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Chapter 22: Fire vs Sand

In the battlefield, where the Fairy Tail wizards fought against the Shades, Happy arrived in the scene where he saw Natsu take down Shade after Shade coming right at him.

Happy saw a Shade coming at Natsu from behind, which he then proceed to transform into his Battle Shift Mode, and then punch the Shade down the ground, leaving an impact on the ground.

"Happy? You´re back already?" Natsu said, as he turned around to the muscular blue cat.

"Aye, I left Nadia back at the barrel of the Jupiter Cannon after she told me to. Don't worry, when she is about escape, I shall then make sure to bring her." Happy said.

"Good to hear." Natsu said, as he then turned to face another group of Shades coming at him and his allies. But rather with a face of fear, he had a grin, as he didn't show any hesitation at all in facing his enemies.

"Nadia will handle the Cannon, and we shall handle our enemies! We won't back down, not here, not ever!" Natsu said, as he charged with his fists on fire, with Happy, still in his Battle Mode, standing at his side.

Happy turned to see Erza, as she lay on the ground with Elfman covering for her, despite her protests.

"Let me go! I need to go and fight for my friends!" Erza said, only for her to be held by Elfman.

"I know Erza, but even you should need to stand down. Not everyone is even in pieces after being taken a blast like that!" Elfman said.

"You should listen to Elfman, Erza." Natsu said, turning towards her. "But...!" Erza said. "I know, but you think I am enjoying preventing you?! I too want to fight, but cannot because stopping you! Please don't make others stop fighting because you can't! You aren't that type of Person, Erza!" Natsu said.

Erza´s eyes were shadowed, before she then sighed and then looked up at the cannon Nadia had climbed into.

"Until Nadia have returned from destroying the Jupiter Cannon, I shall withhold. But when that comes, I shall fight again." Erza said. Elfman and Natsu grinned, while Gray, Mira and Cana were smiling.

The trust on Nadia had been put on their newest member, the Sand Dragon Slayer Nadia!

Meanwhile, in the chamber where the power source of Jupiter, Nadia and Totomaru were on to their fight, as Totomaru went to make the first move.

On both of his hands, a ball of blue fire were made, before he then sent it towards Nadia.

"Taste the power of my Blue Fire! It will be different than any flame you witnessed in your life!" Totomaru said, as the Blue Fire Ball went towards Nadia.

Nadia simply ran towards the Blue Fire Ball, and dodged it in the last second, the Ball of Blue Fire were inches away from touching her face.

Despite not being touched by the Fire Ball, it was cold enough to feel what she would have expected from a flame. But instead of heat, it was cold she felt.

"What the hell was that? Was that flame cold as an icicle?" Nadia said in a surprised tone, with her eyes then widen when she saw when the flames touched the floor, ice were then made. Totomaru smirked at her response.

"It would seem this is the first time you have witnessed a flame of that caliber. My flames possess more properties than any normal flame you normally see, even from Fire Magic!" Totomaru explained, as balls of flames, each of a different color, appeared around him.

"If you think my flames are like what you ordinarily see, you are to proven wrong! Now witness the power of my Rainbow Fire!" Totomaru said, sending the different colored fire spheres at Nadia.

"Trust me; your flames are nothing compared to Natsu's!" Nadia said, as she began to run, evading the fire blasts coming at her but didn't lose her focus and sight onto her opponent.

She dodged the attacks that came at her, as each flame had a different color effect on it. Nadia weren't let him have the upper hand, as she made sure to send her attacks as well at him.

Nadia then began to charge with her hand covered in sand, moving around like a drill, before she then sent it in the form of a spinning sand blast at Totomaru.

"Sand Dragon´s Spiral Blast!" Nadia said, as the blade went towards Totomaru, who simply had a annoyed expression as he sent a large blast of flame at it, causing a large explosion that shook and covered the room.

"You're only wasting your time. Whatever you throw at me, it will only result in being taken down by my flames. Just accept your defeat and surrender!" Totomaru said, but a grinning Nadia jumped in the hair, as her foot was covered in sand, ready for her next attack.

"As if I am gonna let them down, since I just became a Fairy Tail wizard! "Sand Dragon´s Axe Kick! " Nadia said, as an axe blade of sand were made on her leg, as she then proceeded to then strike Totomaru down with.

Totomaru simply scoffed and then made a yellow flame covering his right hand, as it struck with Nadia´s kick, lightning was emitted.

Nadia gritted her teeth and was forced to jump away. But Nadia then went to jump back towards Totomaru.

