Lincoln sat down outside, he was kicked out of his home. He just sat their, trembling as the cold breeze blew threw his hair. He started to sob out loud, "Why Lynn? If you had just let me stay home, I wouldnt be in this mess!", he sobbed. "What did Lynn do?", someone asked while walking up to him. "C- Clyde?", he said. "What did Lynn do? And why are you out here in the cold?", Clyde asked as he sat down next to his friend.

Lincoln told Clyde the whole story as he gaped in shock. "What!? That is so stupid! She threatned you with a bat!?", Clyde yelled. "I just wanted some me time, but they dont care, im not even aloud in the house!", Lincoln cried as he curled up into a ball. Clyde stood up and walked right over to the back door, he pounded on it furiously until Lori opened the door. "What do you want?", she asked, but Clyde walked right past her.

He yelled for everyone to get downstairs. "Alright, mind telling me why you dumbasses have your child locked outside in the cold?", he said in a cold tone. "Hes bad luck!", Rita yelled in her defense. "Well thanks to your actions, my best friend is sobbing his eyes out. Hes freezing cold, dirty, and bleeding!", Clyde yelled.

"And another thing, why in gods name would you let your daughter threaten your only son with a fucking bat?", Clyde asked. The others all looked at Lynn, "Why did you threaten Lincoln?", they asked. "He refused to come to my game! He shouldve come either way! And now he made me lose!", she retorted. Clyde filled with more anger, he walked up to Lynn and did the unthinkable, SLAPPED THE ABSOLUTE SHIT OUT OF HER! "Yeah! Well do you know what happens when you lock out a minor?", Clyde asked.

They Louds eyes widened, "Y- you wouldnt.", Lori said. "Yeah, I would. My best friend is sitting outside in the cold on the verge of hypothermia because of all of you. Just because all this superstitious bullshit! Its either mynfriend returns to his normal life, or you all get sent to foster care!", Clyde yelled. "You know what? We dont have to take this! Get out!", Lynn yelled as she stood up.

Clyde filled with so much rage that he looked like a bomb about to explode. He walked up to Lynn as she felt something hard connect with her temple. The Louds gasped in shock as Clyde punched Lynn square in the head, she fell backwards and sat down on the couch, she was near unconsciousness. Clyde walked over to the backdoor and called for Lincoln, "Hey buddy, come on in and go take a nice hot shower.", he daid as Lincoln legit bolted into the house and the shower.

The Louds shot glares at Clyde that didnt faze him one bit. "So what will it be? Let him in and live a happy life, or have these fuckwads go to jail and your all put up for adoption.", Clyde said. They disagreed to letting Lincoln in as Clyde pulled out his phone.

"Clyde, wait.", Lincoln said while walking down the steps. "Okay, bet you know what to do.", Clyde said as he sat down. "Why cant I be aloud inside?", Lincoln asked. The family then began to rant on and on on why he couldnt be inside and telling him to go back out. He just sat there while tears streamed down his face. When they finished, Lincoln just stared at them. "Thats all I needed to hear.", Lincoln said as he pulled out a pocket knife and stabbed himself in the stomach.