I relaxed more into Erik's chest as he carried me through the back door of the house and into the kitchen. He set me down to sit on the island counter in the middle of the room while he went looking through the cupboards and fridge. After watching him put some snacks and water bottles in the pockets of his sweats, he turned back towards me and picked me up into his arms once more.

"I can walk just fine on my own, you know?" I smirked up at him as we passed by the main rooms, realizing that no one was around.

"I am aware. However, that does not mean I am going to let you. You need to recover and while that happens you can tell all that you know from your meeting earlier." He spoke with authority that left no room for arguments.

I sighed in defeat as he closed the bedroom behind us and plopped me down on the bed. I scooted up the bed so that I was sat up against the headboard while Erik dumped all the food and water from his pockets and onto the bed before sitting across from me on the lower half of the bed.

"Alright Rose, Spill the beans." He said while opening a bottle of water.

I tell him about the call from my Uncle and the meet up I had with the Demoness. Erik's expression stayed calm as I told him the details of the meeting with Demoness, but I know that he is uncomfortable and upset that I went out and met her alone.

"The rest after that, you know." I shrugged as I grab a pop tart bag from the middle of the bed.

He was silent for a few minutes as he processed what I told him. I, however, just continued to rip the bag open and ate my pop tart while inspecting the rest of the snacks on the bed.

"How long do you think it will take Atali to figure out how to reveal the contents of that paper?" He questioned.

"I honestly don't know, but I am hoping that she figures it out soon. We don't have much time before the enemy finds it, and only god knows how long it will take them to figure it out." Closing my eyes and leaning my head back against the headboard.

"Erik, I am worried. I keep failing to grasp what the woman is thinking, and I can't predict her next move. We don't even know what her she hopes to achieve by awakening the Ember Army.!" I confided to him, feeling his eyes watching me.

"Well, as far as we know, she wants to declare war and to take over the night." Erik stated.

"That is all we know though, and it's not enough. There has to be more reasoning behind her actions than that. No woman would just want world domination for the hell of it. I need to figure out what conceived her hatred and malice." I explained to him.

"Hell, hath no fury like a woman scorned." He commented, his voice a mix of realization and worry.

I opened my eyes and looked right at him, "Exactly."

Suddenly, his mouth turned into a frown as he turned his head to look out the window. "Speaking of what is happening with you and Dimitri?"

Sighing, I looked up towards the ceiling and thought for bit. "I honestly don't know what is happening between Dimitri and I. There is a lot of history between us. He told me that he wanted to start over. That he realized he still cares, and that what he did was a mistake. But I honestly can't go back to him. Even though I know a part of me still loves him, I just can't risk the heartbreak and loss again. I am not the naïve girl I was a few years ago. I've learned my lessoned. So, I told him that I could only accept being friends right now, if that. Cause I just don't completely trust him anymore when it comes to certain things." I admitted, bringing my head back down to look at Erik.

He had the look of understanding on his face, but his eyes held a question that he was refusing to ask. Which made me wonder if it was his pride or his fear that prevented him from asking it.

I decided to take charge and moved towards him, pushing the food and water to the floor. He kept eye contact with me as I slowly pressed my hand against his abdomen and moved it up, slowly feeling his muscles twitch at my touch. His lips parted as a hiss of breath escaped his mouth and his eyes started to dilate. His face starts leaning closer to mine as my hand crept higher and higher up his chest.

I felt his hands grab my hips tightly, his fingers lightly pressing into my skin. I lightly brush my lips against his as I tangled my hand in his hair, griping it roughly before slamming my lips to his. Instantly, Erik responds and dominates the kiss. He lifts me and sits me onto his lap while my legs wrap around his waist, I moan when his tongue licks my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I give it to him. Our tongues battled for dominance for a short while before I finally give up and let him lead, he growls in approval and the vibrations sends pleasurable goosebumps throughout my body.

His left hand trails up my back and grips my hair, pulling my head backwards so my throat is exposed, breaking the kiss. His lips trail down my chin and down my neck towards my collar bone. When he reaches his destination, I feel his wet tongue against my skin as he slowly licks back up my neck and to my ear before lightly biting my ear lobe.

I mewl in pleasure, "Erik…"

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