"You seem to be moving well despite being struck by my Yellow Fire. Don't you worry though, because I have much more for you!" Totomaru said, as he created three spheres of different colored flames, being that of red, blue and yellow in colour.

He sent the spheres towards Nadia, as the first fire sphere, the red one, came towards her, she then hade her left leg covered in sand. The sand formed into a blade, like the blade of a scythe, and then slashed the flame with it.

"Sand Dragon´s Sickle Talon!" Nadia said, as once the halves went on the floor, small explosion where made.

"The first one must be a regular fire, which means the blue fire must be ice, and the yellow fire lightning." Nadia thought, as she then went on dodge the blue fire, as it struck the floor, a pile of ice spikes was made on the floor.

Nadia then began to shot several blasts of sands at Totomaru, who simply dodged and have them countered by covering his hands in flames.

Totomaru then sent another fire sphere, this time being purple in color, as it went on towards her.

As Nadia was focused on the purple fire sphere coming towards her, the Sand Dragon Slayer then proceeded to send a sand blast at it, shattering the purple fire into pieces.

The Purple Fire pieces landed across on the floor and walls, as it touched, a hissing sound were emitted and steam rose from them.

"My guess was right, the Purple Flames were poison. If I had used my Roar on that, I'd have a chance to have it injected within me." Nadia said, turning toward to face Totomaru. "That guy is sure full of tricks. But whatever he throws at me, I am not gonna go down that easy!" Nadia thought.

"You are fighting for nothing. Whatever you will do, my flames shall erasure. You are only delaying your fate." Totomaru said.

"I see. Then, if I am delaying here, I shall finish this soon, soon enough for you do not realize you have already been defeated." Nadia said, gathering sands in her hands before she then brought them down to the ground, which then a large mist of sand was made.

Totomaru simply showed an expression of annoyance, seeing it as nothing but a simple trick.

"You honestly think a trick like this can take down the likes of me? You are nothing but a child playing against the elites here." Totomaru said, as Nadia was then behind him.

But the fire wizard simply turned around as he then slashed Nadia in half, right in the middle of the abdomen, but then suddenly were turned into sand, dissolved into nothing.

With a annoyed but not shocked expression, he looked around with his eyes to see Nadia standing in front of the entrance she went in, which were the end of the cannon barrel.

"You are fleeing? Not only are failing your friends, but also you are breaking your determination to defeating me. Are you really truly a good image for your guild?" Totomaru said.

"Don't see this as me escaping, but the preparation when I send you flying after my attack." Nadia said.

"What are you talking about?" Totomaru said. "Why don't you look around yourself? But then, it's not easy to see something very tiny." Nadia said.

Confused, Totomaru looked around the surrounding, but his eyes widen as he saw glittering within the air. In the next second, it was shown to be grains of sand being glittering in the air by the light that were emitted from the light the Power Source of the Lacrima that powered the Jupiter Cannon.

Within seconds, the sand grains formed into large pillars of sand, each with a pointed edge, pointing at all Totomaru.

Totomaru´s face was filled with shock, and Nadia, grinning at Totomaru´s reaction, had her fist before her face, before she then brought it down the ground.

"Consider this a gift for being an enemy to me, and for my Guild! "Sand Dragon´s Grand Downfall!" Nadia said, as the sand spears were sent towards Totomaru, who was too shocked to use a spell, or even say a word.

The stand spears struck Totomaru, which caused great damage and pain, as due to the number, size and directions, as well the speed of the sand spears coming at him, it barely gave him the time make his next attack.

Eventually, once the sand spears had stopped sending, Totomaru was in the air, filled with bruises and damage, and then, Nadia jumped towards him from the opening, her fist covered with sand.

"And now, to bring on the finale!" Nadia said, as she then punched Totomaru in the chest, which in turn knocked him out and send him towards the large Energy Lacrima Crystal!

Upon impact, the Lacrima shattered, as energy began to, spread and lost control, as explosions were made.

Nadia immediately went on to escape the room, running at speed from explosions and destruction behind her.

"And now, I will take my leave!" Nadia said, running inside the cannon´s barrel at great speed.

Eventually, she jumped out of the cannons barrel, and the second she was in the air, the Jupiter Cannon exploded completely.

Some the guild members, who were fighting against the forces of Phantom Lord, looked to the see the Jupiter Cannon of the Phantom Lord being destroyed in an explosion.

"Holy shit, she did it." Gray said, with Natsu at his side grinning. "See, I told you that she could handle it." Natsu said with a grin.

