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Back at Orion after the rangers battle the rogue teen

"The nerve of that guy!" shouted by Champ obviously ticked off from the results of the fight

"I still don't understand why he attacked us…" Lucky looked down at the floor while getting patched up by Raptor

The team were at thought how it happened and why, it was so impossible they found another Kyuranger even if there only nine

"Well enough sulking I found something intriguing, it may be the answers we're looking for why the earth is targeted by the Jark" Commander Shou raised the topic. The whole team looked at the projection at the table. "Remember the area where you encountered the mysterious ranger?"

The whole team looked at each other and nodded to the commander

"There is a mysterious Kyu-energy emitting from that area I need you guys to investigate it" The dragon commander assessed the topic

"But Commander the rogue ranger is there are you sure it will be alright?" Raptor cautiously asked

"I know the circumstances of the situation but if the teen gets to that energy source he might be more dangerous than the Jarks" the whole room was in complete silence

"The commander is right… if we let him get to that energy maybe even a portion of his strength might be enough to annihilate a whole galaxy" Hammy thought to herself

Hammy was in complete train of thought, goosebumps traveled through her whole body as she remembered how he single handedly one punched a Karo by himself, he is in a whole different level from them.

"Commander I'll be the one to retrieve it!" Raptor offered "I'm the fastest in the group so I'll be in and out the battle field"

"I guess we need to sit this one out Naga" Balance casually said

But the white haired boy replied "RAPTOR BE CAREFUL OUT THERE" angrily

The golden robot sweat dropped as Naga failed to use the right emotion again

"Ittekimasu!" The Pink ranger said as she used her voyager to get to the forest

Everything is quiet, Washi Pink walked carefully as she knew there is going to be trouble if he encountered that Rogue ranger… and all of the sudden–

"Raptor did you already find the source?" Commander asked densely like there was no trouble at all

"AH MOU!" Raptor said pouting "Commander don't scare me like that"

"Ah Gomen Raptor but the energy source is near at the beach please be careful on the way there"

Finally Raptor reached the shore and she was very lost tried to scan the area

"Commander I don't see anything and I don't detect any source of Kyu-enegy" said by the ranger "WAIT!-"

She ran up to an unconscious body and tried to find a pulse

"Commander there's an unconscious body laying here at the beach"

The whole Orion was shocked was this the doing of the Rogue, what does he want, is he with the Jark. Those were the thoughts running in their minds

"Commander retreating for now" she said through her blaster

Hours passed and they were cautious of the unconscious teen in their medical room, he was laid down analyzed to see if there are major injuries but shockingly there are none

"Is this the doing of that damn ranger?" Champ in a furious tone proclaimed

But finally…

"Where am I…?" he asked while feeling his whole world spin as he looked around

"Finally you're awake!" Lucky said as he gets face to face with the teen lying in the medical bed

To his surprise the teen pushed Lucky and he fell down to Champ and Garou

"Oi! Matte!" They said as he quickly rushed through the halls of the Orion

Spada just got out the kitchen and held a tray of soup in his hands suddenly collided with the teen in a rush

"Shimatta!" he was almost caught by Champ but he quickly head locked him with his legs as he was lying on the ground

"Stop fighting in the ship" Spada said

This dragged on as Champ was blindingly walked to the main room of the Orion

"This should fi-" Balance said as he was fidgeting with the main controls of the Orion with Naga and Raptor

"Let go!" Champ said as he struggles to get out of the teens head lock

The teen dropped down and kicked Champ straight in the chest, he puts himself in a defense stance as he backs away from them, people starts to look at the confused team and suddenly

"Ohaiyou! Mina!" Commander popped out of nowhere behind the teen surprising everyone in the room. As the teen's surprise he back kicked the commander but good thing the dragon caught it with his hands

"Calm down we're not your enemies" he said

"How can I trust that?" He asked

"Because we're the one's who saved you"

The Commander explained everything after he calmed down

They analyzed the teen very well, he had a normal but not too masculine frame and he was slightly tall. He had a black hair and dawns a blue jacket with jeans.

"So I was out in the middle of nowhere?" he asked

"Correct… May I ask what is your name?" Commander said while sitting on his chair opposite to the teen

"My name…?" he tried to remember and he was greeted with a massive headache "Aghhhhhhh"

"Are you alright?" Hammy said as he helped him steady

Flashback of fires and dead bodies was flashing before his eyes and a Blood shot monster in the middle in the field

"What the!?" He gained back his breath and reconfigure the environment he's in

"Sorry for asking it must be painful for you to remember-"

"Hiro…" in a little voice

"Umm?" every one looked at each other

"My name is Hiro" The teen said

"Ano… Hiro where are you from" Lucky asked plainly

"Oi Lucky he just got his consciousness back" Hammy exclaimed

"I don't know…"

On earth Governor Yumepakkun throws a tantrum due to its defeat by the rangers, he throws around whatever he want, slams around his minions

"Governor Yumepakkun" said in a villainous tone

"EEK! Y-You are the Sagittarius Chief Retainer! Elidron-sama!"

