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It started I suppose on that cold winter day, nah who am I kidding, it was a warm midsummer night and 7 year old Persephone Jackson was in the park quite deep into the forest in fact looking from outside no one would see her, she had left home alone with a bundle of cloth containing some paper, a pencil, different colored thread and a bunch of basic cooking herbs. why you ask, well you see this was a very special day it was the summer solstice and a young girl was preparing to join the worship of the ancient Greek gods. But quite now the ritual starts. The girl puts the cloth down and puts the objects out the thread in one corner, east, the pencil in one, west, and the paper in the middle as the girl sprinkles the herbs on her and kneels and takes a piece of golden thread and puts it around the pen "I ask for the blessing of Lord Zeus upon this pencil and so upon this my day of naming upon this summer solstice when the gods are gathered I ask bless me with the honor of a new name" then taking a piece of turquoise thread repeats the prayer to Lady Hera, and then with a Grey one to Lady Athena, with a marine blue one for Lord Poseidon, with a blood red one for Lord Ares, with a light blue one for Lord Hermes, with a hot pink one for Lady Aphrodite, with a orange one for Lord Apollo, with a purple on for Lord Dionysus, with a yellow one for Lady Demeter, with a warm red one for Lord Hephaestus and then with the only three threads remaining she took the silver one and asked "oh Lady Artemis I ask of you to let me join your great hunt I ask of you to be the final blesser of me I ask of you to choose my name thank you my Lady" and as all twelve Olympians had their threads entwined around the pencil she took the dark pink one and begged "Lady Persephone I thank you for letting me keep your great name all these years and I beg of you to forgive me for not asking for your name and the permission to hold it" with this thread she but it through a hole in the paper and hung it up in a cedar tree and then she took the last thread a pale pink one and bound it around the pencil and prayed "I thank you Lady Hebe for the protection of my youth and ask of you to please let me keep your great blessing and thank you for all these years of peace thank you great Lady of Youth." and then she hung it up next to the paper thanked the gods cleaned up and left leaving a pencil entwined with twelve pieces of string and a piece of paper as the only evidence of her presence.