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Chapter 2: The Decision of the Demon.

Mira sat on the couch with Natsu at her side, while Elfman came in with a bucket of water. "Nee-chan, do you think Natsu will be better, not to sound pessimistic?" Elfman said and Mira then took a towel and made it wet with the water.

Mira placed it on Natsu´s forehead, calming him down, as despite being a Fire Dragon Slayer, Natsu suffered very much from it.

"Elfman, have you called Porlyusica?" Mira asked. "Yeah, she should be here any minute by now." Elfman said. Mira looked at Natsu with her eyes full of concern. Natsu was sweating like crazy, as he felt incredible pain the second he let go of his transformation, it made him unable to move.

Natsu was shirtless and covered with a brown/red checkered blanket, while Mira was at his side. There was sudden knock on the door, which Elfman went to see, as it was revealed to be the healer Porlyusica.

"Thank Mavis you came, Porlyusica-san!" Mira said while the pink-haired woman came inside the Strauss house and went to the aid of Natsu.

"You humans are bothersome as hell, but I don't want to be any trouble okay?" Porlyusica said as she went bent down to check on Natsu´s injuries.

Time passed as Porlyusica checked on Natsu, tending his wounds and used her medical skills.

"Porlyusica-san, I don't wanna be rude and disturb you, but is Natsu going to be alright?" Mirajane said. "Don't worry, Natsu is going to be fine, but I never seen anything like this in my entire life, this is something completely new and different." Porlyusica said. "But Natsu will be ok, right?" Elfman asked. "I already said yes, but it will take days, even weeks before he can move again." Porlyusica said and then looked at Natsu, along with Elfman and Mira.

"Make sure he rests well, as it is the thing he needs most to do now." Porlyusica said and then prepared to leave the Strauss House. "I am leaving this human hole and I don't want to return anytime soon, so make sure you don't call me for a while." Porlyusica said.

"Thank you Porlyusica, you were a great aid to us." Mira said. "Whatever, I am leaving now. Please make sure not to disturb me for a while will ya?" The pink-haired healer said as she left.

Mirajane went to sit next to Natsu, as she looked at the Dragon Slayer who was still unconscious. "I will look after him for the time being." Mira said. "But Nee-san..." Elfman said, but Mirajane cut him off.

"It´s my responsibility, I am going to make sure to look after him for a while. Besides, I found him, and I need to take care of him, and you said that you needed to train. Also, when you tell this to the guild, please tell them not to come, as we don't want them to bother, as it would be too much for them to handle." Mirajane said.

Elfman understood. After Lisanna died, the guild had been in a sorrowful mood, so they shouldn't be bothered by another thing by coming over to Natsu, as it would be too much for them to handle.

"I understand, but make sure to take it easy, as you need some rest, too." Elfman said and then left the room.

Mirajane smiled as she looked at Natsu, who now looked more peaceful than before. Mirajane knew Natsu needed someone and she was going to make sure not to leave Natsu alone.

Days went by, as Mira watched him, but when she was hungry, she ate, when was tired, she slept but she always made sure not to leave him.

Four days went by since the incident with Natsu´s Transformation, Mirajane was sleeping on his chest, when the pink-haired mage suddenly shook his head, and then opened them and saw the white-haired beauty sleeping peacefully on his chest.

"Mirajane...?" Natsu said quietly, but Mira heard it as she woke up, as she cried tears of happiness and delight as she saw Natsu awaken. "Natsu, I am glad you are back..." Mirajane said as she hugged him. "Welcome back..." Mira said while hugging him, giving him a smile as he returned the hug.

Much later, Natsu and Mira walked to the guild where Elfman and the other guild members were, as they were happy to see one of their guild members fine. Even Gray, his rival, was glad, but he didn't want to admit it.

The guild decided to celebrate Natsu´s recovery as they partied all night long.

Mirajane smiled as she saw Natsu talking with Levy, Jet, and Droy, Happy as well as Elfman, which then Erza noticed something. "Mira, I am glad you were there for Natsu´s sake, I wished I could have been there." Erza said. "Don´t sweat it, I was only watching over him for the past four days." Mira said. Elfman had told them what happened after Porlyusica left, as Erza wanted to go comfort Natsu, which Elfman said that Mirajane had told him not to bring any more people than necessary, as she and Elfman didn't want to bother them.

