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Chapter 21: The Next Move.

Back at the Phantom Lord's guild hall, where Jose Porla was currently sitting on his throne in a large room. In front of him, were currently four men in front of the Phantom Lord's Guild Master.

One of them were the Guild Master of Raven Tail, Ivan Dreyar, and three men around him, were Nullpudding, Kurohebi and Obra, Mages of the Raven Tail Guild.

Nullpudding was a short man with purple skin, blonde, pulled back hair, black eyes and a weirdly chaped chin, having dark colored, spiked decorations, similar that of a stag beetle. He wore a pair of dark green pants, brown shoes, had his chest covered by blue bandages and a white cape with two, red emblems resembling suns.

Kurohebi, was a slim man who had a weird yet sinister expression on his face, a pair of slinted, black eyes with snake-like pupils, black lipstick, and short, black hair that formed into a pair of sideburns, pointing towards his lips.

He wore a black, tight shirt, black finger-less gloves, armbands around his wrists, green pants with a scaly, yellow pattern in between, and frills at the bottom, and black stockings tucked inside a pair of black boots.

And lastly, Obra, the tallest of the trio, having his face and head metallic, with a large, bird-like nose, a pair of black, blank eyes, a pair of silver straps crossing his face in a b, blue hair and large lips. His hands were weirdly shaped, and were blue-black striped.

Obra wore a pair of dark pants, a sash belt, a red shirt, and black, poncho-like cape which had a white Raven Tail Emblem on the back. On his head, he wore a tall, black top hat, with orange stripes on the bottom and near the top.

"Ivan. I bet you know why I have summoned you and your mages here." Jose said. "Well, since our target, Lucy Heartfilia had escaped, thanks to that wretched Salamander, we have sure lost quite an important girl." Ivan said.

"Yes, which is why Phantom Lord, with the aid of Raven Tail, shall now begin our attack. With that blasted Makarov being weakened, we can now begin to take the next step in our operations!" Jose said, and then rose up from his Throne.

"With the thanks of the information your spy Flare has given us, we are sure to be able to take them down! Because our next attack will be the one to end Fairy Tail once and for all!" Jose said, and turned towards Ivan.

"Which you, Raven Tail, will be the ones to take care of a special mission: To find Makarov and bring him here! Makarov will then be forced to watch as Phantom Lord puts Fairy in its place!" Jose said.

"Which I am sure I won't have any problems with." Ivan said, his face turned with a dark expression.

"Now, its time to prepare for battle! Phantom Lord and Raven Tail shall now take leave for the downfall of Fairy Tail!" Jose declared.

"Then, we shall take our leave. We are looking forward to the downfall of Fairy Tail as well." Ivan said, and then went to leave the room alongside Obra, Kurohebi and Nullpudding, which the large, red gates opened before them.

In the corridor they walked in, Nullpudding were the one to speak first.

"Say, Master Ivan, can we really trust that Jose?" Nullpudding asked. "The question is more like if he trusts us, since we are technically a Dark Guild. If the Council found out Phantom Lord worked with a Dark Guild, it would mean bad news for him." Kurohebi spoke next.

"Don't you worry. Since we had many common traits, we sure have become great friends with them, as well great allies for us to destroy Fairy Tail." Ivan said.

"And once the time is close, I make sure to end my `comradeship´ with Jose, and take Lumen Histoire for myself! Jose must be a fool that thinks I would share it with him!" Ivan thought.


In the Cellars of the Guild Hall, were the Fairy Tail Mages were gathered, awaiting for the news of their Master´s condition.

Two Fairy Tail Members, Alzack Connell and Bisca Mulan, had taken Makarov to Porlyusica, an old woman who were the medical advisor of the guild.

"Dammit, to think things would get turned for the worse this badly." Gray said, while sitting on a chair, as he his eyes were shadowed and looked down on the floor.

"I understand the state of the situation like you do, but we need to keep faith in Porlyusica. If there is anyone who can heal master, it is her." Erza said, while she had her arms crossed, and leaned against the wall.

"But seriously, what the hell happened to give our Master in such a painful state? I know he is old, but he is way stronger to handle something like that." Cana said, before then gulping down her beer jug in one gulp.

