Hey, reader-chan!

I'm glad you decided to take to the notice and read this info update! An idea has occurred to me that I think that you will like! I have created a Google Classroom account and set It up to where you will get early updates if you join. If you haven't used Google Classroom in school before then I'll tell you what it is:

Google Classroom is essentially a place where you can turn assignments online to your teachers.

However, I plan to use it to set up early updates for you. If you join you will have at least a two day advantage over those who don't. I am going to upload a file from Google Drive to an announcement that you will be able to open and read the next chapter.

I also plan to use this Google Classroom account to run competitions between writers. I am getting a job in either the summer or upcoming fall and will have money to send a gift card of at least $20-30 for whatever purpose you desire.

If you want to join go here to get early updates and possible a gift card in the future.

Joining code: jjyfq77

Thanks for your consideration!