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Half way home it had started raining, and of course the figure had been reawakened from all the movement, as he was bounced around in Shinichi's hands. It had struggled in his grip at first, trying its best to escape. The normally level-minded Shinichi was feeling a bit shaken by this whole situation. He tried his best to remain calm, despite all that had happened; "Hey, stop struggling, would you?! I promise, I don't want to hurt you." Well, mostly calm.

The figure continued struggling until Shinichi almost lost his grip on it. Grabbing it before it could fall to the ground below, he raised it so they were nose to nose. Shinichi's voice dropped a bit, to something softer. "Hey, I said calm down...Look, I'm trying to help you."

For a few moments their blue eyes connected, locked in a staring contest. The figure still looked a bit panicked, but had ceased its struggling and was now remaining perfectly still. Shinichi blinked. Had it understood him?

Now that he thought about it, the figure in his hands did seem to be to be semi-intelligent, albeit animalistic. Like a frightened animal. An animal he still knew nothing about.

The figure let out a small whine, shivering in his hands and hiding deeper in the handkerchief. "Hang in there...I'll get you somewhere dry." The figure let out yet another cry. Shinichi frowned, unsure as to what to do. His mind was lost in thought, the questions from earlier still plaguing his thoughts. The many thoughts of of the strange men in black and their words left him feeling uneasy.

Just then he noticed a nearby telephone booth. Thinking quickly, he placed the figure in one of his pockets, careful not to squeeze it. It had seemingly fallen unconscious again. He then went to call a cab.


Before he knew it, he was standing outside of the Professor's dark house. Of course, he was out. Shinichi sighed to himself. "Probably gone out to dinner again. I should have expected." The figure he held shifted, though it let out no sound.

"Well, it can't be helped. Let's get you inside." Shinichi trudged over to his own gate, opened it and quickly shuffled inside. Removing his shoes rather hastily, he walked into the lounge and took his jacket off. He wrapped the figure in the jacket for further warmth and protection.

Carefully placing his jacket on the small, western style couch, he leaned down to examine the figure within, once more it shivered deeply, snuggling farther into the fabric for warmth. Shinichi stared at him for a moment, before going to sit down in his favorite chair, adjacent to the couch.

He sat with his legs crossed, resting his hand against his chin in a deep-thinking position. Shinichi had to admit, he was a bit lost... He had never really taken care of anything before. Even though he had a soft spot for dogs, his parents had never gotten him one. He was often too caught up in either soccer practice, reading, or cases to have enough time to deal with the responsibility of owning a pet. Though, honestly this figure was a far cry from a "pet".

Shinichi shook his head lightly, still trying to wrap his thoughts around the strange creature. He could still see it shivering in cold, despite the fabric he had wrapped around it. Well, that would probably be the best place to start. "Alright. I guess first things first you need something to wear, huh?"

Picking up the figure lightly, making sure to keep his handkerchief wrapped around for some degree of warmth, he carried it gently into the other room: his mother's old sewing room.

It was rather dusty from lack of use. Shinichi flushed in embarrassment, as he glanced around at the various bits of cloth and "disguise material" left untouched. It reminded him of just how much his parents could be contrary to each other. While his father was neat and meticulous in his work, his mother was far more disorganized.

Searching around carefully, he set the figure down softly into a pile of fabric atop a side table. Quickly, he went to work searching for what he was sure was there among the many chests and drawers. Despite the mess, he knew his mother well enough to deduce where she kept the stuff he was looking for.

Finding some small fabric dolls with relatively simple designs, he placed them beside the figure on the table. "These ought to do." The fabric dolls were clothed with the likeness of some of his mother's home crafted outfits. One even had a pair of tiny glasses on it, that were a pretty decent replica of his father's, despite having no glass in the frames.

The figure seemed to stare at the dolls, uncertain what to make of them. Shinichi also gazed at the dolls, waiting to see if the figure would recognize what was before him. For a few minutes, they sat in silence, and the figure raised a tiny hand to its face as if in contemplation.

Once more, Shinichi considered the idea that the figure was not entirely sentient until suddenly...It picked up one of the dolls and began to remove the shirt from it. Shinichi's eyes widened, and he felt a grin forming on his face. It did understand.

He paused, trying to take in the implications. What a strange thing he had come across! It had his detective instincts flaring. So many unanswered questions. He stood up and paced, keeping his legs busy, while his mind was filled to the brim with thoughts. There were a lot of doubts there too, and once again, he was met with the overwhelming urge to protect his new discovery.

Just then, he heard a small cough. Shinichi turned around to find the figure standing, fully clothed, now with an outfit that caught him a bit off balance. The figure had chosen a soft white undershirt with a blue blazer. The shorts he wore were of a light shade of blue. It had also chosen to wear the oversized glasses for unknown reasons. That wasn't what truly threw Shinichi the most.

What left Shinichi the most unbalanced was the figure's now truly uncanny appearance. Glancing at an old family photo set up on the table where the figure was standing, it hit Shinichi for the first time. This figure looked like a miniature younger version of himself!

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