At the same time, while Nadia was falling down, she then noticed a familiar, muscular, blue cat flying towards her. "Nadia!" Happy said, as he took down several Shades coming towards him, which he easily cut down.

"Happy?" The falling Nadia said, before then Happy quickly caught her in his arms, flying at speed.

"You did it, Nadia! You took down the Jupiter Cannon!" Happy said. "Yeah, but I took longer than I thought. Jose sure has some powerful goons!" Nadia said, as she watched the wreck of the Jupiter Cannon.

Inside the control room, where Jose sat on his throne, his face showing great traits of holding back pent up anger from having his Jupiter Cannon destroyed.

But he quickly calmed down, as he took a deep sigh of relief as he knew that he still had many tricks in his sleeves.

"Do you Fairy Tail wizards never accept your fate? By struggling against it, you will only delay the inevitable, and you will sooner or later, face your end by me!" Jose said as then the door to the control opened, as Ivan, Nullpudding, Kurohebi and Obra came in.

"It would seem that your Jupiter Cannon have been destroyed. You must have a problem handling things here." Ivan said.

Jose simply responded with looking at the screen, with his hand resting on his chin.

"If that was my only trick of coming here, we wouldn't even have to come here in the first place." Jose said.

"Then I guess you won't need my help then? After all, I did provide you with some interesting information earlier." Ivan said.

"No need to worry. You will have your chance eventually." Jose said, turning his face to the screen.

"But for now, let's now put Plan B to use, which is then you will put to use when the time comes." Jose said, as he then raised his hand in the air.

"Activate the Super Mage Giant Phantom MK II! The time has come for us to bring out the big guns!" Jose said which the Phantom Lord wizards did as they were told, and typed into the command.

"I thought we were dealing with a bunch of bugs, but since they destroyed the Jupiter Cannon, they have shown to be worse than any bug imaginable." Jose said, his face having a dark, and yet at the same time, twisted expression.

At the same time, Nadia and Happy were back on the ground, with Nadia jumping down and Happy standing, still in his Battle Mode.

Natsu, Gray, Mira and Elfman, who were fighting against the Shades, with Natsu using Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, Gray used his Ice Make Magic, Mira in her Satan Soul fired blasts of Dark Energy, and Elfman, with his right hand transformed, punched the Shades left and right.

"Nadia?!" Gray shouted, seeing Nadia returning from taking down the cannon that Phantom Lord had used, as the others turned around to her as well.

"Nadia!" Natsu said, as he, Gray, Mira and Elfman came rushing towards her. "I know you could do it! You are such a man!" Elfman said. "With the Jupiter Cannon down, we are now one step closer to victory." Gray said, as he looked at the broken Phantom Lord Cannon.

"Yeah, but knowing them, they are not taken down by that easily. They must have some few tricks left." Mira said. "But where is Erza? I hope she is alright." Nadia asked, as the last time she saw Erza, was when she was exhausted from using her Adamantine Armor to protect the guild hall from the Blast earlier.

While she was recovering her energy but was still exhausted from taking the blast from earlier, Erza was protected by Gray and Natsu from incoming forces of Shades that came towards her.

She used one of her swords to keep herself on the ground, struggling to move.

"Erza!" Nadia said, horrified and worried of seeing the red headed knight in such a state.

"It's fine; it's no problem at all. I have recovered most of my strength, but..." Erza said, but Natsu cut her off. "Then let us handle it for now. We can fight too you know. If you were the only one who could fight, then you think the guild would be standing right now?" Natsu said, which Erza responded with a smile.

However, as things were seemingly were calming down, the Phantom Lord Fortress that had made its way here, suddenly back to shake, being able to be felt from miles. Then, it began to transform, with gears, pistons and metal re-shaping the building, with steam being emitted.

Natsu, Erza, Mira, Elfman, Nadia and Happy watched as the Phantom Lord building was now beginning take another form.

"What happening now?" Elfman said. "I thought you took care of the Jupiter Cannon?" Gray asked. "I did destroy the Jupiter Cannon, but I never expected another mechanism within their building." Nadia said. "Whatever it is, we are sure now in for the next round." Natsu said, and then the Phantom Lord Building had now fully been transformed.

It now was now more in a humanoid figure, having mechanical arms, legs and even a head, as it now looked like it was ready to destroy anything in its path.

"What the hell is that?!" Happy shouted. "Dammit, to think that Jose would have another trick in his sleeve." Natsu said, gritting his teeth.

