Trunks frowned as he stared at the being before him, cat-like but he was giving off some unreal vibrations, he fought many before but this one felt different.

"Who are you?" Asked Trunks as the being licked his hand before wiping his head like a cat.

"I am curious…the being that defeated Frieza? Where is he?" Asked Beerus.

"You're staring at him" Said Trunks, which was true, when he travelled back in time he did defeat Frieza.

"Really? I was told a Saiyan called Son Goku did?" Said Beerus as he stared at Trunks.

"Well that's true but I killed him" Said Trunks as Beerus just nodded.

"Well I was hoping you could point me to the Super Saiyan God" Said Beerus as confusion raced across Trunk's face. "Super Saiyan God?" Wondered Trunks.

"I don't know what a Super Saiyan God is" Said Trunk's as Beerus looked to him curiously. "You are Saiyan aren't you?" Asked Beerus.

"Yes I am but I only know of Super Saiyan, now if that's all, what are your intentions here?" Asked Trunks as Beerus frowned.

"I don't like your tone" Said Beerus as Trunks just frowned.

"Fine I apologize, now please leave" Said Trunks as he thought. 'Peace just started, I finally got rid of Majin Buu but now this, what the hell is going on?' Wondered Trunks.

"Well…seeing as you are useless to me and this planet is scheduled for destruction I might as well get rid of this waste of space" Said Beerus as Trunks tensed.

"No you won't, I'll ask you one more time leave now or die" Said Trunks as Beerus frowned.

"Mortals…you are always the ones that show no respect" Said Beerus as he smirked at Trunks. "Fine if you can force me to even ten percent of my power I will leave this backwater planet, by the looks of it, it really does need to be destroyed though, dark clouds and destroyed buildings in the background, this planet is junk, I'll give you five free hits and then bye bye junk" Said Beerus as Trunks frowned.

"This 'JUNK' is my home!" Said Trunks as he charged forward and punched Beerus as hard as he could in base form. The shockwave reverberated through the dessert and a building in the background collapsed from the shockwave.

Trunks eyes widened as he felt his wrist was sore and his knuckles throbbed, almost like he was human and punched solid steel, nearly three seconds later his hand healed thanks to his Saiyan blood.

"Four, I hope that isn't you're best or you can just give up now" Yawned Beerus as he looked to Trunks fist implanted on his face.

Trunks jumped back. 'That punch would have killed Cell and give Majin Buu a headache, yet he didn't even feel it' Trunks suddenly felt nervous but his Saiyan side was becoming excited.

"Fine I'll go super!" Said Trunks as he accessed his legendary strength, the sky turned even darker as Beerus looked up before he just smirked. "So you're becoming serious" As lightning started sparking around the area as his hair started levitating and his eyes changed into a bright Teal color. Super Saiyan.

Beerus observed him. "You know if I wasn't around you could run around calling yourself a God, the light show would convince me, but the really low power level you have would make me laugh afterwards"

Trunks frowned. "We'll see who is laughing when this is over" As he charged forward again and punched at full strength which Beerus failed to dodge again, this time the ground split apart and more buildings dropped but Beerus just smirked.

"Three, really you could beg for forgiveness and I might leave a quarter of this planet in one piece" Said Beerus as Trunks frowned. "I'll let you in on my identity and why you will never be able to defeat me, I am Lord Beerus, The God of Destruction, you may have faced other beings before but I eclipse them all and you" Said Beerus with a smug grin.

"I'll kill you!" Yelled Trunks as he transformed into Super Trunks and charged forward again with a full powered fist expecting Beerus to dodge this time but Beerus stood still again and the vibrations split the ground and caused more buildings to fall.

"Two, I'm guessing you don't care about those buildings because there are no people there" Said Beerus nonchalantly.

Trunks eyes widened as he Beerus just smirked at him. "Begging is still on the table just so you know" Said Beerus as Trunks clenched his fist in anger. 'WHY!?' Just when he thought he would be able to enjoy peace on earth someone comes along and completely crushes him.

"Never!" Said Trunks as he looked in the direction of all the people he had just told that everything was going to be alright, a cold feeling blew past him as he realized he might not have the power to protect them.

"Kaio-Ken times one hundred!" Yelled Trunks as his body filled with power past its limits and a small amount of blood came out his mouth.

He charged forward with all the power he could muster before swinging forward, but Beerus moved his head swiftly to the left and kneed Trunks in his solar plexus, Trunks felt all his power dissipate before his vision went blurry and he fell to the ground, he was completely winded, his body felt like it was on fire.