"Mira, we are a family. We should be there for each other, no matter what." Erza said as she remembered when the other guild members, one of them being Happy, wanted to go and comfort Natsu, but Elfman said that it would be too much for him, Mira, and Natsu, which after some time, the blue cat understood.

"I am glad for your concern for us." Mira said as her eyes were shadowed. "I have decided to quit going on missions." Mira said. "Huh?" Erza said confused. "I quit taking missions. I cannot do them, as I am thinking that I need to change to move on, as well as I won't be able to fight due the trauma of Lisanna´s death." Mira said. "Mira..." Erza said with widening eyes. "Don't stop, we all know we all need to change, and besides, since I am quitting in taking missions, you should be happy to be the strongest female mage in the Guild." Mira said, as Erza then hugged her.

"Mirajane, make sure you are able to move on and stay with us, ok?" Erza said, who then gave Mira a smile.

Natsu, with his enhanced senses, heard what Mira said as he walked towards Mira, who was with Erza.

"Mira." Natsu said with shadowed eyes. "Yes Natsu?" Asked Mira. "Can you come and meet me at the South Gate Park, on your way home? I want to speak with you." Natsu said. "Sure, I can't see a reason to refuse." Mira said, giving Natsu a small grin as he left to talk more with the rest of the guild about his condition.

Time went by as Natsu was leaning against a tree, looking at the sky when Mira suddenly came to him.

"You wanted to talk to me?" Mira said, as Natsu had said he wanted to speak with her. "Is it true?" Natsu said as his eyes were shadowed. "Huh? What is true?" Mira said confused. "That you are going to quit going on missions as well as change?" Natsu said, making Mira´s eyes widen. "I hope I didn't bother you once I heard you talking with Erza earlier." Natsu said. "I don't mind, I figured you wouldn't have heard and I was going to tell the rest of the Guild, including you as well." Mira answered.

"But does that mean you are quitting fighting as well, and not thinking of the consequences it might lead to?" Natsu said, making Mira go silent. "In the future, we might face harder situations than those we recently faced, as well as more powerful enemies. Which is why I have decided to train to become stronger, but I want to ask you something: do you want to train with me?" Natsu said, as his words carried over to the white-haired beauty.

Natsu had a point, in the future there would be new enemies to come and strike, which they never know when it would happen or who the enemies would be. As well as lose even more loved ones than recently.

"You don´t need to continue going on missions, but you can continue to train in case you ever need to fight again, which is why I'm asking you to train alongside me." Natsu said.

Mira had her eyes shadowed while being silent, as she suddenly broke the silence.

"I want to train alongside you, Natsu. I may change to move on, but I shall make sure to become stronger, as well as protect my loved ones. Even if I quit taking missions, I shall make sure not to have any friend or family killed before me again." Mirajane said, making Natsu smile.

"Alright, then tomorrow, we shall start the training. Meet me at my house at 10 o´clock tomorrow, there and then we shall begin our training." Natsu said, making Mirajane smile, and she then left to the Strauss house. "Alright, but see you tomorrow." Mirajane said as she left the South Gate Park.

"Tomorrow, I shall become stronger so no one dies again, that is my promise, Lisanna." Mirajane thought as an image of her younger sister flashed before her.

The next morning, at Natsu´s house...

Mira went to Natsu´s and Happy´s house once she was finished preparing for her training session with Natsu.

She was wearing a black tank top, black jogging pants, black shoes, and a black armband as well as a black headband. She carried a red bag as well, and had her hair in her usual ponytail.

"Today, I shall train with Natsu, which I hope Natsu is there as well." Mira thought while walking, which she eventually was there after some time.

She saw Natsu and Happy, with Happy sitting on the side eating a fish while Natsu sat on a stump wearing red shorts, a red t-shirt, was barefoot, and had his white, scaly scarf tied around his head.

"Mira! I am glad you came!" Natsu said. "Well, I didn't want to miss the training." Mirajane said with a smile. "Alright, then let's get this started then!" Natsu said with a grin, which Mirajane nodded in agreement as well.

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