Sometimes the thing you want to ask from your girlfriend is exactly the same she wants to ask from you.

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Long days at work were the worst expecially for Cosima when the only thing she wanted to do was hold her girlfriend in her arms and stay like that forever, yes that was something she planned to do for the rest of her life. Having Delphine there waiting for her every day when she got home, maybe welcome her with a sweet kiss on the lips.

She had planned it all. She had a beautiful ring, it was a simple golden ring with small diamonds around it, simple yes but perfect for Delphine. She even had writen a speech but she was sure that she would forget it, so as she drove home she was thinking about what she should say during the proposal.

After parking her car she took a moment to collect her thoughts while she took the ring box from her pocket opened it and took a second to admire the ring. They had been together almost for a year now and Cosima just couldn't believe that it had taken her this long to ask the question. They had talked about their future but there hadn't been any specifics.

Cosima closed the box and put it back in her pocket as she got out of her car and headed to their apartment. As she stepped in to the elevator and pushed the button of the 17th floor her breathing got heavier, after the doors closed the, ring box was once again in her hands.

"You can do this..." she whispered under her breath as the elevator moved upwards.

Once the elevator stopped on the 17th floor and the doors opened Cosima placed the little box back in her pocket and started to walk towards their apartment. Opening the door she could hear music quietly playing from the kitchen as she walked in.

"Cosima ma chérie, dinner is almost done." Delphine greeted her as her head appeared behind a wall.

"Thanks babe." Cosima answered and took of her jacket and after she checked that Delphine had went back she took the box from her pocket and placed it in the front pocket of her jeans. When Cosima walked in the kitchen she moved behind Delphine who swayed a little with the music. She wrapped her arms around Delphine's waist and pressed a kiss on the back of her neck.

"How was work?" Delphine asked as she pressed herself against Cosima.

"The usual, I miss working with you.." Cosima said and pressed another kiss on Delphine's neck.

"Moi aussi ma chérie." Delphine replied and turned in her girlfriends arms.

"Maybe one day we will work togehter again." Delphine said with a smile and kissed Cosima on the lips. Cosima smiled against Delphine's lips before kissing her back.

"I hope so babe." Cosima said smiling as she pulled back.


After dinner Cosima cleared the table as Delphine washed the dishes. After Cosima was ready she took two wine classes and a nice bottle of redwine that Felix and Colin had brought for them as a gift last time they were visiting.

"Is there a special reason for opening that wine?" Delphine asked amused.

"I don't know yet." Cosima answered with a grin while she poured the wine into the classes.

"Actually now that I remember there is this one thing I need to ask you." Delphine said as she walked closer to Cosima and grabbed her own class and took a sip.

"Prédire" Delphine said with a pleased smile as she kept tasting the wine.

"Delphine now that we have eaten and cleared the kitchen… there is something I need to talk to you about." Cosima said with little panic in her voice but Delphine didn't seem to notice it.

"What is it ma chérie?" Delphine asked as she turned to face her.

Cosima took Delphine's hands in her own and made small circles with her thumbs on the backs of her hands.

"This past year has been well full of shit but there has been few good things. One of them being meeting you, becaming your friend and then your lover. I mean it wasn't easy for us but even when things got hard for some reason I still found my way back to you." Cosima lifted her eyes to meet Delphine's and smiled.

"Before I met you I never thought that I would ever want to have a family of my own or get married..." Something in Delphine's eyes changed and she pulled her right hand from Cosima's grip. She placed it over her mouth and closed her eyes.

"Cosima I really need to ask you something..." Delphine whispered opening her eyes.

Cosima looked at her puzzled some trace of dissapointment on her face.

"I called your dad today..." Delphine said with a smile. Cosima's facial expression was even more puzzled.

"You called my dad..?" Cosima asked.

"Yeah, there was something I needed to ask from him." Delphine said and smiled shyly.

"What did you ask?" Cosima asked, Delphine stood up and went in theri quest room which she used as her study. Before Cosima could call for her Delphine came back holding a small black box in her hands.

"I asked your dad if it was okay with him… if I asked you to marry me." Delphine said and kneeled infront of Cosima taking hold of her left hand. Cosima smirked down at her.

"I don't actually have a big speech for you that tells you how much I love you, because there are no enough words that could describe my feelings for you. You make me want to be a better person for you and your sisters. You made me realise things about myself that I never thought could be true in my case." Delphine smiled and looked deeply in Cosima's eyes.

"I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you." She continued and opened the box.

"Cosima Niehaus, will you marry me?" She asked her eyes full of emotion as she waited for an answer.

"You got to be kidding me." Cosima chukled what made Delphine worry.

Cosima took her own box from her pocket and opened it. Delphine gasped small smile appearing on her face.

"I had a whole speech prepared and actually you interupted it" Cosima smiled.

"So maybe I'll just keep it short…" She opened the box "Delphine Cormier will you marry me?" Cosima asked smirking down at Delphine.

"Of course ma chérie I will." Delphine said smiling like an idiot. Cosima placed the ring in her ring finger and smiled.

"You?" Delphine asked still smiling.

"Yes I will." Cosima said with a smile and allowed Delphine to place her ring in her ring finger. Cosima slided down from the chair and kissed Delphine.

"I love you even though you ruined my perfectly planned proposal." Cosima said as they held their foreheads together.

"At least I asked from your dad if it was okay with him to propose to you. Did you do that ma chérie?" Delphine asked devilish smile playing on her lips.

"No I didn't… One more reason for your dad to hate me..." Cosima said with a shrug.

"He doesn't hate you Cosima, it's just a little more hard for him to understand that I'm in love with another woman." Delphine answers and wraps her arms around Cosima's waist.

"Well I'm his future daughter-in-law so he'll have to start liking me." Cosima said and placed her arms lazily around Delphine's neck.

"He will." Delphine assured and pecked her lips.

"Fuck." Cosima groaned.

"What?" Delphine asked.

"I have to tell Sarah that we're getting married. She was so sure that you would say no… Or that if you said yes you would eventually hurt me again."

"Cosima I would never do that to you again, you know that right?" Delphine asked looking her in the eyes.

"Yes I know that. But Sarah doesn't… you'll just have to prove it to her and then she will treat you like family." Cosima said with a sad smile.

"I will prove it to Sarah, to Helena, to Allison or even the world just to show you how much I actually love you." Delphine answers determined.

"I love you too." Cosima smiled and kissed her fiancé.