"One, all from one small knee, you are down" Said Beerus as he sighed. "Oh well, I guess I best be going, it was nice knowing you, apologize to all those on this planet that you let down in the afterlife" Said Beerus as he was about to take off until he saw Trunks slowly get up.

"I still have one shot right?" Asked Trunks as blood slowly seeped from his mouth.

Beerus looked at him curiously. "Yes you do…" Said Beerus as Trunks nodded.

"Fine, don't move this time let's see if you can shrug this off like its nothing" Said Trunks as clenched his fist in pure anger and electrical sparks flew all around him, he thought of everyone he couldn't let down, and with one final push he screamed and transformed but this time he felt a whole new world of power as he looked at his hands, he looked down and saw the ground was cracking just from him standing on it, he had transformed into Super Saiyan two but it felt different, he could faintly see a blue outlining around him.

He looked to Beerus before he charged his power to maximum before yelling.

"This is everything I have!" He closed his eyes as his Super Saiyan Two power was shaking the ground. 'This will kill me…but I made a promise, Father I will use your attack to finish this!' As he stretched his arms out before chanting.

"FINAL!..." Yelled Trunks as his aura burst to life and two small Ki balls appeared in his hands, the planet started to shake as he focused all of his power in the blast before he looked to Beerus. "God or not, I will kill you with this!" Yelled Trunks as he clenched his jaws and his muscles expanded.

Beerus looked at him curiously, that blue outline, his energy felt familiar but he shrugged it off.

"Kaio-ken…times…three…" Said Trunks as blood started to come out of his pours, eyes, mouth, ears and nose. "Hundred!"

Before his aura sparked red and Beerus's eyes widened from the large power increase.

"That much energy in one place! It's like fifty supernovas about to explode, he'll destroy the southern hemisphere of the Galaxy!" Said Beerus as he was about to power up to ten percent to stop the attack but before he could even reach three percent Trunks yelled. "FLASH!" And brought his hands today before the two small Ki balls merged into a large ball before exploding towards Beerus and vaporizing anything in its path.

Beerus's eyes widened as the blast came closer, he tried to use some energy to block the attack but it was brushed aside like it wasn't there. 'That blue outline! It was a form of divine energy! Where did this mortal find that power' Before a thought crossed his mind before the blast caught him and blasted him up into space, he yelled out in anger as he was forced upwards. "I will destroy this pathetic planet! When I return! Super Saiyan God!" As he disappeared into the vacuum and lost consciousness.

Whis for the first time stood up and flew after Beerus's unconscious form. 'This might take a couple years to wake up from' Sighed Whis as he finally caught up to Beerus before flying back to his palace.

Trunks felt his heart stop as his eyes rolled to the back of his head and the energy remain, all that energy was still blasting before it stopped and a tear between the space time continuum was created and Trunks fell into it still in Kaio-ken times three hundred before it closed, Trunks died but his soul was trapped within his body because of the portal he had fallen into, the energy became unstable before attempting to explode but was also trapped within Trunks's body, Trunks's heart got a massive jolt from the explosion of energy within his body before, it started beating again.

But with all the energy within him, he just felt himself falling and falling before he slightly opened his eyes to see a blue sky, he crash landed outside of the Arizona Desert before a small amount of energy exploded and caused a power outage to the world's brightest city, Los Angeles, a huge crater fifty miles away from the city appeared thanks to Trunks's explosion.

Trunks lay unconscious on the ground in a four hundred feet deep crater that was about two miles wide in diameter, his Blue/Lavender like hair finally back and reaching his shoulders, his body was in tatters along with his clothes, stark naked on the floor with third degree burn marks everywhere and completely depleted of energy.

Little did he know, a bald genius known by the name of Lex Luthor was on his way to the City when he saw the spectacle from a distance and most definitely felt the shock wave, after the shockwave he drove towards it for about thirty minutes before arriving and seeing the massive crater before using binoculars, his own creation of course saw a naked young man lying on the floor with burn marks all over him.

He took out his phone before calling someone. "Bring the Helicopter, I think I just found my key to killing Superman" Grinned Lex.


Her boots touched the sand-ladden ground softly, nearly sinking into it, one before the other as her eyes swept over the vast, barren lands. She realised that though she may have come as quickly as she'd come, it hadn't been fast enough.

The air smelled of smoke and dust, blood and steel. As if someone had either fought here, or crashed here after fighting. That, guessing by the crater not far from her.

