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The sun was lowering into the horizon, night was upon Gamindustri. Our traveler, with the child named Nepgear, discovered just hours ago, slept within the one armed embrace of the traveler, as he marched on. The dirt path guided him, for he was quite familiar with this path. It aided him many times before coming back and leaving home, and it was near impossible to mistake it for another.

Of course, it wasn't the safest either. Monsters usually swarm the middle section of the path, patrolling for any humans they sight. No deaths have been caused by these notorious creatures for everyone who knows this path stays clear during the night. If any are late before the sun sets, then they merely take a different route, or they merely sneak past.

Sometimes, a normal Fenrir guards the path, but sometimes more than one type of monster appears, and no one had ever tried to drive them off yet. They'd just return the next night regardless, so they left them be until a better, more prepared plan was made.

The Traveler continued onwards, wiping his head with his free hand. The child then started laughing, as the traveler looked at her. Lowering his hand, the child grabbed onto his fingers. The traveler chuckled.

"What a lively one you are, girl..." The traveler mumbled in amusement. He walked up a hill, and, when he had reached the top, a village entered his view. It wasn't very large, around 17 homes or so, maybe about 18 even, with one bigger than the rest. The traveler bounced the child slightly with his arm, as she laughed as a result.

"Oh, I have a feeling they'll like you..."

Inside the village, everything seemed to be packing up. Small stands closed and packaged everything back up, people went back to their homes for tomorrow, readying themselves for their hunt of meats. Small children still at play, kicking around a ball as they ran. The traveler walked through the village, some giving him glances, others busy with their goods as they repackaged everything. Though some familiar faces greeted the traveler, noting the child in his arm.

Homes made of fine wood, some homes were repaired by graphs and lessons of the past ones, while other were hand built. The most noticeable home was the biggest. It was a home of a past one, and most probably a wealthy one at that. The chief of the village resides here, along with her family. The peaceful sound of people put the travele at ease, such peace made it easy to expect good things.

However, he had but one mission before heading home.

A distance away, a group of small boys, two of the wielding wooden swords in their hands, dualed. The group of boys, 8 in total, circled the two. The clashed, their wooden weapons smacking loudly when on contact, as one of them, the one with black hair seemed to be wining. The children all wore the same attires, brown shirts and shoes, brown or black shirts, the one with black hair wore a black shirt

"I won't lose, Bandit King!" The one with black hair declared, as she started getting the upper hand on the brown haired child. But, before he could swing it again, it was...caught? Something surely stopped it from moving. When the boy looked back, the traveler looked down upon him. The boy paled...

"I think it's about time we call it a day, wouldn't you boys agree?" The traveler asked. The two buys dropped their wooden swords, as the entire group of children were shocked at the sight of the traveler.

"All of you, go straight home." He said, as the group answered with a Yes, and then left as quickly as they could. The boy stood there, with the traveler behind him. The travele turned and started walking.

"Come, Boy."

"...Yes, Father."

The two had left and went for home, the boy walking beside the traveler, now identified as the boys' father. The sun set more and more, to the point torches had to be set. When it finally went down, the two were just halfway from their home. The boy was quiet the whole way, soundless, never saying one word, not even a sound.

...but it was the child named Nepgear that broke this silence.

The boy looked at his father, where the source of the noise came from. And, within his arm, was an infant. He was shocked to say the least, his father had went to collect resources, and he comes back with a child. A Child. Obviously, this was shocking. Curious, the boy looked up to his father.

"Father, who's that?" The boy asked, referring to Nepgear. The traveler looked down at the boy and chuckled.

"Well...she is your new little sister I suppose." The traveler answered, as the boy was left speechless. He stopped for a shost moment...before running back to his father in a rush. With a look of confusion and shock, he looked upon his father.

"My new little sister?! W-When did-?!"

"You're too loud, Boy. Hush." The traveler then said, hushing the boy. The traveler sighed, before glancing at the child. "I found her when I went into the top floor of the Basilicom. There was not much there, but this little one was." The traveler told the boy. "She will be your new little sister from here on, so treat her well." He said.

"Yes, Father..."

"...Now let's see how your mother handles it..." He mumbled as he approached what seemed to be his home. It was a cabin made of wood, hand build. In the middle of the yard was a tree stomp and some logs, complete with a cutting axe. The pelt of a Fenrir was seen near the entrance of the door. The roof had a chimney,now hich produced fire from it. The traveler and the boy approached the entrance inside of the home, and the travele opened it.