The Phantom Lord Robot then began to move its hands, as a gigantic, golden seal, big enough to cover the entire town of Magnolia, and then appeared in front of it.

"A Magic Seal? From that thing?" Gray said in shock. "Just what is that thing?" Elfman said. "In all my life, I never have seen anything like this. I know because I have seen many vehicles, but this on one another level!" Nadia said.

"Whatever it is, it would seem Jose isn't done yet." Mira said.

"But what is it doing?" Elfman said. "I think it's making a spell or something." Nadia said.

"I recognize the pattern of its Magic Seal." Mira said, as realization struck her. "It's Abyss Break!" Mira said, as the others turned towards her.

"What is Abyss Break?" Natsu asked. "A very powerful and Forbidden Spell, which requires the user of four different Elemental Magics: Fire, Water, Earth and Wind." Mira explained.

"And that giant thing is gonna blast us with that attack?" Gray said, looking at the giant Phantom Lord Robot.

"Yes, and unless we do something about that, a dark blast will obliterate our town and guild into nothingness." Mira said. "Then, what are we gonna do now?" Gray asked.

"For the spell to work, Four Elemental Magics are needed right? Meaning for something to be cast by something of that size, it needs a power source for it, which in this case, being four Mages using a different Elemental Magic." Erza explained.

"The Element Four." Gray said. "Exactly, each of them must be positioned at different parts of their transformed base." Erza said. "So, if we take them down, then we´re stopping their attacks, simple as that." Natsu said with a grin. "Yeah, but if Jose is still on his feet, we cannot simply call this a win." Erza said.

"Before I destroyed the Jupiter Cannon, I fought a guy who used fire, named Totomaru, who were one of the Element Four." Nadia said.

"Then you must have slowed down their process for now. Unless we take all members of the Element Four out, the Abyss Break won't be canceled completely." Erza said.

"Then we should make move then." Natsu said and then turned to Happy. "Happy, take me towards the Phantom Lord Giant! I shall be taking care of these Element Four Bastards." Natsu said.

"Then take me with you. I think with my craftsmanship, I can turn some tables there." Nadia said. "I shall go too. We won't let Phantom Lord do as they please, after what they did to our guild." Gray said. "Me too! I won't be manly at all if I just stand here and to nothing!" Elfman said. "I shall go along. I may not be a wizard, but I shall fight among my friends as well." Mira said.

Erza, with her eyes shadowed, got up as she then went to walk, before she then stopped and looked up to the sky, to see the Shades swarming around it in.

"I have rested long enough, so I shall then make a move as well." Erza said and then her body glow in a white light before it died down as she was then in her Heaven Wheel Armor.

"The least I can to is to make a path for you." Erza said as another horde of hundreds of Shades towards Erza and the others.

She pointed her swords to them, as several swords were summoned around Erza.

"Natsu, Elfman, Nadia, Happy, Mira. I shall make you this path for you to move forward. That's the least I can do. Make sure you don't fail the guild." Erza said.

The others smiled and grinned, with Natsu giving her thumbs up. "You can count on us, Erza. We won't let you down!" Natsu said, as he and the others then went to run towards the Phantom Lord Robot, in the path Erza had cleared for them.

"Go, and make sure to give Phantom Lord a lesson they won't ever forget!" Erza said with a smile, seeing her fellow guild members run.

"We better split up! The Element Four must be spread into different parts, and there should be three left since Nadia took one of them down!" Natsu said. "And even if we doesn't find and fight them, we can always try to sabotage the system within the Giant. There´s gotta be some weak points other than them." Nadia said.

"Alright, then let's not waste any more time, and get moving, shall we?" Gray said, which they others nodded in agreement.

Happy then went into his Battle Shift Mode, sprouted his wings and went to grab Natsu and Nadia.

Mira then transformed into her Satan Soul form, flying into the air with her wings, Gray made a trail of ice beneath himself to move at a faster pace, and Elfman transformed his right arm into that of a beast, and went on to grab the leg of the Phantom Lord Robot.

Even though they took different paths, they all had the same goal, and that was to take the enemy down.

But neither of them knows what they were to expect within the enemies lair.

Earlier, in a warehouse...

Reedus, along with Loke who he had meet along the way, were currently in a warehouse, with Lucy, who was still unconscious.

Loke stood before the large doors, keeping guard for him to look after enemies.

"How is the coast, Loke?" Reedus ask, as Lucy was currently on a bed Reedus had made him with his Pict Magic.

"For now, with all the fighting going on, we should be safe here for a while." Loke said, turning towards Reedus.