"Whatever it is, for now we need to do what we can without Master here." Macao said. "Yeah, because in any second, those phantom assholes might come to attack." Wakaba said.

"But then, has anyone seen Flare? I haven't seen her since yesterday." Gray said. "I agree. It's strange that we haven't seen her for today, especially since when we were attacking the Phantom Lord." Mira said.

"It sure is strange, Flare suddenly disappearing without a trace. I am sure we will able to find her, but for now, we must focus on one thing at a time." Erza sighed and then turned towards Natsu with Happy by his side, and Lucy, with the blonde girl currently sitting on a barrel. Natsu and Happy came to the guild earlier after the Phantom Lord Attack, while carrying Lucy, who had been taken prisoner to the Phantom Lord.

"But at least Natsu managed to save Lucy from our enemies." Erza said. "Damn, to think they would kidnap one of us as well. What is their deal?" Gray said.

Lucy´s kidnapping had gotten quite the attention as well, it was sure one hell of a big shock, seeing that Lucy had been kidnapped by Phantom Lord so suddenly.

However, for whatever reason they had taken her, for now they had to focus on their current dilemma, their war against Phantom Lord.

From the stairs of the Cellar, came Bisca Mulan, a young woman with green hair, purple eyes and lipstick. She wore a black, sleeveless dress that exposed her shoulders, black, heel boots, a orange scarf with yellow dots and a yellow, wide hat.

Alongside her, was Alzack Connell, a black hair man who hair covered his right eye, with his eyes being black. He wore a pair of brown pants, dark boots, a pair of brown pants, a dark shirt and a brown poncho.

The Fairy Tail wizards immediately went to surrounded them, asking them the conditions of their Guild Master.

As they showered them with questions, asking them more questions than either of them could answer, giving them a hard time to speak at all, before a familiar, loud voice silenced all in one second.

"EVERYONE, BE QUIET!" Erza shouted, before then sighing.

"I understand your concern for our master, but I think we should give them the space to answer." Erza said, before then turning towards Bisca and Alzack.

"Thank you, Erza. Before Porlyusica chased us off, she told me and Bisca that the master in a critical state, due to being struck by a Magic known as Airspace." Alzack explained.

"That was thing these Phantom bastards used on master?" Gray said. "Yes, and it had drained Makarov an incredible amount of Magic Power. It will be a matter of time before master can be healed again." Bisca explained.

"But by then, we may already be engaging Phantom Lord again." Elfman said, clenching his fists. "So, for now, we must make sure to be prepared for the next attack. Who knows what they will try to do next?" Gray said.

"Then, for now, we should have Erza to be the one to lead us. After all, not only does she possess the strength, but also experience and wisdom as well." Natsu said, making Erza blush as bit as she turned her face away.

"Why I am blushing? It's just Natsu, and I have had other people telling things like that to me." Erza thought, before shaking her head and went back to reality.

"But for now, it would be the best for me to lead, in case anyone have any rejections to that." Erza said, as the Fairy Tail wizards around her agreed, as no one also were suited for the leader role at the moment.

With Lucy, she was deep in her thoughts of the words Jose had told her earlier.

"Is it really true? Have Flare really been a spy for our enemy this whole time, even before both me and her joined the guild together?" Lucy thought, remembering the first she had meet Flare back in Hargeon. Lucy saw her as she befriended the redhead, who were seemingly lost and confused in her surroundings.

Lucy remembered the adventures they went together, and even though Flare could be creepy at times, she wouldn't think of Flare being the spy.

But Lucy went quickly back to reality as suddenly the entire room shook like crazy, catching everyone in it by surprise.

"What is happening?" Natsu said in confusion, as he and the others sturggled to keep their balance due to the shaking. "An earthquake?" Elfman said. "No, this feels different somehow." Gray said.

"Guys!" Nadia said as she came running down the stairs, but stopped to hold herself on the railings, due to the shaking. Nadia were currently on patrol on the roof to keep looking for attackers.

"Nadia, what is going on?!" Erza said. "Phantoms are attacking, and this time, they brought the big guns onto us!" Nadia said. "Shit, Phantom Lord is already attacking us?!" Gray said. "Then we shouldn't waste any words here, and instead move onto battle already!" Elfman said. "I agree with you there, Elfman!" Erza said, before then running towards the stairs, running pass Nadia, as she followed Erza like the others in the guild.