Inside, it was only lit by candles and a fire pit that was being taken care of by a woman. There were two beds, one larger one for 2 people and another small one, each one having a Fenrir pelt for blanket. A table was also present, with fruits and vegetables on it, some stored within patches on the ground, tied so it wouldn't go bad. Some Monster heads were also present on the walls, such as a wolf head.

The woman attending to the fire, which had a cast iron pot over it, was a mature woman who had silver hair that reached her waist. She had a brown shirt sleeve dress on along with some white attachments to the chest, and dark green on the sleeves. On her feet were brown leather shoes. She had emerald eyes as she stood up and looked at the traveler.

"Seha! You've returned!" The woman said in joy, running up and hugging the man now named Seha. Seha just laughed as she hugged the woman back with one arm.

"I've returned, Anna." Seha said. The woman named Anna, while embracing her husband, of which we assume is, had took a moment to notice the child in Seha's arms. She took a step back, breaking out of the hug, while looking at Nepgear. She widened her eyes in disbelief, thinking she was imagining the child in Seha's arm.

"Seha, who is this child?" Anna said, while bending down slight to get a better look at the child. "Who's is it?"

Seha inhaled deeply as he exhaled some air. He looked down at the child, as she laughed in amusement shortly after. Seha looked at Anna.

"Your new daughter it appears."

"...Eh?" Anna looked at Seha with confused eyes. She looked back at Nepgear. Then back at Seha...and then at Nepgear. This continued for a brief minute, before Anna finally stopped and looked at Seha.

"...Seha? What...have you found at the curse place...?"

"I've went to the Basilicom, I'm search of valuables, which you are already aware of. However, there wasn't much up there. Only a few select items of real worth, so I failed in that sense of my quest today. However, someone else had come to the Basilicom as well. I tried to gain an upper hand, but no one but this child was left. The person who had left her, a woman wearing a black cloak, dropped from the ledge and disappeared...and so, I brought her here." Seha had explained everything to his wife and son, while Anna held Nepgear in her arms, which greatly pleased the child.

The boy sat next to his father at the table. Anna looked down at Nepgear, who had grabbed some of her hair and pulled. Laughing in amusement, she looked up at Seha, her head tilted from Nepgear pulling her hair.

"I see! So we shall be taking care of her from here on?" Anna asked as she laughed, Nepgear laughing as well.

"Indeed. She is named Nepgear." Seha said as he picked up a metal cup and drank from it. He set it down and glanced at the boy.

"You too, boy." Seha said as the boy looked at him.

"Chris, come meet your new sister!" Anna said. The boy Chris slowly got up, but phased at the edge of his epsent. He got up, apwalked over to his mothers side, and was greeted, face to face, with the child named Nepgear. Nepgear let go of Anna's hair, and reached out towards Chris, with a face of curiosity and wonder. Chris slowly took hold of Nepgera, and lifted her up. Well, tried to at least. The child seemed heavy for Chris, but settled with holding her normally. Nepgear took hold of his hair, pulling on it.

"Ow ow ow!" Chris yelled from the pain of his hair being pulled. Seha chuckled as Anna laughed. Anna took Nepgear back from Chris, as Nepgear merely kept reaching out for Chris, mumbling things that sounded like nonsense.

Seha drank again, catching a glisml of the entire family inside of the cabin. Especially Nepgear...

"...I can see great things in your future, child...great things..."

700 hundred years ago, the land of Gamindustri was ruled by the 4 CPUs, Lady Neptune, Lady Noire, Lady Blanc, and Lady Vert. Together, with their respectful CPU Candidates, they kept peace within Gamindustri maintained, and the world has seen everlasting peace...

However, we are not here to discuss the peaceful times...

The Great Collapse.

The name of the catastrophe so many long years ago. No one knew what had caused it, but storms, earthquake, monster invasions of unknown origin enraged more and more, and there wasn't anything the CPUs could've done to stop it. Lowee, buried within snow and became a frosted cavern of ice...

Leanbox, abandoned, ruined, and overheated with monsters after being flooded many times over. Many perished while trying to flee...

Lastation, burnt to the ground by flames of unknown creation, monsters beyond end, and storms beyond all imagination, endless in its destruction...

Planeptune...destroyed and killed off by monsters, the people slaughtered like cattle, and left the city to become a hive of monsters...

90% of humanity perished with 3 days of the calamity...

But, slowly, it repopulated itself, and arisen to 45% of Gamindustri's former population. Technology unable to work, humanity began to hunt, surviving off the wild to survive, building settlements, crafting new weapons...


Everything is my fault.

And so, I will you tell you...


This...is her story.

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