Timi, formerly Persephone Jackson, did not belong in Camp Half-blood, she belonged in a temple, serving and worshipping the gods, not amongst their children, she wasn't violent, she wasn't skilled, she seemed to have no special ability, and if it wasn't for her black hair and sea-green eyes she would have been pegged for a child of Athena.

It had been a few days at Camp for her, her interactions with Lord Dionysius perhaps became less scared, but still equally respectful. She had barely had time to think about what her mother and Gabe would think, she was a nine year old, having just met her gods, it was understandable. Honestly, a child like that, respectful, worshipping, could find no end to the wonder that was a world in which she could interact with the gods she worshipped, it would take her years to grow used to it, years she wouldn't get.

She was a demigod, that much was clear, she got through the border after all, and she got dreams, scary dreams, of eagles, horses, and dark underground voices. Premonitions the other children called them, Zeus and Poseidon, fighting for something, something stolen, it showed, even without the dreams, in the weather, hurricanes, lightning storms, freak tsunamis, mortals screamed climate change, demigods looked at their friends and sadly whispered of the coming war. War, between the gods, how, she had learnt of course of the world wars, of how the children of the big three had fought, bringing the entire world to halt and chaos. She couldn't imagine it being so, she knew of course, in the back of her head, of all the wars still fought, of the wars that had been fought after the world wars, she wondered, if not the big three, what had caused them...

She wondered, but she couldn't blame literal gods for it, they who despite their human nature and grudges and vices could not have possibly been the cause of all these wars. These gods, her gods, were not to blame, but anyways, no children of the big three anymore, that was the oath. A war, she wouldn't stand for it, she needed to do something, appease these two fighting gods. How does a mere mortal appease two warring gods, well, the only way she knew, a sacrifice, something big, something more than the normal food. Timi sighed, she had nothing, she would have sacrificed Gabe, but well, he was back home, and probably not a worthy sacrifice. An offer to the gods, to Lord Zeus and Lord Poseidon, a heavy sigh, there was only one thing to appease them, in the early mornings, a mere month before the summer solstice, Timi cut her palm over the campfire and let the blood flow. "Lord Zeus, I pray to thee, Lord Poseidon, I pray to thee, I offer here my blood to thee, I thank thee for what you have given me, and I beg, though I know it isn't my place, do not fight, I know not what is stolen, I know not who the thief is, but surely, a united Olympus will find out better than a divided one." she mutters, horrified by her action, to ask a god for something, anything was horrifying, it was wrong, to sacrifice to those very gods at the same time, that meant they would listen. She hoped her desperate action wouldn't be in vain.