Soon enough, the Fairy Tail wizards, which included Natsu, Lucy, Nadia, Erza, Gray, Happy, Elfman and Mira, walked outside the Guild Hall, and their eyes widened of what they saw before them.

The Phantom Lord Guild, the one they saw at Oak Town, now had large, mechanical legs as it now had the appearance of a moving fortress, moving across the lands to take down every enemy.

"Oh no..." Gray said. "Oh my God..." Natsu said. "What in the world is that...?" Lucy said. "Holy shit... is that the Phantom Lord's guild hall?" Elfman said. "Holy crap, to think they would be able to pull a stunt like that." Cana said, clenching her fists. "Damn, I have done some crazy inventions in my life, but never seen anything like this." Nadia said, before then a voice here heard, loud and clear across the entire city of Magnolia.

"Attention, attention Fairy Tail wizards! Phantom Lord has now come here for one, simple goal: To annihilate you!" The voice of Jose spoke, being spoken from the speakers.

Jose, in the control room of the moving Phantom Lord Fortress, who sat on his throne, smirking. Currently, Jose wore a blue suit with a coat, boots and a red cape covering his left arm, as he had ditched his hat as well.

"That's Jose..." Mirajane said. "That bastard... did he come here to take us down, even so suddenly?" Gray said with gritted teeth. "This guy is sure on nasty fellow." Nadia said.

"But, since due to the situation you are in, I will you a deal." Jose spoke through the speakers, getting the attention of the Fairy Tail wizards. "A deal?" Nadia said, as she was confused

Erza then used her Re-Quip Magic to summon a megaphone in her hands, before speaking through it.

"And what would that be?!" Erza said as she spoke through her megaphone.

"I think we all know it's obvious, since one of your wizards, took her. I am of course referring to none other than Lucy Heartfilia, a name you should be familiar with." Jose said.

Everyone on the ground began to talk and whisper to each other of what Jose had told them, with Lucy herself looking at the ground, deep in her thoughts.

"To think this would lead to this. I never wanted this to happen... if I only weren't such a fool back then..." Lucy thought, with her hands gripped tightly.

"But don't worry about that, as I said, I have a deal, which is pretty simple: Just hand over Miss Heartfilia to us, and no harm will be made." Jose said.

And his mere words filled the Fairy Tail wizards on the ground with silence.

Lucy´s eyes were shadowed, as she awaited the moment of when they answered that they would hand her over to Phantom Lord, back to her home, her prison she thought she had escaped for good.

But then, Natsu walked towards Erza. "Erza. Can you hand me over the megaphone?" Natsu asked, which the scarlet-headed knight did without any asking any questions.

Natsu then took a deep breath, before then preparing to shout into the megaphone, as a response to Jose´s question.

"HELL NO, YOU BASTARDS! YOU THINK WE WOULD LEND OVER ONE OF OUR COMRADES JUST LIKE THAT?! WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO DECIDE TO LEAVE OUR COMRADES TO ANY OF YOU?! YOU CANNOT DECIDE OVER THAT!" Natsu shouted through the megaphone, and once he was done, the Fairy Tail wizards cheered for Natsu´s speech, while Lucy were silent as a response, Erza, Mira and Nadia smiled while Gray and Elfman were both grinning.

Fairy Tail were not gonna give up one of their wizards that easily, not without a fight, but not even that would be enough for them to hand over one of their own mages.

Lucy then fell down on her knees as tears began to form from her eyes, happy to see that she had now gained friends that fight for her.

In the control room, Jose Porla, with his eyes shadowed, were not so happy about their response.

"I see. Then you give me no choice but to send you all straight to Hell!" Jose said, and then:

"Prepare the Magical Convergent Cannon: Jupiter!" Jose ordered, and the front of the moving Phantom Lord Fortress opened, as large cannon, being of immense size, came out as it then began to charge an incredible, large amount of Magic power, in the form of a black sphere, preparing to erase everything in its path.

Everyone on the battlefield could feel their skin tense as they felt the power that was prepared.

