DATE: 3 JUNE 2002

TIME: 0638

"What do you mean by that Agent Wellington?" An irritated male voice asked a dark skinned man in a black business like suit.

"It means as I have said Lieutenant General Monro," Agent Wellington replied to the tanned man. "She doesn't exist. All the tests we ran, facial recognition, DNA tests, even citizenship registry, all turned up negative on the results." He wanted to let out an exhausted sigh, but his professionalism wouldn't allow him to.

General Monro on the other hand did let out a sigh as he hung his head for a moment in deep thought. When he brought his head back up he turned it towards a window that peered into another room.

Within that room held a girl, with one hand handcuffed to the side of a hospital bed and various machines and an IV drip hooked up to her. She was guarded by two members of the Bloodhounds that had found her twenty-three hours ago. The leader of the Bloodhounds suggested that they guard since she might want to see some familiar(ish) faces when she woke up, not at all having to do with the fact that they for some reason wanted to protect her. The girl was small in build and had a well developed chest. Her skin was fair but was easy to see the lean, toned muscles that she had developed. She had a bit of an angular face that still held hints of baby fat, giving her an appearance of a young woman almost finished with her adolescence with a bandage wrapped across the top of her head.

She was beautiful in appearance and made the General have a sad look on his face. She looks to be around my own daughters age... Who could do that to a girl this young?

While General Monro was deep in thought about who would do this, a third voice spoke up. "Sir," the voice belonged to a full grown woman. "While my partner and I have found no evidence as to who she is, we have found some rather... interesting other details about her."

The General turned his attention towards a woman who had fair skin, green eyes, and dirty blonde colored hair that was done up in a bun. Much like her partner, she also wore a black suit and looked like she belonged to a business corporation rather than the military.

"Please explain Agent Shepard," Monro asked actually curious as to what they found.

"Well first and foremost," the newly dubbed Agent Shepard began. "Her hair naturally transitions from black at the roots to red at the tips."

Monro stared at her for a second before what she said processed in his head. Her hair naturally transitions. No one in all of Strangereal had hair that transitioned the way the girls did.

"I see that you noticed," Shepard also turned her gaze to the girl. "When we ran the DNA tests we confirmed that her DNA strands are slightly different than ours."

"Are you suggesting that someone genetically modified this girl?" Monro was on the verge of bursting with anger and was clenching his fists tight enough for others to hear. Genetically modifing embryos went against international law. To force a fate onto someone when they didn't even have a choice in the matter, it made his blood boil.

"Sir," Agent Wellington spoke up again. "We are not suggesting that she is a test tube baby or that someone spliced DNA into hers. We don't have all the facts yet, the only one who does is the girl herself."

Even though both Special Agents tried their best to try and keep up their professional face, they couldn't help but be disgusted by the fact of what she could've been through if she was a product of a science experiment and only treated as one and not as an actual child.

General Monro took a moment to recompose himself before speaking again. "I guess that we'll have to wait for her to wake than."

"The next peculiar thing about her are the items she came with..."


DATE: 3 JUNE 2002

TIME: 0825

The morning sun raised over the mountains to give sunlight into the for the inhabitants below. But for one girl in particular, the sunlight went through the blinds in her room and landed onto her face stirring her awake.

She grumbled as she turned to face away from the sun. There was a knock on her door and she was not happy whatsoever. Who dared disturb her sleep? But she was too tired to get angry anymore so she just simply said, "Five more minutes..."

Ignoring what she said, the one who knocked entered anyways. Ugh fine... I'll get up now. Silver eyes fluttered open to face the new occupants in... her... hospital room. Why am I... It took her a moment to remember the events of last night. Right, someone found me last night. Guess they must've taken me here.

She took a look at the three that had entered the room. One was a woman, so she felt a bit safet with her around, and the other two were men who looked old enough to be her grandpa and dad, respectively.

When she noticed the one old enough to be her dad a light clicked in her head and noticed his somewhat familiar face from last night. He was wearing a woodland pattern BDU in full combat gear. She couldn't tell his hair color, but judging from the stubble on his face she guessed it was brown. His skin was tanned from the sun and his light brown eyes gave him a tired look on him, but not tired physically.

"Ummm... Thank you very much for helping me last night. You guys really saved my bacon." She gave a slight bow with a light blush on her face towards Bloodhound Actual.

It was at that point that the three occupants in her room found a major problem. Brigadier General Monro, Special Agent Shepard, and Bloodhound Actual couldn't understand a single word of what the girl spoke.

When she raised her head she had question marks floating above her head as she saw the looks on their faces. "Is there something wrong?" She innocently tilted her head.

After a few hours of some crudely drawn, and in the girls case somewhat cute, pictures to communicate, she finally learned where she was and who the people in front of her were.

The older of the two men was name Monro, a Lieutenant General for the country of the Federation of Central Usea. He was roughly fifty-five years old but the years were not too kind to him for he looked older than he actually was. His mostly white hair was kept short, as if it was always in military regulations. He was the Commander of the base she was currently on.

The woman referred to herself as Special Agent Shepard. That was about all she was told from the older woman, but she seemed to be around her late twenties, early thirties. The way she held herself slightly intimated the girl, but she figured that it was only because of being in front of the General.

The man who helped her last night was a leader of the group, known as Bloodhound, was named Harken Steel. He is a Staff Sergeant in the Federations Army branch. What caught her attention the most about him was the gun he was holding. There was just something about it that was drawing her eyes toward it, like if she took it apart she would find out about the mysteries of the Universe.

Monro coughed to catch the young girls attention who was star eyed from looking at a simple standard issue rifle. She blushed at the fact that she was caught staring. For the past little bit they had been telling the girl about themselves and Monro was thinking it was about time to tell about herself.

He looked over to Steel, since admittedly he was the best artist among the three of them, and gave a slight nod to him. Steel knew what he was asking for and took to the paper that they had been using to try and ask the girl for her name.

When she saw and interpreted what they wanted, which took a full minute, she raised her hand as if to exclaim who she was but paused. Her facial expression was frozen in mid expression. Monro, Shepard, and Steel all shared a look wondering what she was going to say.

She grabbed at her head as she tried as hard as she could to think of her name.

Why can't I remember my name? She was starting to get frustrated at not being able to remember her name. She decided to try and see if she could remember anything else about herself. Panic soon set in as she couldn't remember anything about herself.

Her breathing started to become shorter and faster as she started to hyperventilate. The same head splitting pain from last night started to assault her again. Her heart rate started to spike and the machines attached to her were beeping widely. She clutched her head in between her hands as she doubled over in her pain.

Doctors and nurses raced in to try and calm the girl down, which they failed at doing so they put a sedative in her IV line to almost instantly get her to fall back asleep.

As the world started to go black around her, all she could think about was one thing.

Who am I?

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