But then, a sudden voice was heard, getting their attention.

"Oh, but I wouldn't be so calm about that." The female voice said, which Reedus and Loke turned around, to see Flare come out of the shadows.

"Flare?!" Reedus said in surprised. "What are you doing here? Where have you been? You suddenly disappeared without a trace or telling us!" Loke said.

But instead of words, Flare instead exchanged with a shadowed on her eyes, as a twisted grin appeared on her face, and then long, red hair suddenly began to move, raised into the hair and moved like flames.

Before either Loke or Reedus could even say anything, Flare controlled her hair to move it towards Loke, trying to strike him.

However, Loke simply used one of his Magic Rings to then unleash a powerful gust of wind that sent away Flare´s tendrils of hair.

Flare only had an annoyed expression, which went twisted as she then proceeded to them form her hand into scythe-like blades, which she then sent towards Loke.

However, Loke simply grabbed another Magic Ring, which then bolts of lightning were then emitted and then sent to the air.

Flare managed hair back, but then saw Reedus drawing a picture of a golden, cat-like creature with white eyes.

"Call of the Lion!" Reedus said, as the Cat-like painting got to life, gained a red mane of flames, and then grow four times its size, and then went to attack Flare with its fangs and claws, covered in flame.

However, Flare simply made a large blade with her, which she cut the large Lion Creature with ease.

The halves of the Lion fell down the ground, and before either Loke or Reedus could do anything, Flare then had her hair formed into a pair of two, muscular arms, as she then sent a punch to Loke.

Loke tried to block it, but it sent him at great force to a wall, which cracked upon impact.

"Loke!" Reedus screamed, and before he could do anything, Flare went on to punch Reedus in the stomach, making him cough up blood and then passing out, his eyes turning completely white.

Reedus laid on the ground, as Flare went to Lucy, Loke, in great pain, ran to try to strike her from behind.

But before Loke could lay a move, roof above him busted, as a hole was mad as a figure came down. The figure had his left arm transformed a long, pillar of iron came from the roof and struck him on the head, knocking him down the floor with a slam.

The figure grinned as he then went to kick him with an iron foot, sending him to wall with a crash.

"Well, that takes care of that filth." Gajeel said and then turned to Flare.

"It seems you are really with us, Flare. You did well on your undercover mission." Gajeel said.

Loke, who was on the ground, heard what Gajeel had said. "Undercover... mission?" Loke thought, before then a kick of iron was sent at his stomach.

"Oops, talked too much here. No matter, since you are gonna die here anyway, it wouldn't matter." Gajeel said.

"I thought the reason you followed was to make sure I was still loyal to Ivan and Jose, not the opposite." Flare said, without turning to him.

"Oh, shut it. You didn't make quiet attack either." Gajeel said. "No matter. Now that we have the target, we shall now begin to take her back." Flare said, wrapping her hair around Lucy, picking her up.

Loke, began to lose consciousness, seeing Flare talking the knocked Lucy.

"To think... I would fail once again... dammit..." Loke thought before losing consciousness, passing out on the floor.

"Don't you worry, Blondie. We shall now make sure to save you from that nasty, wretched guild." Flare said, in a low yet twisted look.

Flare and Gajeel then walked as she carried Lucy with her hair, leaving the building, and back into the transformed Phantom Lord Base.

The Phantom Lord Giant, Present...

The Flying Happy landed on an opening that was on the chest of the Phantom Lord Robot, which he then proceed to put Natsu and Nadia down.

"Alright, now that we are in, should we split up like the others, or stay here as a group?" Happy asked.

"I think it's better for us to split up. If we stay together, the enemy will see it as a chance to take us down faster. And if we spread, we can find more information to find some weak point in this mechanical giant." Natsu said.

"Since I was too busy with fighting that Totomaru Guy, and taking down the crystal that powered the Jupiter Cannon, I didn't have much time on focusing everything else that in there." Nadia said as she looked around.

"But now that we are in, we can split up to fight the enemies and take down the machinery." Natsu said.

"Which I shall got further in this giant. Knowing machines, they are certainly keeping the more important parts deep within this thing." Nadia said.

"Alright, you do that. While I shall go around this place, for me to find the Element Four to take down." Natsu grinned. "Dont forget me too, Natsu." Happy said.

"I won't. But for now, let's split up and take on the course, shall we?" Natsu said, which Happy nodded in agreement.

"Nadia, make sure to be careful around here!" Natsu said, as he ran with Happy running beside him.

