The Final Chapter You Have All Been Waiting For. Happy Birthday Cassie Drake and I Cannot Believe It Took Me 120 Days To Write This. This Is The First Fanfic That I Have Completed And Thank You All for Reading. This Adventure Is Not Over With. Nathan Drake May Be Too Old For Anymore Life And Death Adventures, But Cassie Drake's Adventure Is Only Starting. Once Again, Thank You All.

Cassie grabbed the AK-47 rifle and smashed the barrel into Vlad's nose, breaking it upon impact. Blood leaks from his nose and he clutches it, groaning in pain. Cassie was about to aim the gun at him, but a huge rumble shook the ground below her. Derek was crawling away from both Cassie and Vlad as he felt the ground shake beneath. The three of them looked back to see the blown up wall with both Rowan and Rex's corpse splattered everywhere. The explosion not only destroyed the Cold iron, it made the entire pyramid they were staying in completely unstable and on the verge of collapsing with them inside never to be rediscovered. The three of them were terrified and they did not need words to agree to a truce. Survival was the only option now for any of them and as soon as they escaped, then they would go back to being enemies.

"Wait Vlad!" Cassie blocked Vlad's path. "Save Derek and we can all get out of here!" Vlad ignored her and pushed her to the side, but she managed to trip him off his feet in an instant. "Carry Derek or I'll shoot you in the skull!" She was so serious to the point of actually jamming the barrel into Vlad's temple. She wanted to carry Derek herself, but he was way too heavy for her to carry. Vlad looked to be strong enough to carry a wounded man on his shoulder and she was determined to get his help.

"You're not going to shoot me!" Vlad declares. "You ain't going to shoot me!"

"But I will leave you behind to die in the cave-in, now help me save Derek! Last chance!"

Vlad wanted to survive. He wanted to get home to see his family. He waves his hands in defeat and is allowed to get up and the first thing he does is move to Derek's position and helps him to his feet before carrying him on his shoulder. "Man Derek, you're heavy!"

"Come on, let's go!" Cassie urges as she helps guide Vlad to where he needs to go. She quickly retraces her steps to the location she came from and quickly remembered the hole she was forced to crawl through. Much to her greatest relief, the hole was blown open and was big enough for three or four people. Rowan must have blown it up, but how the hell I not hear the explosion?!

Cassie, Vlad and Derek made it back to the conjunction from earlier. They took the path and jumped over several mercenary corpses. The same mercenaries that Derek mowed down. Vlad seemed to pay no attention and was much more concerned with getting out to see his pregnant wife. I never should have been a mercenary.

The ground shook, nearly knocking the trio off their feet, but they persevered and kept their balance.

Another thing Cassie completely forgot about was the bottomless abyss they swung across earlier. But much to her relief again, Rowan saved the day ironically. The mercenaries lacked any kind of grappling or swinging material so they used a kind of ladder that can be folded to fit in a backpack and extend to over twenty feet and has two modes for either climbing or walking; and this ladder was set to walking mode.

"Hold on, I'll go first and make sure," Cassie says before she walks very carefully across the ladder, keeping her balance for both the ladder and rumbling of the place. Just barely making it to the other side, she instructs for Vlad to carry Derek over. "Hurry up so I can take this ladder so we can climb out the hole we dropped in!"

Vlad wasted no time and began walking across the ladder. With the weight on his shoulders, it was becoming very difficult to keep his balance, and when the pyramid shook violently, he and Derek almost went falling into the abyss. Cassie's heart dropped at seeing the sight of Derek and Vlad almost falling so she uses her quick thinking to her advantage. She takes the sharp part of her grappling hook from her belt loop and tossed it to Vlad. He caught just in time before he and Derek were able to plunge into the abyss. He grabbed on with his left and hand even though he was being carried over Vlad's shoulder, Derek managed to get a grip of the rope and help Vlad keep his balance on the ladder.

Cassie used all her strength to pull them in like pulling a car with a rope. Her face was getting red and sweaty and the rope felt like it was going to slip from her hands. Her palms were getting sweaty, but the two men successfully made it across the ladder in time. Cassie was exhausted and huffing as if she ran a marathon. She coiled up her grappling hook, put it around her belt loop and bent down for the ladder. The ground shook again and the ladder slipped from it current position and fell into the bottomless abyss and vanished from sight. "Oh my God!" she shouts out of frustration.

"Oh dear lord!" Vlad shouts upon seeing the ladder go bye-bye. "What the hell are we supposed to do now? We didn't leave any rappelling ropes back at the hole we came down in?"

No, you guys don't have any ropes, she looks at her grappling hook once more. But I have a rope. "Follow me and we'll make it out of here!"

