Author's Note

Hello Everyone, this is literally my very first fanfic. I am nervous and excited. I hope you guys enjoy. So basically, this Uncharted story takes place literally one second after Uncharted 4. Once Elena puts the photo back in the book in the epilogue and the screen turns to black, this story starts. I hope you guys enjoy. I am going to make this just like the Uncharted games.

Disclaimer: All credits go to the rightful owners. I only own the stuff that I made up.

Cassie Drake: The Daughter of Nathan Drake and amateur archaeologist.

Derek Lowell: Cassie's best friend and sidekick are just as smart but much more observant.

Keenan Rowan: A villainous arms dealer who is interested in nothing but money.

Damian O'Brien: Rowan's right-hand man and most sadistic goon.

Gail Murphy: Rowan's secretary and top archaeologist.

Jack Walsh-: Rowan's sergeant, who also has a connection to Damian O'Brien.

Extended summary

It's been six years since she found out that her parents were thieves, fortune hunters and globetrotters. After barely surviving a life-threatening situation in Mesa Verde, Cassie Drake and Derek Lowell are in for a real adventure. In European folklore, there talks about a magical substance that can repel several different supernatural creatures, but can also summon them. Cassie and Derek travel all across Bosnia to search for the Cold iron, but they are definitely not alone in the search. An international black market arms dealer is willing to lay down the lives of his men, and the lives of innocent to claim the Cold iron and sell it to the highest bidder. Can Cassie and Derek find it before the psychopath does.

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.

William Shakespeare

Cassie smiled. Her father just concluded his El Dorado adventure. She glances over her shoulder and spots her mother coming out of the house. She turns her attention back to her father, who was holding the crate of food and preparing to load it into the boat. Cassie hoped she never stopped hearing her father's adventures. They are cool.

Nate was now talking about his Shambhala adventure. Once they were out in the sea, the storytelling continued. Nate was now talking about his Iram of the Pillars adventure.

"Wait, how did you survive falling out of an airplane?" Cassie asked with curiosity.

"Well…" Nate began. "After I was sucked out of that plane, I managed to collide with a crate with a parachute attached to it. I managed to deploy the parachute and landed in the middle of the Rub al' Khali desert. Where I spent a few days with no food or water in the intense heat."

Cassie inhaled a deep breath and gazed at the sea just as Nate continued. She half-listened. She was thinking of her own destiny. She had been raised by the best parents in the world and the fact that they were fortune hunters was just icing on the cake. Cassie took a deep breath and exhaled deeply.

Am I truly meant for something in this world, Cassie thought, was I destined for greatness? Cassie felt the truly nice breeze hit her face. The wind felt warm, but when she stared at the open sea, she knew the answer to her question. Someone like her was meant for destiny. Cassie looks back and sees her father driving the boat, so she went to go sit by her mother. She told about their Libertalia adventure.

"I got to tell Derek about this," Cassie said happily to her mother.

"I'm sure you will anyway," Elena said.

Cassie pulled out her phone from her back pocket and punched in several numbers. She waits for an answer while listening to some kind of wait music. She didn't mind, she was filled with so much anticipation, that she thought her heart was going to explode in her chest.

"Hello," a voice said.

"D-MAN!" Cassie said into the phone in a high pitched voice that made her blush in front of her parents. She lowers her tone. "D-Man, you are not going to believe this!" she said excitedly. She began telling Derek everything about her parents' adventures.

"Awesome," Derek said.

"I know right Derek. I've been raised by the best parents and to find out they were fortune hunters, the icing on the cake," Cassie says.

After a long conversation on what the two should do in their future, Cassie concluded with hanging up her phone. She still felt the adrenaline rush in her.

Derek was the name of her best friend, who was basically her male equivalent. They met each other five years ago on the first day of fourth grade. Whenever Cassie's parents brought Cassie on their adventures, Derek would always tag along and hang out with Cassie. They were like some kind of inseparable duo, and everyone knows the last thing you want to do to an inseparable duo is trying to separate them.

Is Derek also meant for greatness, most likely? Cassie put a hand to her chest, still feeling the adrenaline. Then, she instantly remembers a William Shakespeare quote. 'Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.' So, Cassie was either born into greatness, going to achieve greatness, or perhaps greatness was going to find her. Either way, Cassie knew what she wanted to do with her life. She was going to be a full-time treasure hunter just like her parents. She got up from her seat and began pacing.

"A penny for your thoughts?" Elena asked.

"Oh, I am thinking. What are some of the most exotic places in the world I could visit?" Cassie answered. "I could go there and go looking for a mythical artifact." The adrenaline rush was starting to disappear. "Brazil, the Lost City of Z has never been found, or the Noah's Ark in Turkey." She snaps her fingers. "What about the Staff of Moses?" She began spitballing all kinds of lost cities and artifacts from all over the globe.

"Cassie, calm down," Elena told. Cassie stopped pacing and glanced at her mother.

"Okay, I'm calm, and I can feel the adrenaline starting to slow down," Cassie said in between deep breaths.

Nate had come out and faced Cassie and Elena.

Elena stood up and put her arm on Cassie's shoulder. "Cassie, you are truly meant for something in this world. These stories we have just told you aren't stories, they actually happened."

"Yep, they sure did," Nate replied casually.

"I know you're excited," Elena said in a calming voice.

"Am I truly meant for greatness in this world. Was I destined for this life?" Cassie asks both her parents.

"Well, you are going to have to find out," Elena told.

"Who knows, maybe you are destined for greatness in this world. Most likely you are. A ninety-nine point nine percent," Nate kissed Cassie's forehead.

Cassie began thinking of what both of her parents said. She just stared at the floor. Will I find destiny or will destiny find me? Cassie spoke her mind. "Will I find destiny or will destiny find me?" She has always been one to speak her mind freely.

"Well, we are going to have to find out," Nate answers. "It might take years for your destiny, Cassie."

Cassie nods with a smile. "I can wait, even though I'm going to have to. I know I will. Wait a second, you guys are tricking me. You guys just told me about all the dangers you've faced on your adventures. There's no way you would be that on board with me being a treasure hunter. I know you guys are BS-ing me. Sorry for the foul language though. You don't want me to be an adventurer because you're afraid that I might die. You're just sugar coating me so I won't be upset. One way or another...mother and father...I will be pursuing my dream and globe-trotting; whether you want me to or not."

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