"I have orders for you…" he said

"Commander! There's sightings of Jark again it's the Governor Yumeppakun"

"Yosha Lucky!" Lucky held high his fist "Time for round two"

At earth the Daikaan started to eat dreams of people they are terrorizing each people that cross their path

"Hiro aniki…" a kid pleads in a low voice as he saw the Jarks attacking the people

Yumeppakun stopped infront of the kid and tried to eat his dream but got hit with laser blast

"Stop right there!" shouted by Lucky entering the area with his team

"Finally Kyurangers!" as he laid eyes to the team

"Mina! Ikuze!"

"Get them!"

But before the two sides clashed the Karo was hit by pebbles and stones from behind

"Huh?" "What?" "Hmm?" the team curiously asked

"Stop bullying Adults!"

"Huh Children?" Kajiki Yellow asked

The two children kept throwing stones at the karo until it gave orders "Get them". The two got attacked by the minions of the governor but they quickly ran to the sides and tried to back into a corner

"This is getting interesting" Lucky exclaimed rushing into the fight as his teammates follow suit

The whole team handled the minion while Lucky rushed to the kids. "Let me hear your names?"

"I'm Kotarou, and this is my little brother Jirou" the kid with blue jacket said as he points to his little brother

"Who are you?" Jirou asked

"Us? We're the Kyurangers"

"Are they friends with Hiro aniki?" Kotaro thought to himself

The fight continued each ranger spreading out, each of them used their own ability to handle the mobs of minions

"Leave the Governor to me!" Lucky said as he kicked to make the Karo stumble back

He shot his blaster to the karo which made it cover for its life

"Uh? Eh? Just how lucky are you?" he said as he gets cocky cause most of the shots from Lucky missed him until the wall behind him collapsed to him and he gets stunned

"Its time to flee!" Yumepakkun said as he jumped high to escape from battle

"You're pretty strong and brave, uncles and auntie" Kotarou said as they regrouped to another area where its safe

"Wait! AUNTIE!?" Hammy exclaimed as she can't accept someone called her old in a different way

"You guys weren't half bad either, compared to some spineless adults" Lucky explained

"Everyone is afraid of Jark Matter, that's why we have to protect them just like he did!" Kotarou proudly said

"Him…" Hammy thought

"What interesting Childrens" Spada said with a smile

"We are going to become heroes who liberate the Earth"

"Haha! What a big dream" Champ excitingly shrugged

"You can do it, with that passion and our help" Lucky followed

"Of course, just like our hero aniki! He's the same as you guys he's the heroic ranger protecting the earth from those jarks!" Kotarou smiled

"Hmm? What do you mean?" everyone was shocked as Kotarou claims there's a heroic ranger that protects them

"Of course, he is -" Kotarou was about to tell when suddenly a flashes of arrows rained down upon them

Heavy footsteps entered, something dangerous was about to be unleashed the rangers pulled the kids to them and faced where the footsteps were coming from. To their surprise it was a Jark Matter Chief and Stinger

"Stinger!" Champ was being warry first they have kids with them and secondly will they handle the situations without collateral damage

"Long time no see, Kyurangers" The Chief said in a menacing voice

"Chief Retainer of Sagittarius, Elidron!" Hammy wide eyed got shocked it was the worst scenario in the moment

"Kyurangers you will be wiped out in a flash" He jumped from the balcony and prepared for battle

"This is getting dangerous" Spada said raising his blaster

"But we can't run away in this position…" Lucky told the team

"Lets do this!"

"Shishi Kyuutama!"

"Seiza Change!"

"Star Change!"

"Run for it" Hammy said as she tried to escort the kids away from battle

Elidron stomps his staff on the ground and it became a bow that released many arrows in the air, the whole area was blown as Stinger watched the chaos ensued. The rangers deformed as they reached their limits they tried to get up as much as possible but their bodies betrayed them

"Is this all that the ultimate saviors can do!?" Elidron mocked "WHAT A DISSAPOINTMENT! Compared to the Purple ranger that almost defeated me"

"The rogue!?" Everyone gasped as he got toe to toe with the chief

"Kyuurangers!" The two kids got back and tried to stop the Karo leader "Stop it! Leave them alone!"

