Chapter 2: Takos?

Venture carefully studied their map they had taken out of the library. Well borrowed, hopefully he wouldn't be punished for it. He'd found that there was a place called takos, and after several teleports across the continent his stomach was itching for some of its food. Grimacing from his growling stomach he reached inside himself and teleported into a small alley behind some trash cans.

Once again he followed his nose, taking care to not be seen by muggles. Or at least being fast enough to be mistaken for some type of cat. He stopped behind a bush under an open window, meat and vegetables permeating the air. He slowly peeked over the windowsill, watching a young girl chatting away to her mother who was stirring a pot of red soup.

The mother sat the spoon down and followed the eager child down the hall, which was when Venture made his move. Conjuring a small bowl he sent it whizzing into the kitchen and down into the large pot, before it came whirring back to him.

He ducked behind the bush and slurped the soup hurriedly. The heavy taste of paprika, much more than he'd ever think of putting in any dish assaulted his tongue with peppers and the richness of meat.

He once again wished he had more in the bowl. Any self respecting house elf in Britain could make good food that stuck to your ribs and reminded kept there. This was different. While many would reach for seconds this, just like the food before woke him up inside. Spice, warmth, and something that was different than the usual fare.

Running his finger along the bottom of the bowl Venture was hit with a thought. British food wasn't bad. It wasn't bland. But it wasn't all there was. He thought back to the food he had in spain, the gazpacho. The paella. The food was good, wholesome, but wasn't a food, it was the child's frustration to not have variety.

Venture teleported back to his little hidey-hole behind a shed, two ill gotten chimney cakes in his hands as he pulled out the paper and quill he had brought in his pillowcase. He was reviewing his recipes, noting all the differences. The paper was haphazardly covered in scrawling going every which why, red fingerprints and splotches from the food, and circles of other foodstuffs. Venture rolled down to the desert section. He began haphazardly adding corrections and he munched his cakes.

Venture was pleased with his work. He could probably duplicate most, if not all the recipes now with study. If only because he spent his entire time watching and eating. As the sun set Venture rolled up his scroll for the final time. He'd been gone too long, and Lotso was going to want his report. Reaching inside himself, he started his long journey of teleports home.

"Lotso told yous to not return without a recipe for takos!" Lotso exclaimed, once again being woken up by Venture's return.

"But Takos isn't a food!" Venture flipped to a poorly drawn map in his notes, "Takos is a place! A place with food different from ours. See! They have red fish stew, red beef stew-"

"Is everything they eat red?" Lotso demanded grabbing the notes away from Venture roughly.

"No! They have theses tall cakes called chimney cakes, and fried cheese. Our food isn't bland, it's just very similar in spices," Venture's eyes grew wide as he continued, "If we start including more worldly food then the children won't complain anymore."

Lotso cocked his head, examining the messy scrawl of the younger elf. "Tomorrow you can resume your previous duties about the castle."

"But Lotso, what about when the kids get bored of these foods too?" Venture asked.

Lotso frowned. Glanced at Venture, then at the other elves who had been woken up by the conversation. "Well I guess you better find more food. I will not have our cooking be called bland.

The world had many kinds of food. And Venture was going to try them all.