"No need to tell me twice, because if there is something that should be careful of, is me!" Nadia said grinning, as she sprinted in a hallway, leading to the interior part of the Phantom Lord Giant.

At the same time, Gray were running in hallways of the Phantom Lord giant, until he went through an exit, as he was now on an area of the Giant with an open sky.

"Dammit, this thing is like a maze. Whoever wrote the blueprints of this thing, must have been taken weeks for them to build this." Gray said.

But the second he finished his sentence, rain suddenly fell, and a lot of amounts. Gray then looked up in the sky in confusion.

"Huh, that´s strange. There wasn't even a single cloud five minutes ago. So why is it suddenly raining?" Gray said, before she heard a female voice entering the scene.

"Drip, drip, drop. Juvia had found her target." A familiar, blue-haired woman said as she entered the scene.

"As a wizard of Phantom Lord, Juvia shall take you down since you are a member of the Fairy Tail Guild." Juvia said.

"I see. So, you are an enemy, huh? Then don't expect me to go easy on you because you are a girl!" Gray said, as he then proceeded to take off his shirt.

Juvia couldn't help but to blush at the sight of seeing the man, her enemy strip before her, and her thoughts got into a frantic motion as he tried to comprehend of what he was saying.

But Juvia quickly shook her head, quickly getting back into focus, focus back into her enemy.

"Whatever words this man may say, Juvia won't let him. Not as a wizard of Phantom Lord!" Juvia thought.

At the same, Elfman were running through the corridors within the Phantom Lord Giant, looking for enemies for him to take down.

As Elfman ran, his eyes suddenly widen as he saw a blast of sand coming straight towards him. However, he managed to dodge the blast by jumping away, as the sand blast made a hole on the floor.

Elfman looked to see a figure in a suit and an monocle coming down from the stairs, moving his body in a weird motion.

"Salut, and welcome to the Phantom Lord base, in the form of Super Mage Giant Phantom MK II." Sol of the Element 4 said.

"Who the hell are you?" Elfman said. "How rude. Then, even if you are the enemy, I shall introduce myself to you. I am Monsieur Sol, The Great Earth and one of the Element 4." Sol said as he introduced himself.

"So, you are a one of the Element 4? Then, if I take you down, then it will be one step further from taking down the Abyss Break Spell." Elfman said.

"Non, non, non. I don't think that would that simple, Elfman Strauss." Sol said, making Elfman´s eyes widen. "How do you know my name?" Elfman asked in confusion. "Did you really think I wouldn't be prepared when we first arrived here? I did quite a research on your guild." Sol said.

"Whatever! I won't be taken that down easily! I swear on it as a man!" Elfman said as he transformed his right arm and then charged towards Sol with his fist.

"Non, non, non. You don't understand. I know more than you think." Sol said.

At the same time, Natsu and Happy had now ran into a large hallway, which they looked around, and then saw a familiar, large figure in green.

"Such sorrow... it's always sad for those who had failed, to come back to try to fix their mistakes, only for them to fail once again." Aria said as he floated in the air, before then landing on the ground.

"What is he talking about?" Happy asked. "I don't know, but this is the guy who hurt Gramps." Natsu said, stepping forward. "I won't let you go unpunished for that, you bastard." Natsu said.

"Such sorrow, the sorrow for the loss of your Guild Master must be sure a pressure for you." Aria said.

"What do you mean? As if Gramps would die from something like that." Natsu said. "I disagree." Aria said in a low tone, and with that, Natsu and Happy dashed towards him. "Whatever you do, you won't be able to take me, Aria the Great Sky, of the Element Four down! With my Airspace, you will know true suffering!" Aria said, as another battle was to commence.

Meanwhile, Mira was currently making her away across Phantom Lord Giant. She was currently in a corridor, with many pillars, and in front of her was a pair of large doors.

However, before she could even reach them, they suddenly exploded in pieces, as a figure came walking through the smoke.

"Gihihihi, it seems we got ourselves an intruder. But nothing that dear ol me can handle." Gajeel said with a grin.

Mira simply stood unfazed and with a serious expression on her face. "Well, for a woman, you sure have a lot of guts. Most of women that aren't part of our guild tend to run when they see me." Gajeel said.

"If I ran because I was a woman, what kind of figure would I be? I am not the type who lets the people who hurt my people go without a fight." Mira said.

"Well, that's good to hear. I would be pissed to not have a fight here." Gajeel said, transforming his arms into iron, while Mira had Take Over Magic surrounding her.

With the scenery changing, new battles are emerging, and even more surprises are about to come!

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