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Last time:

The rangers were on a heated battle with a Karo then suddenly a mysterious teen pops out and joined the fight, he defeated single handedly the Karo with only one attack. But after he defeated it Lucky and the gang introduced themselves and suddenly the teen got aggressive and beat them up without any reason to know. After a match up with Lucky and the teen, he pulled out a seiza blaster and equipped it and then transformed himself into a ranger

"Yogi kyutama"

"Seiza Break"


After the constellation passed through him he transformed into the purple Yogi (Capricorn) kyuranger

"M-Masaka h-he i-is a Kyu-Kyuranger" Hammie just stuttered in fear, knowing that the fight isn't going so well

"Ikou ze with my dark heart I'll destroy you" he calmly said while pumping his fist with one another

He then ran up to them and started it all over again punching, kicking, and now slashing them with the pointed needle at the end of the seiza blaster

"Gahhh" the rest of the gang said as they were thrown like just a piece of paper

"What's your deal? Why are you doing this?" Garu asked trying to defend them

"I just destroy everything that gets into my path" he said as he pushed back his kyutama

"Break the attack!" The blaster jingled

The pointed needle at the end of the blaster/breaker extended suddenly and was coated with purple energy. He charged up to Garu trying to end him when all of the sudden Champ intercepted the attack and took the damage for the team. Champ dehenshined and fell back but caught by Lucky, Spada, and Hammie

"Time this up, now my shallow heart unite with me!" he mentioned before pushing back again the kyutama two times

"Galaxy!" It said

The pointed needle suddenly pulled back and his whole hand glowed in a circulating purple energy

"My friend this is your end now!" he said to them

He leaned back his fist and tend to destroy them in one blow when unexpectedly Hammie tried to intercept the attack "Yamero!" and then…

He stopped before touching Hammie

"This is boring" he said abruptly after stopping his own attack and dehenshining while walking back to his tree

"Nande?" she asked but him not looking back

"You're not really a good investment of my time now get out before I really destroy you" he said calmly once again

"Seiza go!"

"Shishi Voyager" Lucky swiftly picked them up and escape back to the orion of safety

He sat back on his tree and tuck away his breaker and kyutama, then tried to go to sleep

"That girl" he tried to remember what happened, she looked so familiar to him

But then all of the sudden Ereidrone blasted him off the tree and felled down on his back leaving his thoughts behind

"Kuso!" he cursed as he stood up

"Impressive battle I must say, with your power for sure us Jarks are going to welcome you in open arms if you bow to us" Ereidrone acknowledge his power

"Don't screw with me I'll defeat you just like the goons you send running around earth" He growled getting angry just by seeing Eriedrone

"Oh really?" Ereidrone provoked him, now he's mad- really mad

He pulled out again the Fourze driver… damn it wrong show again! Seiza breaker and attached it to his arm, and pulled out his kyutama completing it in the process

"Yogi Kyurtama" it said as he inserted it into the drive- I mean the Breaker

"Seiza break" he pushed forward once

"Henshin" he shoot out diagonally and transformed back to a ranger

"Let's make this quick cause I'm hungry for a doughnut" He joked

"Oh please what can a lone ranger do to me when a whole group can't?" Ereidrone asked

"You'll see" and he answered as he removed the cloth wrapped up to his neck to head like a hooded scarf


They fought and fought until they ended up in a shore nearby to the forest

"This is getting nowhere" he thought

"Looks like I'm going to cut you in a million pieces!" he said as he pulled out his kyutama from his blaster and attached it to the Kyusword

"What's your little knife going to do?" Ereidrone provoked

"Oh don't worry there is just nothing that I can't cut" he said as he swung his charged sword

He was almost destroyed when he pulled out a trump card weakening the slash a little bit

"This is not the end rouge ranger!" he said as he vanished

"Humpf" he growled but suddenly…

He was electrocuted by his own kyutama causing him to dehenshin

"Why… you… rejecting… our… power!?" he mumbles

As he felled down and fainted

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