"Damn, this is sure one high level Magic Spell, isnt it?" Naryu spoke within Natsu´s head. "Yeah, but I am not scared of that thing, but I am not gonna let it take us down." Natsu thought. "That´s the spirit, Boss, as that Blasted Cannon is nothing compared to you." Naryu spoke in Natsu´s head.

"Oi, oi, Jose is really serious about this, isn't he?" Gray said. "The Jupiter, the Magical Convergent Cannon. As a Black Smith, I know that for a fact it is among the most powerful Magic Weapons there is. I had always wanted to see it in action, but I never wanted to be the one killing me and my pals." Nadia said sweating.

"We need to come up with something to defend it from the guild, Hell even the entire town from it, and fast!" Elfman said.

"Then I shall be the one to put myself on the front!" Erza said, as she then Re-Equipped into one of her Armors, the Adamantine Armor.

The Armor was in the appearance of a bulky armor of white and blue metal, with the blue metal being n her chest, shoulders, upper arms, hands, and hands. On her head, she wore a helmet with four spikes, two on each side, a light bluish, gray visor in the form of a thick V, dark-blue metallic gloves, a blue jewel on each of her hands, and a pair of bladed, round, shields, with three blades on each of them and were attached to the armor itself.

Everyone at the scenery were shocked at what Erza was doing, as Erza then had the shields before to form into one, large shield.

"Erza, have you lost your mind!? Even you cannot go against something like that!" Macao said. "Don't worry, the Adamantine Armor is the strongest when it comes into Defense, and I will not let that Jose even lay a scratch!" Erza said with a determined tone.

"Even so...!" Wakaba said, but in the next second, the sphere from the Jupiter glow stronger than before, as it was prepared to fire its devastating beam.

Jose, with a smirk and his hand in the air, brought his hand down as he then on with his next words.

"FIRE! GO TO HELL, YOU FILTHY PIGS!" Jose shouted, and a powerful blast of immense Magic Power was shot towards Magnolia.

The wizards and townspeople watched in horror as the Jupiter Blast went towards them, but Erza, with a calm but serious expression, remained unfazed, and then:

"Adamantine Barrier!" Erza said, as a then a Magic Seal of immense size came. The Jupiter Blast struck the Magic Barrier. Erza struggled against the pressure of the Blast that went against her shields, gritting her teeth and her feet fighting to keep on the ground, as it left marks on it.

With all of her might, Erza used it to stop the blast from striking Magnolia and the Guild, and then, a large flash was emitted, covering the entire area.

Before even a minute went on, the white light died down, and showed a new scenery.

The Town and the Guild remaind unharmed by the blast, as a panting Erza with bruises. Her Adamantine Armor wasin pieces, with her shields being broken into pieces. As she Re-Quipped off her Adamantine Armor off into her normal armor, Natsu and the others came to The Redheaded Knight´s side.

"Erza!" Natsu said as he held her within his arms. "Oi, please tell she will be alright, cause this is some serious damage." Nadia said. "Don't worry, since its Erza, I am sure she won't be taken down by something like this." Gray said.

"You are right about that, Gray." Erza said as she then began get up on her feet, albeit with struggle. "Are you insane?! After taking in all the blast like that, you are really gonna just go and move like that?!" Gray said.

"I am. You think this will be enough to stop me from aiding you all agaisnt our enemy?" Erza said, before she then fell on one knee.

"Look Erza, you need make sure to have some rest now. Because of your action, we are now gonna make sure to take them on." Natsu said, as he, Gray, Mira, Elfman, Nadia and Lucy turned towards the Phantom Lord Fortress that was before them.

Jose, grit his teeth in frustration and rage at Erza blocking the Jupiter Blast, but quickly calmed down as he then to speak again.

"To think that she would be able to block the Jupiter. I knew she was strong, but not on this level. However, that won't matter. They only delayed their fate, and soon enough, I shall be able to recharge the Jupiter Cannon." Jose declared.

"But for now, let's have a little fun, shall we?" Jose said, as his dark aura began to rise. Then thousands of ghosts, wearing black, hooded cloak with the Phantom Lord Mark on the backs, red glowing eyes on their shadowed faces, and slender arms, came filling the room and went outside the Phantom Lord Fortress, swarming the sky above Magnolia.