Caution was due here, she knew that well enough, because if the old man had taught her anything it was that leaping head first into an unpredictable situation was probably one of the worst things a hero could do. Especially one who didn't have the advantage of superpowers to aid them.

Keep calm, calculate the possibilities.

If anyone could make so large a cavity in stone and sand, then they were certainly far out of her league. Said depression was, at the very least, nearly a quarter of a mile in diameter. If it was made by someone falling or crashing, then they were either dead, barely breathing, or still up and kicking elsewhere. No reason they'd choose to stay out here.

Once stepping up and over the outer edge of the crater, her latter assumption was confirmed. No way to know where he went, though.

Not without help…

She reached up to her shoulder, where her walkie-talkie was strapped, and leaned down toward it. "Kara," she started, eyes flicking up to the sky before returning to the crater and miles of desert in all directions around it. "I found where that 'meteor' struck. Looks like you were right, because no one's still around."

A quick, reflexive glance up and around when no reply came before she knocked on the walkie-talkie's microphone and spoke again.

"Hello? Kara?"

"I knew it!" The voice of Superman's more reckless, more female counterpart rang loud and clear, though not through the walkie-talkie. She sometimes wondered why she even bothered carrying it around anymore, because neither Bruce nor Dick were the conversational types. Not for her, anyway...

The woman glanced over her shoulder, to where the voice of Supergirl had come, and again she was too slow. She snapped her head forward just a split second later, and immediately noted that she shouldn't make a habit of that.

"You know, Barbara, you should trust me on these things. I don't have to be here to know that that 'meteor' left." The blonde's arms folded, her feet just inches above the ground, she looked rather surreal just hovering there.

The redette would never get used to it.

And she'd have never broken her reverie if a pair of hands hadn't fallen on her shoulders with almost painful force. "Are you listening to me?"

"Y-yes." A duo of blue eyes scrutinising her threatened to cast forth her guilt, but their locked eyes drew forth a sigh from the other woman, first. Thank God.

"Could you… repeat that last part, though?"

"Aha!" Kara grinned, "It sounded like Lex," she started, her voice hushed. Probably so that her cousin wouldn't hear. "I'm not sure, though. I was… otherwise occupied at the time, and I assumed Kal would come check it out. But I guess not."

Barbara scratched her chin at that, resisting the ever present urge to grab the blonde's shoulder and tug her down to the ground.

"So, you sent me to make sure you were right once you realised that he wasn't coming?"

"You'd be right, there." Said blonde spoke, her grin returning in full force, lighting her features the way a beacon did in the night.

"And if this person hadn't left, and instead opted to kill me…?"

"I'd have saved you." Kara shrugged, "I would never let you get killed, Barbara, we both know that."

The ease with which the still hovering woman answered so obvious a rhetorical question was worrying, much like the fact that she was hovering at all.

A groan escaped her and the redette spoke in a low, almost mumbling tone. More to herself than to Kara, though it was obvious that the Kryptonian missed naught, because the blonde hooked her arm through her human counterpart's own and tugged her along as she finally touched her polished boots to the sand and began walking around the outermost ripple in the ground around the crater.

It wasn't until then that she realised that Kara wasn't even wearing her costume.

"You know, you aren't normally this careles-"

"Down there is where he landed." Kara pointed out toward the point where the depression was deepest, just slightly off-centre. "It looks like he crashed at a rather odd angle, from the north. And by the looks of things, he or she hit the ground pretty hard…"

Kara's arm slipped from hers as her voice trailed off, and the Kryptonian squinted her eyes, taking her glasses off and folding them. At some point during the split second it had taken for her to vanish and reappear near the centre, she'd already dropped the folded eyewear in her white blazer's pocket. Still tying her jacket around her waist, Kara stepped quickly along, though off to the side of the place where the person or thing had likely been. Holding the back of her blue and black pleated skirt down, she lowered herself closer to the ground and just… inspected. Aloud, Barbara could tell, but she couldn't hear for herself what the woman was saying.

The normally easy-going, cheery Kara Kent now wore a calculating gaze as she took what appeared to be red cloth into her hands. Lifting it to eye level, and turning slightly so that the sun's light hit it directly, the woman gave a slight tilt of her head and, once more, vanished before Barbara's eyes.

"Do you recognise this, Barbara?"

She shouldn't have been startled so easily, but she flinched slightly at the sound of the too-serious toned voice of Supergirl resonating behind her. When she turned, half expecting the Kryptonian to have disappeared again, it was to the sight of torn and singed blue fabric, emblazoned with a white and black logo.