"Stinger, show them what happened to those who defy Jark Matters will" he said turning to the kids "Kill them…"

Stinger without a doubt followed the order and walked to the kids. He raised his tail and went in for a grab and pulled them near him

"It would be better if we defeated all 8 instead of just 5" he obliged "If you want these kids to live then bring all 8 of you, if you value your kyuutamas over their lives. You can run, it's all the same to me"

"Very well. We'll be here waiting here tomorrow" they retreated

"I still believe in you!" Lucky got up as they approach the ship "I will be comrade!"

But he was met with a blast of lasers "I am a member of Jark Matter"

Stinger and the Chief boarded the ship and flew away leaving the team completely defeated

"What a cowardly thing for that bastard to do" Champ getting more angry

The team got back and to the Orion and got patched up by raptor, they all were in a complete train of thought as they approach the subject

"Now its clear to everyone! Hes a cold hearted man" Champ insisted

"No" Lucky still denies "I believe in Stinger"

"You still saying that?"

"If he were a Jark Matter lackey, then why did he saved those children"

And just like that while Hiro is listening a memory strucks him down making him kneel

"Saving children!?" Hiro screeched

A flash of though a ranger fending off Jark Matter to protect people

"Hiro!" "Hiro-san!" They were all worried even he was a mysterious teen the team let him recover his health at the Orion

"What happened, Did somebody got into danger?"

"Yes unfortunately kids are held hostage by the Jark Matter"

Hiro balled his fist why? Why does he feel anger toward Jark Matter he didn't even knew the Kids why does he feel he needs to save them

The next day finally came, the sun sored through the lands of the battle field, it was do or die lives were at stake. Stinger and the Chief stood at the end of the field. Stinger felt the presence of the rangers as they approach

"Let Kotarou and Jirou go!" Lucky ordered

"In exchange for the Kyuutamas"

"Lucky…" the teamed said in defeat this was the moment that broke all of their hearts, they manage to find all of the Kyurangers but it will come to stop because of one ranger-

"I belive in him!"

"Don't blame me for anything that would happen" Champ said as they all throw their kyuutamas

"They throwed it!?" The chief said in disbelief

"Now keep your promise! Let them go!"

"For saviors, you guys can be pretty naive" Cowardly he shot out blasts of arrows to the rangers

They faced head on the attacks of the Jark matter and they were thrown to the ground, as they fell troops of Jark minion surrounded them

"Stinger Kill the children" The chief ordered "Show the inhabitants of this planet just how terrifying the Jark Matter is"

… "I refuse"

The chief got close to Stinger and back slapped him

"This is dangerous! They might lose all of their lives!" The commander panicked

"Oi! Commander what happened!?" Hiro gets more and more frustrated

"They're all in a pinch… they all might die" regrettably the commander looks down

"You promise to always save me right?"

"Of course after all I'm the hero for love and peace"

Hiro holds his head as memories starts to ring in his head "Who am I? why can't I remember?"

"Tomorrow we will be wedded together"

"Of course"

"Where are you? Hiro"

"AGH!" A blinding light flashed before the commander and the aura of Hiro changed

"Commander! I need to get going"

"Are you crazy!?"

"Trust me on this one" a small smiled formed in the corner of his mouth

"Killing Children is against my creed" Stinger pointed out

"You weakling! Do you know what is needed to unify the galaxy!?" The chief started to beat stinger "Its overwhelming terror! Let this pain fill you with terror!"

Stinger starred daggers towards the chief "What's with those eyes?"

The chief kicked stinger in the face and he rolls away from Elidron "Was this all you had? Watch carefully, this is the way of the Space Shogunate Jark Matter"

He finally freed the two kids but in terror the two hugged each other and Kotarou tried to protect his little brother

"Stop!" "Don't!"

"DIE!" Elidron raised his staff and swung it towards the kids before-

A blast of lasers shot the staff and cancelled the attack


"You're wrong! Love and Peace will unify everything in this world this is the way to live!"

They all looked where it came from it was from a black-haired teen

"H-Hiro" "Hiro-san"

Kotarou and Jirou looked at what happened and their eyes shinned when they saw "HIRO ANIKI!"

"For love and Peace I will defeat you!" He roared as he pulled a familiar blue blaster

"Seiza blaster!?" Lucky in disbelief said

"No Look!" Spada corrected

It was a blue seiza blaster with a small needle poking instead of looking like a gun

"Seiza Breaker!" it said as Hiro attached it to his right arm

To everyone's surprise he pulled a cyan colored kyuutama

"Impossible 11 Kyurangers!?" Elidron scoffed

"Mars slide" Hiro said as he completed the Kyuutama

"Perseus Kyuutama!" It jingled as he inserted it in the breaker

"Seiza Break" Hiro pushed forward the Kyuutama once

He did his pose and pointed at top of him


"Heroic Star! Perseus Cyan!" Hiro said as he finished his transformation

"Ikuze!" Charging forth with everything he has

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