"What the hell are those ghosts?" Nadia said, as she felt disturbed by merely looking at the Ghosts that were flying in the sky. "I agree, I never seen any Magic like this before." Natsu said.

"I have heard of it from Master Makarov. It´s Jose Primary Magic, Shade." Erza said. "Me too, and from what I have heard, Jose is able to create ghostly figures to fight for him as foot soldiers, as well use it for other means. But it's the first time I have ever seen it." Levy explained.

"Well, it seems we got have a great deal of enemies." Gray said. "Yeah, and since they are foot soldiers, we shouldn't have any problem with dealing with them." Wakaba said, as he then used his Smoke Magic to form a fist of smoke from his pipe, before then sending it to strike one of the Shades.

But the Shade was too fast, as it dodged the Smoke Fist with ease. Then, alongside with two other Shades, came then flying towards Wakaba!

However, before they could strike him, blasts of purple flames were sent at them, causing them to dissolve.

Wakaba turned to see Macao, with his fists in flame as he had used his Fire Magic.

"You gotta be more careful! They may be foot soldiers, but even as ghosts, you shouldn't underestimate them." Macao said, running towards Wakaba.

"Thanks, Macao. I shall make sure to keep that in mind." Wakaba said, as he, Macao and the other Fairy Tail Mages prepared to fight the Shades that were coming after them. The Fairy Tail were not going down without a fight.

"Then, I shall fight too!" Lucy said, as she prepares to take out one of her Keys.

However, Mira then came running towards the blonde, and grabbed her hand, much to her confusion and shock. "M-Mira?!" Lucy said in confusion, before then Reedus drew a large cart drown by two large pigs came, that then became large enough for Lucy to ride in.

"What are you doing?!" Lucy asked in confusion, only for Mira to then show a serious expression on her face. "You heard Natsu. We are not gonna let you be taken by Jose Porla, or to anyone against your will. Fairy Tail won't abandon you!" Mira said.

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean I won't fight! Besides, even Erza wants to fight, even after taking a blow like that! You gotta let me fight!" Lucy said. "I know, you are strong, but not strong as Erza. And if you join the fight, it will be easier for Jose to capture you." Mira explained. "Even though...!" Lucy said, but then Mira then put her hand before her face, as then Lucy suddenly fell asleep as then Reedus grabbed her arms and put her in the wagon.

"Reedus, make sure to take as far as possible! We need to make sure that neither Jose nor any of his wizards take her!" Mira said. "Oi, you got it. But what will you do?" Reedus said.

Mira turned around, with her back turned to Reedus, went to speak. "I will do what everyone does right now. Fighting for our guild. I will not let anyone die here, no matter what. Even if I am not a wizard anymore, I am not gonna sit there and do nothing!"

At the same time, Erza, alongside Gray, Nadia, Elfman and Natsu, were making their way through the hordes of Shades, and towards the Phantom Lord Fortress.

"Where did Mira take Lucy?" Natsu asked. "She went to take Lucy to safety." Erza answered, struggling to keep herself on her feet, which Natsu grabbed her as he prevented her from falling down, much to her blush.

"She did?" Natsu said, as he thought Lucy would be along them to fight the enemy. "Yeah, even if Lucy can fight, we cannot risk her on having her on the battlefield. We should make sure to have her in safety for now." Erza said.

"I know Lucy is strong, but if you say that she needs to be put in safety, I won't deny you that." Natsu said. "However, we need to do something about that Jupiter Cannon. Who knows when it will fire again?" Gray said.

"It will be very soon, and then I don't Erza can prevent another one from coming." Nadia said as she then stepped forward.

"I shall go and stop Jupiter from firing." Nadia said, as she turned around to her fellow Guild Mates, determination on her face.

"You are gonna do it?" Natsu said, as he and the others were surprised to hear that.

"Yeah, don't worry. I have read a lot of Magic weapons in the past, from the smallest and weakest ones, to the biggest and most powerful ones." Nadia said.

"In the past, I fixed and even used a Jupiter Cannon in the past, even though it broke the first time I tried to use it, after I fixed it." Nadai said.

Natsu, Gray, Erza and Elfman smiled.

