

"Trust me, definitely your color. Keep it!" He heard her giggle.

Aaron softly grabbed onto her elbow, getting her attention.

Emily turned around, ready to tell off whatever asshole that thought he could just put his hands on her. The first thing her swaying gaze set on was a strong chest. Her heart started to beat quicker now. She had been thinking about that chest… her gaze drifted up to his face, his curly hair… about that face all day.

"Aaron… " She said, a little out of breath. Partly from all the cheering she had just done and partly from the shock of seeing him here. Now.

"…you're real right?" She questioned, patting his chest for reassurance. And, in all honestly, because feeling his muscles never hurt.

Her drunk mind was slowly beginning to sober up at the realization that he was really here. Her drunk mind was also realizing that she most likely wouldn't remember any of this tomorrow morning.

Rational Emily would drink some water and attempt to get home before she said, or did, anything she would regret tomorrow. Drunk Emily on the other hand didn't think of or even consider any of those options. Instead, her mind was still having trouble comprehending that the man she had been thinking about all day was currently in front of her. He was right here helping to keep her steady with care written in his eyes.

"Come on Em, let's get you home." Aaron said softly, his hand running from her elbow down to her hand.

All she could do was stare back at him. Her fingers gripped onto his longer ones.

"Aaron… how are you here? Why are you here?"

It was as if her brain was working overtime to make up for her dulled senses.

"Seth called me. Time to get you home. Em, let's go."

Emily's other hand grabbed onto his jacket lapel, trying to hold herself upright.

"Em," she answered back, "you called me Em."

Aaron's mouth quirked up a bit. Still so damn beautiful, he couldn't help but think.

Before he could give a response Emily already found her mouth moving on its own accord, "You haven't called me Em since before. Before I ruined everything."

Her hand gripped tighter onto his jacket, her other one had already been squeezing his own.

Aaron just gazed at her, this thumb running circles over hers repeatedly.

"Not here," Aaron said gently, "Let me get you home."

Emily wobbled a little bit closer to him, taking a step away from the table she had previously occupied.

"No, not home. Please not home."

Feeling his gaze, Emily's eyes were suddenly glued to their shoes. A melancholy mood settling over her. Oh yeah, this is what she had been avoiding all day. This is why she had begun drinking hours ago.

Aaron thought of a quick solution. He wasn't trying to proposition her in any way, but he also didn't want to upset her further, "Alright, but let's just head out of here okay?"

She mutely nodded at him, allowing him to help her into her coat. She grabbed her bag and gripped onto the arm he held out for her. While attempting to steady her steps and walk straight she was acutely aware of the proximity of their bodies, of the feel of his jacket under her hand.

Aaron held the door for them both, allowing Emily to go out in front of him. He quickly grabbed back onto her, this time settling his arm around her waist. She was already unsteady, and he feared her falling over onto the hard sidewalk. Hailing a cab, he helped her into the back seat and slide in next to her, giving the cabbie his address.

11:55pm on Friday,
Emily heard the door softly shut and hands take her coat off her.

"Let me grab you some clothes, I'll be right back." Aaron said from behind her.

Emily gazed around. She had never been inside Aarons apartment before. It was very clean, very meticulous, very monochrome. Overall, very Aaron. She smiled a bit at the smell of his place, even his apartment smelled like his cologne.

She heard a drawer shut and followed the sound, taking off her shoes along the way. Wandering around a corner she found Aaron placing sweatpants and a white t-shirt onto the bed while he rummaged through for something else.

Hearing the pitter-patter of her feet on his dark hardwood floor Aaron looked up just in time to see her walking into his bedroom. For a split second his mind winded back to the times when he would daydream about this scene playing out in real life. Except in his daydream Emily wasn't drunk and he had definitely never been under investigation.

"Aaron, can you… " Emily turned around and lifted her hair, motioning to the zipper on the back of her dress.

Aaron hesitated for a second, this was more like his daydream that he could even believe. He stepped closer to her, his breath now gently pushing onto the back of her neck. He could see the hair there rise, and her chest catch with breath. His chest, and other parts of his anatomy, tightened at this. Emily was very good at putting on a façade. So good in fact that he believed she truly didn't have any feelings for him anymore. Little did he know that Emily felt the same way about him.

Soft fingertips traced down her spine following right behind her zipper. Slowly, oh so slowly, her dress was undone leaving her hands slightly shaking and her chest unmoving. At this moment Emily was absolutely positive that she had no more breath in her body. Her head felt light and her heart was about to beat out of its chest.

