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-place Nanaimori time 5;24pm

-Tsuna's pov-

I got out of pre-school early today so here i am at the park as i sing to myself quietly as i pick some flowers for Mama but as i begin to look at the different color flowers on my hand to my shocked surprise i am picked up by unfamiliar arms as a male voice says greedily "well well look at what i found all alone, my next meal ticket after all i am sure that the young loin of the Vongola well pay a high price for your safe return well if he can get here before the buyer" i don't know exactly what the man holding me in a painfully tight hold means by Vongola or buyer but something deep inside of me tells that this man is dangerous.

i notice that no adults are around and Mama is still at her part time job at the cafe for another hour or two, so without another thought i begin to try to make the man drop me as he begins to walk away from the park near my house, after awhile i notice that we're in the woods.

And soon after we are deep into the woods the man sends a strange looking green lightning bolt down my right leg ending at my ankle causing me lots of pain, then the man takes out a phone as i try not to cry out in pain while he says *Hey old man i think that you well be interested in knowing that i have a very young child for sale a sky a Vongola sky to be exact, so if you the boss of the Estraneo Famiglia want this precious Sky then you had better get -!" the man never finishes his words then we both fall to the ground and after i stop rolling away from the man i take a look at the man and i soon find out way he never finished talking because the man is laying on the ground with his phone still in his hand while the side of his head is covered in lots of blood due to the small hole.

The man isn't breathing or trying to get me anymore so i think that the man is dead now because Mama told me once that when a living being stops breathing and no longer moves that means their dead and their is no coming back to life well not by any normal means, i am ripped out of my thoughts by a stick snapping near me.

When i look at where the stick snapped i see a man who is a head taller than Mama he is a little older looking then she is but i can't tell his age for some reason, but i pay almost no attention to this as i look at man, he has wild longish dark purple hair that starts fluffy like my own brown hair but the back is really long and tied back by a black ribbon his low ponytail ends at his lower back, he also has very calm yet curious purple eyes and a purple tear drop mark under his left eye, and he is wearing black pants, dark purple button up shirt, black boots, black fingerless gloves and a ankle length black trench coat with a wolf paw dark made of purple flames on the middle/back as well as dark purple flames on the edges of the coat, but oddest thing about him is the glowing purple pacifier hanging on the chain around his neck.

But I snapped out my thoughts when i realize that the new man is still coming slowly towards me, however when i try to get away from him i notice that my right leg and ankle hurt alot to much to be able to get away so i watch this new man slowly come towards me as i feel a strange burning feeling in my eyes and i start to feel things that I've never felt before.

-?'s pov-

I watch as the very small 6? year old boy before awakens not only his Sky flames but Cloud flames as well, and as i continue to walk carefully towards the 6 year old boy and i decide to take this time to give the child a quick once over from a distance, and as i do this i see a small 6 year old boy he has shortish fluffy brown hair, he is wearing a orange t shirt and dark brown shorts and white/orange shoes, but the thing I notice immediately is the fact that his right leg and ankle are both badly injured possibly even broken.

So with his injury in mind when I am finally close enough i crouch/kneel down in front of the boy not wanting to make the child afraid of me or more than he already is now as i say gently "hello little one my name is Skull and is it alright if I take a look at your right leg and ankle? i noticed that it is badly injured, so i want to see how badly before I take you back to your home where your mother and father are waiting probably really worried about you" he closes his left eye the one that is glowing a dark purple color.

And he looks at me for a few seconds with his right glowing orange eye then he smiles as he says happily "okay Mr Skull you can look at my right leg and ankle, oh my name Tsunayoshi but you can call me Tsuna" i nod my head as a way of tell Tsuna that i heard him, as i carefully take off his right shoe and sock before looking at his ankle first with well trained eyes, Tsuna flinches badly when I do some simple tests to see if the right leg or ankle is broken and to my horror not only is his right ankle broken but the main support bone below the knee in his right leg is shattered completely and soon i notice lightning like scars beginning to wrap around Tsuna's whole lower right leg and ankle.

I feel my naturally purple eyes begin to glow a dark purple color in raged at the fact that the man who was going to sell Tsuna used his lightning flames to destroy Tsuna's right lower leg bone almost completely, i grind my fangs together in anger at not being there to prevent this permanent injury, but i hold my rage and instinct's inside myself knowing that there is no way in hell that Tsuna won't fear me if he see's me go into a cloud-wolf-youkai rage.

So i do the only thing that i can do i carefully put Tsuna on my back so that im carrying him in a piggy back carry as i follow Tsuna's scent trail to where his house is located, after we get out of the forest Tsuna says "Mr Skull can i tell you something?" i nod my head slowly as i wait for Tsuna to continue speaking while i walk to our destination soon Tsuna says "i don't have a Father i only have a Mama but Mr Skull I'm worried about Mama because every time the evil man calls mama on the phone Mama starts crying sad angery tears of pain so i don't care whoever the evil man is but he is never gonna be my Papa because he makes Mama cry, Mr Skull well you help me protect mama from the evil man?" i stop mid step when he says those 12 simple words.

I shake off the haze that threatens to trap my mind as i continue to walk as my instinct's scream at me to say yes before i say calmly "that is something that your mother well have to decide after all she should be able to choose who she wants to protect her, but if your mother says yes then i shall protect both her and you from the evil man and others as well" Tsuna cheers happily at my answer as we finally reach what appears to be Tsuna's house.