"Then go, we trust in you." Natsu said, and Nadia responded with a smile. "I assure you, you won't be disappointed." Nadia said, as then Natsu turned towards Happy. "Happy, can you carry Nadia to the cannon?" Natsu asked. "Aye sir!" Happy answered, and flied towards Nadia.

"Then, I shall take you there. You prepared, Nadia?" Happy asked. "I bet I am!" Nadia said, and with that, Happy sprouted his wings and flied with Nadia up towards the Phantom Lord Fortress.

"Damn, that Nadia is sure one hell of a Man!" Elfman said, crying with anime tears. "Even though she is a girl?" Gray said, sweat dropping, and then turned to Natsu. "I don't wanna sound pessimistic, since our lives are one the line here. But do you think Nadia will make it?" Gray asked, and Natsu silently watched Nadia, being carried by Happy, flied towards the Phantom Lord Fortress.

"I know she will succeed, as even if Nadia is new here, I am sure she isn't someone who would fail us right away." Natsu said, having hope in his fellow Dragon Slayer.

With Nadia and Happy flying the air, a group of five Shades came towards them, but Nadia, with a grin, simply took a deep breath, as she then sent a powerful stream of sand from her mouth.

"Sand Dragon´s Roar!" Nadia said, as her roar of sand struck the Shades that came towards her, dissolving them to nothing. Once the five Shades were dissolved, Nadia and Happy continued their way towards the Jupiter, as the Sand Dragon Slayer noticed they were getting close the opening of the barrel.

"Happy, drop me there, I think I can go in towards the core from there." Nadia said.

"Are you crazy, what if the Cannon are firing by then?" Happy said in panic.

"As I said before, I have been working on this kind of kind of thing before. I know that it won't be able to fire at this time, so trust me. I will take care of things from there." Nadia said, and Happy gulped. "Alright then." Happy said, as once they were at the opening of the Cannon´s barrel, Happy let her go as Nadia then turned towards him.

"You sure you can handle it?" Happy asked. "I am a Blacksmith, remember? I am the perfect one for this job." Nadia said.

"Alright, then I leave things to you here. Just be careful here, okay?" Happy asked and then flew away.

With a grin, Nadia turned towards the opening, and then ran inwards.

"Don't you worry, because if there someone who should be careful of, is me!" Nadia said, running into the Cannon Barrel.

Eventually, she came at the end, as Nadia entered a room, being of large size, with four large, round crystals, each emitting energy, surrounding a sphere that were twice as big as the others.

"Jackpot, I knew the main power core should be here." Nadia said with a grin, cracking her knuckles.

"Well, if you think it will be easy, you can forget about it." A voice was heard, making Nadia turn around to see Totomaru, leaning against the wall and his arms crossed.

Nadia simply responded with a smirk as she turned towards Totomaru.

"Well, I should´ve have known since this is the most important part of the Jupiter Cannon, there´d be some people guarding it." Nadia said.

"But from the looks of things, it seems that you are alone, meaning you must not be an ordinary wizard." Nadia explained.

Totomaru, as if he was teacher in a classroom, clapped his hand with a smile on his face.

"Congratulations. For being a fool, you sure knows some things here and there. But your reward will not be me sparing." Totomaru said, a menacing aura around him.

Nadia grabbed her head while moving her other arm in a circle, with a grin on her face.

"As if I´d need a reward from you, a wizard of the guild who hurt my guild!" Nadia said.

"I should have expected that from the enemy. But I, Totomaru of the Element Four of Phantom Lord, will handle you." Totomaru said, fire in his hand.

"I see. Then I, Nadia Arian, Sand Dragon Slayer and Mage of Fairy Tail, will take you down." Nadia said.

"A Dragon Slayer like Gajeel-san I see." Totomaru thought, and kept his focus on Nadia. Several sphere of fire were then summoned around Totomaru, as he prepared to battle the Sand Dragon Slayer.

"The moment you made an enemy of me, your greatest mistake was made. Even if you run away right now, your fate is imminent." Totomaru said, and Nadia simply grinned.

"As if I am gonna run, when I have already come here! When I set my mind on something, I will make sure to do it!" Nadia said, was engulfed in an aura of spiraling sand, and charged towards Totomaru, who sent his fire spheres at her.

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