Hey everyone, so I decided to revise this story mainly because my brother accidentally reformatted my harddrive where I stored ALL of my written stories both Original novels and Fanfiction ones. Which included all the PDFs of Digital Arts that I created, well you can imagine how that conversation went.

That is also the reason why I haven't updated this fic so many lost ideas, plot lines, story chapters. The only consolation that I had is that I have a few stories stored in my Google Doc account which isn't much to be honest. I'm still mourning my lost stories/arts, yes I've been sulking for months now but it's really hard for me to move on since I've work hard for years (since 2009) for those stories and a few of the originals that I have that I wanted to send to a publishing company here in my country is now gone.

But don't worry I'm not dropping this fic, like I said above I'm revising and I'm gonna update again when I finish a few chapters.

Thank you so much for those who follow, read and reviewed this fic. I hope you guys would stay until I finish getting this story back again, but if you don't then that's fine too. I thank you guys for your time :)

Aryst Rosette ~