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The first thing she felt as she was regaining her senses was that her head was killing her. It felt as if something had split her head open and took an eggbeater to her brain to try and make scrambled eggs.

As she sat up she opened her eyes and took in her surroundings. The first thing that she noticed was that it was night time, wherever she was, and that she was in a lush green forest. The leaves were still on the trees themselves and were glistening in the moonlight from some condensation that had accumulated in the night air.

Then the smell of smoke entered her nose. She looked around a bit in a panic to see if there was a fire anywhere but notices none close by nor in the distance. And that's when she noticed the area around her burnt black.

The burnt area was exactly two meters in diameter and was a perfect circle. That's not weird at all, she sarcastically thought. She decided that it was best to leave the area before whatever caused this decided to return.

She tried to stand up to try and walk away, but as soon as she stood she felt extremely light headed and nearly fell back down. She had to brace herself against a tree to stop herself from falling and at the same time she placed her other hand against her head as a wave of dull pain assaulted her.

After a few moments the pain receded and so did the dizziness. That was when she felt her hand on her head was touching something sticky. When she removed her hand to see what was on it, her mind went blank.

...Blood... Is this mine? Her mind started to race as several questions started to pop into her head. Where was she? What happened to her? Why was she bleeding? Where was her tea-

...My... team?... A wave of pain assaults her head again, but a different pain than the one from earlier. While the earlier pain had more of a dull, pushing a bruise type pain, this pain felt more like her brain was going to burst from something. A feeling like there should be something there but was forcefully ripped out by a surgical grenade in her head.

"AaAaAAAAAHhhHhhhHHAAAAAA!" She couldn't bear the pain anymore and released a scream that she felt matches what she was feeling.

As she did that, she failed to notice lights that were approaching her. That the ones holding the lights were a group of men in military uniforms that were searching for something.

As the group approached the source of the scream the squad leader moved his hand up and signaled for the squad to stop. He reached for his radio to activate his mic and moved his head slightly to make a clear transmission. "Command, Bloodhound Actual," a deep raspy voice came from the man.

"Go ahead Bloodhound Actual," a slightly garbled male voice came through.

"We're approaching the source of the anomaly and we just heard the scream of a girl. We were told this was a controlled area."

"Bloodhound Actual, can you repeat that? Did you just say a girl?"

"Affirmative Command."


A few seconds go by in silence as the squad waits in silence.

"Bloodhound Actual, Command."

"Go ahead Command."

"You have a new objective Bloodhound. Secure the girl if possible along with the site of the anomaly. Let us know if you need anything else."

"10-4 Command, WillCo." Bloodhound Actual raised his hand and signaled for the squad to keep moving forward.

Within a minute they found a small clearing that had a burnt circle and a girl, possibly a young woman, screaming in pain in the middle of the circle. The most noticeable feature about her was that she was wearing a red cloak that was wrapped around her collar bone attached around by a metallic rose emblem on her side. She was a fair skinned and had black, short, stylized hair that reached the tops of her shoulders and gradually turned red towards the tips if her hair. A leathery black corset was around her waist, a white colored blouse, and a black skirt that seemed to have a red underskirt attached to it.

But none of that really mattered to the soldiers right now because they noticed that she had a severe head wound that seemed to be the most likely cause of her pain. Bloodhound Actual was fast to act and immediately reached for his radio as soon as he saw this while another man went over and started to perform emergency aid to the girl. "Command, Bloodhound Actual. We found the girl and are in immediate need of a MEDIVAC. She has a severe head wound and could possibly die of blood loss."

"Roger that Bloodhound Actual, ETA 5 mikes out. Is there anything strange in the area?"

Bloodhound Actual looked around from his squad who were securing the perimeter around the girl, the scorched ground the girl was in, and finally the tree line to see if there was anything that caused this to the girl.

"Negative Command. Only scorched ground."

"Roger that. Keep the area clear until the MEDIVAC arrives."


To the girl the man seemed to be speaking gibberish. She couldn't understand him whatsoever. The one who was treating her had injected her with something and it was starting to make her drowsy now and she was carefully put onto her back as the man treated her head.

Before the the drowsiness completely took her to the land of dreams she saw the moon in the night sky. She only had one thought to seeing its beautiful glow against the darkness. ...Why... isn't it... shat...tered...?...

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