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on with the story

-3 years later-

-place Nanaimori Tsuna's house time unknown-

-Tsuna's pov-

Reborn holds my right clawed hand in his left as he uses his flaming right to gently pet my head while year old Fuuta holds my left clawed hand with his own shakey one as he crys into his grandmother's chest my mother gives me a sad smile as does my father, GrandChain, Viper, Kawahira, Sky, Leon, Fin, Tsuyoshi, Takeshi, Kyoya, Verde, Giotto, G, Daemon, Elena, Alaude, Asahi, Lampo, all of my students, Reborn's student Dino and all of the Vindice everyone that i care for is here with me while i just lay here on my death bed.

I see Byakuran in the doorway him refusing to speak or meet my gaze even once during the whole time he has been here and i sense Iori and his mate Kuu nearby waiting patiently for me to draw my last breath.

Then as i feel my lungs contract painfully as my soul, scars and heart burn brightly yet burn me at the same time i give all of a real smile instead of one my usual fake one's then as large black spots appear in my line of site i catch site of Iori at the foot of my death bed and i give him a grateful yet sad smile as i close my glowing black/purple/orange eyes for the last time while i draw one final burning breath and i fade away completely not feeling anything as i go to join the life-stream.

-Iori's pov-

I watch leaves her body behind in a rush of black/purple/orange flames that only Kuu and i can see even as i hand the now empty clear pacifier to Giotto, the now useless leg-brace to Kawahira and Tsuna's wedding ring to Renato as i say softly "she would want you to keep these after all you made them for/with her so keep them" i leave before anyone can do or say anything leaving Tsuna's dead body with her mate and their pack as Kuu and i see the last spark of flame that is Tsuna join the life-stream.

-time skip many many years later-

-place unknown time unknown-

-Iori's pov-

I run though the green-blue-white swirls of the life-stream in my beast form instinctively knowing which way to go to be where I'm needed to be right now, and i see a flaming black/purple/orange orb with toxic green cracks around the whole of it then the orb after i say calmly "don't hide what you've always been Tsuna not here" the orb takes the form of a flaming dark brown female wolf with a Tri colored/cloudy white eyes, a pair of large black/purple/orange angel wings and toxic green lightning like scars on her left leg/ankle and her chest/ribs/back.

I sit beside her as she looks down at the mirror lake looking at her slightly older looking mate as he stands alone in the place where he asked her for her hand in marriage all these years ago and he looks up at the night sky while he says softly "Fuuta has grown into man that would make you proud tomorrow he goes to the past to help you in battle, Baka-Giotto and the others are doing well having started a bakery-cafe about 10 years ago with Xanxus running a mafia family of his own by the name of Cielo, but me now that Fuuta is a adult as well as the third boss of the Vindice there is nothing left for me to do and i let Baka-Dino keep Leon so now I'm alone as i simply wait for death, and i still don't care even after 17 years have past even if your body has been buried in Japan for the last 17 years i still won't visit it, because your spirit is not there anyways it's here it always has been, and i hope that you hear me from whatever rooftop that you are watching me from right now" Renato begins to sing of all the things that i never thought he would do he begins to sing in the same tone of voice that he always used with Tsuna when she was alive.

How can i say this without breaking?

How can i say this without taking over?

How can i put it down into words when it's almost too much for my soul alone?

I loved and i loved and i lost you.

I loved and i loved and i lost you.

I loved and i loved and i lost you.

And it hurts like hell..

Yeah it hurts like hell..

I don't want them to know the secrets.

I don't want them to know the way i loved you.

I don't think that they'd understand it, no..

I don't think that they would accept me, no..

I loved and i loved and i lost you.

I loved and i loved and i lost you.

I loved and i loved and i lost you.

And it hurts like hell..

Yeah it hurts like hell..

Dreams fight with machines.

Inside my head like adversaries.

Come wrestle me free.

Clean from the war.

Your heart fits like a key.

Into the lock on the wall.

I turn it over, i turn it over.

But I can't escape.

I turn it over, i turn it over.

I loved and i loved and i lost you.

I loved and i loved and i lost you.

I loved and i loved and i lost you.

And it hurts like hell...

A lone silver flaming tear goes down Renato's left cheek while a lone golden yellow flaming tear goes down the right cheek, and i feel the flames that make up Tsuna's entire being/soul grow hotter as a powerful takes wish takes root in her heart of pure white fire as it soon begins to ripple though out the life-stream.

As Tsuna spreads her large tri colored wings then as i try to stop Tsuna from leaving Kuu's voice rings out in mind "Don't worry Iori she'll be back soon, Tsuna is just using the gift i gave her while she was still alive, so watch from the life-stream while i watch from earth" i sit back down with my duel color eyes locked on the mirror lake waiting to see what happens.

With my mate watching from the forest tree line i see a almost invisible silhouette of flaming wolf-Angel Tsuna appear in front of Renato inches away from touching her oblivious mate who's head lifts up at the sound of Tsuna singing as she very slowly begins to become visible to the still living Renato.

If i could save time in a bottle The first thing that I'd like to do is save everyday Till eternity pass's away just to spend them with you.

If i could make day's last forever if words could make wishes come true I'd save every day like a treasure and then again i would spend them with you.

But there never seems to be enough time to the things that you want to do once you find them I've looked around enough to know that your the one i want to go though time with.

If i had a box just for wishes and dreams that had never come true the box would be empty except for the memory of how they were answered by you.

But there never seems to be enough time to the things that you want to do once you find them I've looked around enough to know that your the one i want to go though time with..

By the end of the song Tsuna is completely viable to the point that Renato is looking into her eyes with his flaming golden-yellow/silver one's while he says gently "Ive been waiting for you Tsuna Cielo Sinclair" Kuu's sky flames the one's she gave Tsuna as a gift start to cover Renato as Tsuna howls telling the flames what to do.

After the flames die down there is burnt body on the ground however my eyes widen in shock at the site of a flaming large black wolf with large flaming silver/golden angel wings the yellow pacifier he once wore on a chain around his neck in life replaced by his wedding ring and Tsuna now wears her own wedding ring on a chain around her neck.

Then both rings light up with white flames as Tsuna and Renato touch noses in a wolfish kiss before they fly towards the Life-stream on colored wings of pure flame leaving earth and Renato's body behind them, and my mind is left railing with a single question [Why would Tsuna kill Renato?] my question is answered by Kuu who is now sitting beside me while she says "for the same reason as to way you or i would kill each other, for Life, Death, Freedom, Bond's and Love they're Sky and Element, Husband and Wife, and Soul-mate's Tsuna didn't want Renato to be in anymore pain then he had already been in for the last 17 years, so she went back to earth to get him even if it meant killing the one she loved most herself" i nod my head slowly as i lean my back against Kuu's while we watch the two dead wolf mates play together in water's of the stream while my mate and i feel each turn every twist as the Earth turn and the Life-stream flow in perfect time with one another just as we always have since the very beginning.

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