Aarons rough fingertips traced a pattern on her spine as she shifted one shoulder to the next, allowing her dress to fall right before Aaron's eyes.

Glancing down all Aaron could take in was her soft skin and her maroon lace underwear. His fingers itched to take it all off, to see her for how she truly is. His brain catching up to this little brain, he pulled his hands back.

Emily turned around, pulling her hair over one shoulder. As her eyes slowly trailed from Aaron's feet up to his entrancing depths.

"Come on," he whispered, fearing a louder tone would break the moment, "time for bed."

He reached around her, grazing her shoulder in the process, to grab the sweat pants and t-shirt off the bed.

Emily looked down at her options. Still a bit tipsy her influenced mind wanted nothing more than to connect her body to his. Emily grabbed the t-shirt from his grasp, leaving the sweatpants still in his grip. Instead, she sauntered over to the same drawer Aaron had been digging through and grabbed a pair of his boxer briefs.

His signature smirk took over. Watching her do this, form her own path and follow her mind, brought back memories of when he first became enamored with her.

"And hey Aaron, when you remember one of those reasons let me know okay?"

"What? Men don't own sports."
were worried. I knew it."

Emily, who she was at the very core of herself, was absolutely brazen. She was so unlike any other woman he had ever met.

Lost in his thoughts Aaron didn't even realize that Emily had gone into his en-suite to change. What broke him out of his reverie was hearing his door click open. His pupils dilated at seeing her standing there in just his t-shirt and boxers. Aaron stopped his thinking when it wandered to the fact that she definitely wasn't wearing her own underwear right now.

Thankful to be out of that dress, her constricting underwear, and her teeth brushed (courteous of Aarons toothbrush) Emily was more than happy to snuggle into his king-sized bed, giving herself the liberty of climbing under the covers.

Aaron didn't have the heart to tell her that she was laying on his side. Instead he tightened his hold on the sweatpants she had left in his hands and went into the bathroom to get ready for the night.

Running his hands through his hair to free his curls from the gel he began to feel nervous. Spending the night with women wasn't his thing. He had only ever actually slept through the night with one woman and that had been his girlfriend of two years when he was younger. Now, here, with Emily his nerves were in overdrive. Emily was more than just a woman, she is everything. She is the culmination of all that he wanted. God, the amount of times he had thought about this very situation.

Changing out of his clothes he threw on his sweatpants and brushed his teeth. Ignoring the fact that she had clearly just used it. On his way out, he grabbed two Advil and filled up his bathroom glass with water. Aaron popped the door open and blinked at the scene in front of him. Em was clearly comfortable, deep into his covers with her eyes drifted shut. He set the medicine and water on the table beside her and walked around the bed.

Moving to his, not, side of the mattress he pulled back the covers and laid down, turning on his side to face her. His gaze slowly took in her soft features. Seeing her like this, destressed and unbothered is a view he has only been privy to on a few occasions. His fingers reached over and brushed a piece of her hair away from her eyes. He meant to take his hand away but instead found his thumb tracing down her cheek and over her bottom lip. Though, gently enough not to bother her.

Emily had felt his gaze on her, his fingers move her hair, and even his thumb trace her lips. She could feel his breathing deepen and his muscles shift. Even tipsy Emily Rhodes still held cards up her sleeve. Not asleep and definitely not ignorant Emily purposely laid on Aaron's side of the bed. It wasn't hard to piece together the pillow with a permanent imprint and his watch on this side table. She purposely chose his side because sleeping near him wasn't enough. After craving a situation like this for so long she wanted to be consumed by him. Getting intimate wasn't a good idea, not in this state, and she knew that. While she knew that he wouldn't let her make moves on him in this state she took second best, his side of the bed.

12:26am on Saturday,
After tossing and turning for about fifteen minutes Aaron finally gave up. Noticing Emily had been moving around too he finally bit the bullet and pulled her against him. As she gently gripped onto his shoulders he rolled them over, placing her on the other side of the bed. As Aaron went to pull away Emily snuggled further against him. Cuddling wasn't her forte but, in this case, she could make an exception. What would happen in the morning she had no idea but for right now, feeling Aarons arms wrapped around her, was more than enough for her.

Surprised at her reaction to him Aaron only pulled her closer. Her bare legs tangled with his and her silky hair against his neck was all the comfort Aaron needed for a good night's sleep. As his eyes slowly closed and his breathing began to even out all he could think about was that he wanted to do this with Emily every night.