Genma can deal with pain. In his personal experience, the emotional wrecks are always worse than the physical, and he has intimate experience with both. The problem is he would never forgive himself if the kids in the cell across were tortured. Especially with how visibly panicked they are. They're really only a few years younger than him, but they are also clearly civilians, given the lack of developed chakra. Not that anyone in this crazy place had developed chakra. No, it's just weird weapons and tools that seemed to mimic jutsu.

Judging by the kids in the cell, this place does have something like kekkei genkai. That, weirdly, does not require chakra. Either way, the kids are untrained, panicked, and clearly being held against their will. The part of him that adopts people, and feeds them, and looks after them, and keeps them safe; cries out to save these kids. The part of him raised in a village that was founded to minimize conflict, especially conflict over bloodlines, is in complete agreement. The part of him that slit throats in the dark on orders, is just wondering how much he wanted their captors to hurt before they go.

There are many avenues of escape open to him, the question is: which one gets the kids out without being harmed? If he didn't have to worry about the kids, he would get his stuff, quietly kill everyone, and work from there. But the kids mean having civilians that can't keep up, kekkei genkai or no. Genma also can't communicate with the kids properly. It had been one of the things that gave away that he was no longer in the Elemental Countries. Only one of the guards had spoken anything close to his language, but it was a strange variant that didn't make sense.

Genma noticed his wandering thoughts. Probably a concussion from his last meeting with the guards. Another difficulty in this escape is factoring in his current physical limitations. Minor injuries mostly, but broken fingers limits jutsu to the ones with simple handseals. The chakra exhaustion is further limiting. Concussion on top of hunger and dehydration is both disorienting and means anything too complicated is a horrible idea.

Subtle isn't going to happen. Genma doesn't have it in him right now to get two civilians out without being noticed. Loud and fast it is, then.

Wanda is terrified. Not as close to a panic attack as Pietro is, but still terrified. She is also furious. Mostly at HYDRA, but also at herself. She should have known that the villain the Avengers were fighting was a decoy. She should never have let herself get isolated from the others. HYDRA grunts pouring out of alleys and cars and stunning her from behind was an embarrassing way to get kidnapped. Having Pietro see it, then panic and have the same thing happen to him, that made her want to hurt people.

The cell they had been thrown in was made of something that prevented her from affecting anything outside it. And she had tried. The only saving grace was that they hadn't been separated yet. But judging by the man across the hall, it's going to get worse. He doesn't seem to speak any of the same languages she does, so she can't ask, but Wanda knows when someone has been beaten.

The man in the other cell seems to have come to a decision. He points at himself and says "Genma." Then he points at her, then Pietro, with a questioning look on his face. Realization cutting through fear and anger, Wanda points to herself, "Wanda" then her brother, "Pietro." She keeps her other arm wrapped around her brother's shoulders. The man nods and says something that starts with their names. Judging by tone and expression, he is trying to be reassuring. It would have worked, had the man not looked badly beaten. Kindness and determination, that's what she sees in his eyes. She hopes whatever he was about to do will not get him more hurt.

First step, set the fingers. It hurts, and the (fairly) quiet cracks of his bones being pulled into place alarm the kids (Wanda and Pietro; siblings, not lovers, judging by facial similarities and body language). But better to set them now than wait. He would still leave jutsu as a last resort, but he can actually hold weapons now. Next step, get out of the cell.

He would normally just use the hiraishin to get to his gear, but he hasn't seen enough of the base to get back to the kids. And he isn't good enough with the solo version yet, to take both kids with him. He can't plant hiraishin seals without tools or set-up (Minato-sama's instant-application of seals was an art form, and would take Tsunade-level chakra control). Thankfully, he can improvise an explosive seal. It won't be very powerful – he doesn't have the chakra – but he doesn't need it to be.

Using some of his blood, he sketches a seal on the lock. Then he moves back a pace and triggers it. He swings the door open and starts drawing on the lock of the kids' cell. The girl (Wanda!) is surprised, but the boy (Pietro!) seems to still be in shock. The noise of the lock shattering is loud enough to attract attention. Genma knows from earlier observation that there is a three minute delay between a disturbance, and some of the guards arriving in the cell block. For a shinobi, three minutes is all the time in the world.

Pietro is more responsive, once out of the cell. Wanda seems ready to destroy their captors. He tucks the kids against the wall, to the side of the door. There will be at least six guards coming, but no more than eight. Genma had counted the chakra signatures. He is by no means a sensor, but the only living things around are people. Even if their chakra coils are completely untrained and have less flow than even civilian children. He has the metal shards of the lock, the sharpest ones, between his functional fingers. Positioning himself in the center of the corridor, a few paces from the door, he waits for the guards to enter.

Wanda keeps herself between Pietro and the door. She wonders how Genma's ability works, considering the cell didn't prevent whatever he did to break it open. He still looks bad, even though he's geared up to face the guards. She's still getting chills, from the sounds his fingers had made. The look on his face, in that moment, had reminded her of Steve. A determined 'this is going to be bad, but it will be worse if I don't' mixed with the tired 'I must do this, because no one can do it for me.' Steve seems to be tired a lot, lately. The clatter of guards coming forces her to pay attention.

She wants to tell Genma to take cover, but she is painfully aware that she has to defend Pietro, for now. Too busy staving off a panic attack to fight. There is confidence and protectiveness in Genma's mind and it's comforting. The confidence seems justified, too.

The guards don't even have time to realize she and her brother are there. A flick of Genma's fingers, and the front three guards fall, glints of metal and blood at their throats. Wanda hexes the two in back.

Genma does … something complicated that would impress Natasha, and the last two are down. They didn't even have time to pull the trigger. Wanda is almost disappointed.