A "c" within a larger "C", it looked like, but it was nothing she recalled ever seeing.

"It isn't something I've ever seen…"

"Geez… You Humans and your corporations that are too large in number to count on your hands." She brought it closer to her eyes, though Barbara knew well enough that she didn't need to do that. Likely that it was a subconscious thing.

"What would CC even stand for? Calculating Calculations? Creepy Creepers? Cat Cars?" She glanced to Barbara, who only offered a shrug. "Collapsing Canopies? Consistent Consistencies? Colorado Corporations?"

"Car-fuel Corporations?" Barbara suggested, and for a moment Kara just stared at her, like she'd said something truly jarring. "What?"

"That would be CFC, Barbara. You should know that better than even myself." She sighed, "But, you could be right… Want to ask Bruce? I'm sure we can weasle something out of him." The woman wiggled her eyebrows, much to Barbara's distaste.

"Firstly, ew. Second, the old man is probably off somewhere trying to best Clark. I seriously doubt he will make time to look that up for us." And, besides, Batgirl could be just as effective as Batman. Even if he had always accomplished more in every field than she had. "It's not like we need his help, or anything. We're Supergirl and Batgirl, and anything that those wrinkly old men can do, we can do, better."

"Well, they aren't that wrinkly." As serious as she was obviously trying to seem, Kara clearly couldn't keep the amusement out of her voice. "But, you're right. We'll get to the bottom of this ourselves."

And… to the bottom of nothing did they arrive. The moon hung heavily in the dark, blue-violet sky by the time that she finally gave up. She lowered her laptop's screen, but didn't close it, and leaned back in her swivel chair. Running her fingers tenderly through her ginger tresses, Barbara looked over her shoulder to the blonde who lay sprawled out on her bed, in only her underwear and a too-big white shirt. Her breaths were quiet, her features soft…

No Superhero should be so vulnerable…

After a minute or so of just staring off into space, Barbara pushed away from her desk and stretched her arms out above her head, and her legs beneath the desk. The tickle of her own shirt climbing up her belly manifested the brilliant idea to remove it, but the cool draft in the room immediately changed that.

Spinning around, she stood up and walked over to the bed, tugging the covers up and over Kara before making her way from her room and to the hallway closet. Lugging one of the heavier, bluer covers from the racks, she closed the door with her foot and continued walking until, at some point in the next few minutes, she fell onto the couch.

Her mind swam with fatigue, and that was helped little by her restlessness.

But when she finally found sleep it felt like it lasted only a few seconds. The haze of sleep hadn't even passed when she was up on her sleep, still trying to rub her eyes or at least stretch while she was tugged along by the wrist. Down the hall, she realised after passing a quiet yawn, and into her bedroom.

And someone was speaking to her. Telling her…

"Alrighty, Barbara! Time to get dressed!" A pair of hands patted her cheeks until eliciting a quiet groan from her, at which point they rubbed slow circles on the sides of her face. "We're going to be investigating today. Just you and I." Her teeth showed when she grinned, though Barbara was hardly in the mood to return it. She didn't even need to look out of the window to know that it was still dark outside, but she looked anyway, to make sure that it wasn't the delirium of exhaustion making it seem dark.

"Kara…" she struggled to mask a whine, "what time is it…?"

"3:15! Now wake up, Barbara!" She was pulled to her feet and stripped with worrying efficiency before she could voice any protests. "We've got to get you dressed." The woman continued to rattle on while she "helped" Barbara into her costume.


"... and after we've arrived in Metropolis, we can scout around the city for a bit."


"Where would an ex-president even hide someone?"


"In his mansion, maybe? I'm sure he has one-"

"Kara!" Her hands covered the other woman's mouth, and blue eyes locked with bluer. "We don't even know if Lex has anything to do with this. Maybe he was just passing…" It had to have been the fatigue talking, "And even if he does… it isn't like we can just go into his manor and search the place…"

The blonde nodded, and the ginger lowered her hands, relishing in the momentary silence that hung between them.

"Now, Barbara…" she spoke slowly, and good on her for it, because the redette had began to fall into a daze again, so could barely understand her as it was. "Why would Lex be all the way in Arizona? To enjoy the landscape? Sand samples?"

"I don't know…"

"Well, we're going to find out, then. So get dressed. I'll let ya sleep, after that. Just don't sleep too long, okay?"

Looking down to herself, the dark latex that hugged her legs and hips but not yet her chest or arms, she nodded slowly.