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It was a day just like any other day for Shinichi Kudo, Heisei Holmes and Savior of the Japanese Police Force. Well, most any other day. It had all started out fairly normally. He had taken his childhood friend out to the amusement park as a reward for winning the karate tournament. Ran had been rather enthusiastic about it, though Shinichi had almost wished in a way that he hadn't made such a promise.

Things, of course, had taken a pretty dark turn after a murder occured, literally right behind him. While this wasn't too unusual an occurrence for him, it had upset Ran. Of course, he solved the case in record time, but Ran was still crying afterwards. He did his best to comfort her, though it did little in the end except cause her to yell his ear off.

Now out of the corner of his eye, Shinichi caught sight of one of the two suspicious men that had been acting shifty during the murder case. Saying a quick goodbye to Ran he went off in the direction that the man in black had been headed. In another world he may have caught up with him and been stuck in a rather different situation… However in this case a different fate decided to intervene.

Shinichi cursed under his breath glancing around in the darkness. He had just lost sight of the man for a moment, but apparently that moment had been enough. There was no one else in sight. He could see the glow of lights from some of the larger Tropical Land rides and still hear the distant cacophony of music and park goers staying late.

He paused. Suddenly among the noises he heard something strange. It sounded almost like a kittens mewl, only not quite. He blinked, trying to focus on the sound. However, the noise went as quickly as it had come and Shinichi spotted nothing in the darkness around him.

Shinichi was about to give up and walk away when suddenly, he heard it again. A sound so small and high pitched he wouldn't have heard it had he not been listening for it. He glanced in the direction of the sound, noticing a small lump no bigger than his hand.

Shinichi kneeled down next to it, reaching out a curious hand. The lump stirred, causing Shinichi to start a bit. He quickly recovered however, continuing to reach out a slightly more hesitant hand. The being shivered beneath him, apparently afraid of him. He picked it up carefully, its tremors suddenly stopping as he handled it.

Now, as a detective, little could surprise Shinichi. However there was absolutely nothing that could prepare him for what happened next.

There, lying in his hand, covered in dirt and what looked like matted blood, was a tiny figure no bigger than 7 cm. It looked almost like a pitch black doll, slightly human in appearance, but with no features other than a couple of pupiless eyes and a mouth.

Shinichi stared at it, momentarily examining it. Had this really been the source of the noise? He glanced around trying to see if anything else could account for the strange sound he had heard. However, it seemed he was still alone out here. He turned back to the doll, only to see its head had shifted, and it seemed to be staring down at his thumb.

It happened rather suddenly, that Shinichi found the tiny mouth clamp down on his thumb. Crying out in surprise and pain, Shinichi released the tiny figure from his hand, and it fell without as much as a sound to the ground below where he had found it.

Shinichi held his now bleeding thumb, glaring down at the tiny figure below him. He blinked as he noticed that the figure seemed to be writhing in its own sort of pain. His eyes widened as he watched steam rise from its body, it crying out in agony.

Then, as quickly as it began, it ended. Shinichi stood in silence, blinking down at the figure. Something truly strange had just happened, Shinichi noted as he stared down at what now looked like a fully human doll, having everything from hair to a detailed body. He blushed lightly, realizing the figure was completely naked. He quickly withdrew his handkerchief from his pocket, throwing it down and wrapping it around the tiny "doll's" unconscious body. It was breathing very lightly. So still alive at least.

He glanced around, a thousand questions whirring around in his mind: What exactly just happened? What was this thing? Where did it come from? How was this even possible? He tried to wrap his head around everything. In the distance, he caught wind of two distinct voices he knew from earlier that night, snapping his mind back to attention.

He didn't know what drove him, but he quickly found himself hiding in the shadows as the two voices drew nearer.

"What a night. Seems we've managed to get it all over with, though. Honestly, who could have expected all that nonsense?" Shinichi watched as the bulky man in black he had been searching for earlier came around the corner, his partner having returned to his side. "So you disposed of it, then?"

The man with the silver hair grinned a dark grin, his face illuminated by the cigarette in his mouth. "Yes. The worthless thing is gone. That woman should be grateful we're cleaning up her mess."

"What even was that thing, Aniki? It looked like some sort of weird doll." The bulkier one mused.

Shinichi's breath hitched as his grip on the figure in his handkerchief tightened. Were they talking about it?

The silver haired man scowled. "Beats me. Some pet science project. Doesn't matter now, it's dead and gone."

Shinichi held his breath as the two suspicious men passed him by. Normally he would have confronted such obvious criminals head on, but there was very little evidence to be had here other than word of mouth. His instincts kept him frozen there, even as the two men slipped away in a deep black vehicle, into the night.

Only after they had long since retreated did Shinichi find himself running home in the opposite direction at a sprint, tiny figure still enwrapped in his handkerchief. Time to get some answers. The men had mentioned a "science project", and there was only one man that Shinichi knew he could trust with his current situation: Professor Hiroshi Agasa.

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