Then Genma is there. He gently taps Pietro on the shoulder and says something quiet and soothing. Even without understanding the words, it's comforting. He gently positions them into a line, himself leading. In simple gestures, Wanda learns she's in back and is to keep her twin between them. It makes sense; less emotional now, Steve's tactical training is filtering back in.

Genma leads them through the corridors. She again wonders what his abilities are. He seems to know where he is going, but occasionally he'll stop. It almost seems like he's listening, but from the feel of his mind, it is more like he's reaching with a sense she can't comprehend. Whatever it is, he knows when the guards are coming, and seems to have a direct goal.

Studying the feel of that reaching, Wanda tries to imitate it. It takes a few minutes, but she starts to become sensitive to the feel of approaching minds. Her range is limited to a dozen feet or so, and she gets no real details, but it is useful. Maybe, with practice, she can expand it? They reach a door that she can feel no minds behind. Keycard access. Genma tries the knob anyway. It doesn't open, of course.

Genma looks at her, and puts a finger to his lips. Between his expression and the emotions she can feel, she's almost amused. 'Now don't tell anyone, but I've got a surprise.' It was a feeling she got off Tony and Clint (and Bruce) before they set off a prank. He bites his thumb till he draws blood and uses it to sketch something on the lock. With a start, Wanda realizes this was what he did to get them out of the cells. Whatever he drew was precise, though the symbols mean nothing to her. He gestures for them to step back, then does so himself. Genma folds damaged fingers into a position, and with a word, the lock explodes.

Genma is so relieved that all his things were kept in the same room. He hadn't felt his seals spread out, but that had only meant the majority of his senbon and kunai were in the same place. Being separated from his vest and pouches had been worse than the beatings. He was glad to see they hadn't taken or broken anything. Even his scrolls were still in place. Granted, they were rearranged like they had been searched, but not one senbon was missing!

He pulls a soldier pill from his kit. It won't last long – explosives seals take too much chakra – but he needs to get the kids out fast. The Hiraishin seals among his things guided him this far. He is going to have to rely on memory and intuition from now on.

He sees jackets and shoes that seem to be the childrens'. They aren't uniforms for anyone here, and the color scheme seems to match the rest of the kids' outfits. Genma grabs them and points them toward the kids till Wanda catches on. The jackets are armored almost like his vest, but with few pockets and no mesh reinforcement that he can feel. Less flexible too.

Pietro is calm enough to react a little now. Genma hopes the boy has a quiet, calm place to decompress. He knows old trauma when he sees it. The kid is in for a rough time once they get out (because not getting out is not an option).

This place doesn't make much sense at all. Wanda seems to have some mental ability similar to the Yamanaka, but Genma can't figure out how that tied into the red jutsu-like things she had thrown at the guards. Genma knows mind readers. His jounin-sensei was Akimichi, which meant Genma had spent almost equal time with his sensei's Yamanaka and Nara counterparts. He'd learned enough about their techniques to recognize the feel of them.

Genma's thoughts are wandering again. Refocusing, he assesses the kids. Much as he would like to give Pietro more time, they can't afford it. Nudging them back into the defensive patrol formation, Genma went back to getting them out. It had taken time and meditation, but Genma had pinpointed where chakra signatures entered and exited the base. He just has to find it in person, with two civilians in tow, in hostile territory, with inconvenient injuries, overextended chakra, and no real plan after "get the kids back to their clan/village-equivalent."

Sadly, this still isn't the worst, or the craziest, situation he's had to work through. The Sage must be on their side, because they meet minimum resistance on the way to the exit. Nothing a few well-thrown senbon can't solve. Guards tried to sneak up from behind once, but Genma sensed them coming. He suspects Wanda did too, but she must have a shorter range. Her not-jutsu takes care of them pretty fast. Pietro's not-kekkai genkai turns out to be speed. Fast enough that Genma almost wants to see how Gai would compare in a race.

Genma is really missing Gai right now. He wants to be home. Wandering thoughts. Focus. His hands aren't shaking. (They never do. It's why he's so good at what he does.) They probably should be; the rest of him is shaking. He's going to crash soon. They'll make the exit in two more turns. There are different sounds up ahead. Fighting. Someone coming to rescue the kids? Sage, Genma hopes so. He's tired, but he can't rest till they're safe.

He keeps the kids behind them as the exit comes into view, gesturing for them to keep quiet. Hope is great, but it doesn't guarantee mission success. He has a kunai in one hand, the other bracing it. Senbon aren't an option, when the edges of his vision are wavering, and he doesn't know his allies well. There is a guard with his back to him at the entrance. Killing him would be more efficient, but Genma's tired and the kids have been traumatized enough. Handle of the kunai plus the back of the skull equals cleared doorway. The exit is chaos.

There is a swarm of guards attempting to take down a group. Judging by the kids' reactions (crying out in joy and jumping in to help) it's their people. Kids aren't safe yet, guards need to be taken down. Genma keeps going. Some of the kids' group are wearing outfits Gai would consider too much (Gai does understand stealth, under certain circumstances). Weirdest thing is, Genma thinks he can understand what the flying blonde in a cape is yelling. He's missing Gai again; caped blonde speaks almost as outlandishly. Assuming Genma isn't having auditory hallucinations.

Genma almost doesn't notice when the fighting stops. He does though, and checks to see if the kids are alright. From the looks of it, guy with the bow is their not-sensei. Genma knows a Chouza-sensei style "are you okay?! Never scare me like that again, ever!" when he sees one. It's a relief, because the kids are gesturing at him now. Probably explaining who he is. He would be more concerned about the shield-user approaching, but his vision is going in and out. Leaning against the wall is a great idea. Using it to slide into a seated position is even better.

Mitigates the chances of further head injury, when he blacks out.