Cassie, and Vlad carrying Derek hurried back down the tunnels they were crossing barely managing to avoid stepping on the carved squares and not getting hit by any spiked bricks. Cassie noticed a corpse on the ground with a bloody forehead but it did not matter. One of Rowan's mercenaries.

Finally the three of them made it back to the room they fell in and the hole in the ceiling was still open and a pinkish cloudish sky could be seen above. Vlad was all complaining as to how they were going to get out of there and Cassie told him his plan. She was going to throw the grappling hook to the very top and then they would climb out. He thought the plan was stupid and completely pathetic but he quickly subdued and urged for her to hurry.

"Me and Derek want to escape just as much as you do. Keep patient and hold onto to Derek." She grabs the hook and with a flip of the wrist, snaps it as hard as she could towards the very top of the hole. The hook made it outside the pyramid and securely hitched itself against a huge rock. Cassie tested its secureness before calling over Vlad and Derek.

"Put Derek down and he can climb first!" She ordered. Vlad did as he was told and he even helped Derek get on the rope and began using his upper body strength to climb up. "You got this D-Man!"

Vlad put his left hand on Cassie's chest and pushed her aside without even looking. He grabs the rope with his right hand and begins climbing hand over hand up the rope. She fell near one of the walls with the vines on top, landing on her side. Dust coated her right elbow, but that was the least of her concerns. She hastily gets back to her feet and crawls as fast as she could towards the rope.

Derek pulled himself out of the hole and grabbed the nearest handhold around him to avoid rolling down the still steep hill.

Vlad was only a few feet above Cassie, but she was catching up to him like nothing. She had a pretty good idea as to what was going to happen once Vlad was outside: he was going to disconnect the grappling hook from whatever was holding it and trap her in the pyramid. Not on my watch. She picks up the paste and was barely three feet below him when he pulled himself out of the hole. The only thing was, he was so preoccupied with getting out that he actually forgotten about the steep hill and he fell forward and rolled down the hill.

Cassie watched Vlad disappear from the hole and pulled herself out of the hole. The final rumble of the cave shook Cassie so much that she almost fell back into the hole, but Derek managed to grab her hand just in time.

"Getting a little reckless don't you think?" Derek said with humor.

"Yeah, only because the pyramid is going to collapse and my feet are still inside," Cassie shouts and pulls herself out of the hole with Derek's help.

The inside of the pyramid completely caved-in from the inside with debris and dust falling from the ceiling and filling up all the way to the hole. Cassie barely managed to move her feet out of the way in time.

Cassie felt herself fall down the hill, but Derek kept a strong grip on her while at the same time holding onto the handhold with only one hand. Cassie, you are heavy.

Cue Uncharted Theme

Cassie had managed to retrieve her grappling hook and the two managed to climb down the still standing Pyramid of the Sun. Like before, Cassie carried Derek. When they arrived at the bottom, they found an unconscious Vlad on the ground, knocked out when his head struck against a tree. The two of them stepped over the knocked out Vlad and both decided to come back and get him once they retrieved their jeep.

Uncomfortable with silence, Cassie spoke to Derek. "That was some badass adventure. Shame we are going home empty handed."

Derek grinned at her and pulled something out of his pocket. "Look what daddy managed to grab when he was crawling away."

Cassie looked at a silver necklace with a diamond in the center. Cassie laughed and faced Derek. "You just pulled a Sully on me. Can I see it?" She held out her free hand and Derek put the necklace in Cassie's hand.

"I sure did. How much money you think the museum will give for that and what should we do with the money afterwards?"

Cassie already had an answer. "Well, once we put this in a museum where it belongs, then we do the honorable thing of giving the money to that car rental guy. We destroyed a jeep so the least we would do is pay for what we damaged."

Derek was somewhat hurt and disappointed that he was not going to get any money off of this adventure. It was never for the money anyways, he comforted himself in vain. "Well, it was never about the money, it was about the adventure. The Hero's Journey."

Cassie shook her head. "We're just regular people who were trying to stop evil from dominating the world." She looked down at her shoes as she walked. "I can't wait to go on another adventure. I know that there will be all kinds of dangers, but I kinda like the dangers I face on the adventures. I'm an adrenaline junkie and I am not afraid to admit it."

Derek nodded in agreement. "Where do you want to start next with our adventure? I hear that the Staff of Moses and Aaron's Rod are just waiting to be discovered somewhere out there." (I can neither confirm nor deny if Cassie and Derek will be chasing after the Staff of Moses and/or Aaron's Rod in the sequel).

"Ha ha ha." Cassie chuckled. "As soon as we get home, I am going to tell my parents about this whole adventure."

"I'm sure they will be very, very proud of you Cassie." Derek smiled warmly at her.

Cassie nodded happily. "Yeah," she puts the necklace around her neck. "They sure will."

The End of Chapter 5


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