But as i knock on the door a feeling that i haven't felt in a long time suddenly appears and the feeling only grows when the door opens reveilng a woman who is the little younger in age then my appearance which is about 28 years old making her about 26 years old, she has long brown hair and doe like honey brown eyes filled with pure fear/panic, she is wearing a long tan/pale blue dress with a white apron, and i also notice some bruises both new and old along with some cuts on her arms but i save this for later as i look into those honey almost gold brown eyes one name comes to mind [Nana Spade?] i am taken out of my thoughts by the woman gasping in shock at seeing Tsuna on my back.

Tsuna breaks the silence as he says happily "Mama!" Tsuna's mother makes a move to take her son from my back but i shake my head slowly as i say calmly "i shall let you have your son but please wait a minute as i fear that he is badly injured and i don't want to anger his injury by moving him the wrong way, is there a place where I can set him down so that he is comfortable?" Tsuna's mother looks at me with a sharp eyed look Tsuna did before earlier in the forest, then she nods her head as she leads me into the living room to a sofa which i carefully put Tsuna on so that his leg is not over worked

Tsuna's mother looks at Tsuna's leg and her eyes flash orange left eye and blue right eye before they return to their normal honey brown as Tsuna's mother looks at me while she says gently "Thank you for bringing Tsuna home alive my name is Nana Sawada although not for much longer, may i know the name of the man who saved my son? and do you have a place to stay yet?" i see Tsuna flinch in pain every now and then, so i reach into my pocket before putting out a faded black silk coin bag with Silver rope closing/opening string.

I reach into the coin bag but instead of pulling out a coin i pull out a pea sized golden yellow ball then i hold it out in front of Tsuna as i say gently "Tsuna take and swallow this whole, it's a sun pill it well help your pain and heal your leg a little bit, however it well make you sleeply" i take another pill from the bag and i put it in my mouth then swallow knowing that it won't affect me, soon Tsuna does the same with his own pill then about one or two minutes later Tsuna is asleep on the sofa leaving Nana and i alone.

I sigh tiredly only for Nana to tackle me in a hug as she says happily "Skull it's so good to see you i-i missed you so much in the last ten years Skull i made a horrible mistake 6 years ago i married a man by the name of Iemitsu Sawada only for him to leave me a year later for his precious work, he didn't even stay long enough for me to tell him that i was pregnant with Tsuna and i had to give birth all by myself, he hasn't visited once and this morning i had enough so i sent him already signed and approved divorce papers, and now because of Iemitsu's not so secret place in the mafia Tsuna is never gonna able to fully use his right leg again, my mother Elena was right i should have told you how i felt but instead of telling you that I'm in love with you, i let us part ways ten years ago after we came to the future from the past".

Nana begins to cry into my chest and i wrap my arms around her shaking form as i say gently "shh it's gonna be alright I'm not going to abandon ether you or Tsuna, this is also partly my fault for never telling you that we're soul mates I've known from the moment you were born that you were my mate but i wanted you to grow up as a human but i guess I let you grow up a little to much I'm sorry Nana I'm sorry for not being there for you like i should have been".

Nana looks at me with her honey brown eyes now sky flame orange as she says "Skull do you regret paying such a heavy price just in order to save me from sharing the same fate as the others?" i keep my left arm wrapped Nama while use my right hand to hold Nana's chin still as i say calmly "never i have never regretted saving you at the cost of my eternal rest my place in the life-stream, but if i had to regret something from the past it would be not being able to save the others as well, however I've been with the others since they were children i think that i was 18 at the time i was the adult of the group before they were even 6, so i had been with them for over 20 years at the time of your birth, then 16 more years after words, because of the 36 years that i spent with them i can safely say for sure that none of them wanted me to save them that day, so no Nana i do not regret saving you that day just like i don't regret saving Tsuna today i only wish that i had found him sooner" i let my right hand fall away from Nana's chin.

However when i do this the most surprising thing happens Nana kiss's me on lips and after we break apart for air i press my forehead against Nana's as i say softly "well i guess that i don't have to ask you now but i shall do so anyways Nana would you do me the honor of becoming my mate/wife and would you allow me to blood adopt Tsuna?" Nana gains a gentle smile on her face as she says "Yes i well become your mate/wife Skull and i shall allow you to blood adopt Tsuna if that is what he wants but we well need to wait until my divorce is complete and should Iemitsu not sign the papers in hopes of winning me back or should he try to win me and Tsuna back after the divorce lets just say that I'll call in a favor that someone owes me" i begin to chuckle at the more dangerous side of Nana while she has almost no idea about the fact that she acts so much like her Father that it's almost terrifying even to me.

Soon Nana falls asleep on my chest forcing follow my noise to follow her scent to where it's the strongest and i find myself in her room then i lay her down into the bed before covering her with the blue/gray blanket and i kiss her forehead before leaving Nana's room going to the living room where Tsuna is still sleeping on the sofa.

And after about two hours do i finally think to myself [i wonder how the other Arcobaleno well take my almost constant leave except for meetings?] i growl slightly in irritation at the thought of Reborn or worse Luce trying to force me to give them information about Nana or Tsuna, but i feel my cloud flames spark to life as my deterioration grows to keep Luce and her manipulating ways away from my family.

Even at the cost of my secrets, so with a plan now forming in my mind i close my eyes and fall into a light sleep knowing that I'm probably going to need every second of it for tomorrow.

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