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It was the day before Christmas and all through the city not a creature was stirring…which led to an agonizingly boring patrol for Zootopia's first rabbit officer. Trying to fight off the boredom, the young bunny currently found herself gazing at her phone's wallpaper where a picture she had taken with her favorite fox was posted. The doe was reminiscing about the morning Nick had to leave for the Police Academy, how she had woken up feeling his large paws holding and caressing her lovingly. Her small paw moved to touch the the screen where her foxes face was framed, and so consumed in her day dreaming the doe was oblivious to the soft calls of her name next to her.





The last yell was enough to startle the bunny back to reality.

"Gah! What!? What is it Nadine!?" The rabbit turned to the tigress, 'Nadine Fangmeyer' who she had been assigned to for the last week.

"I asked you if you'd heard from your foxy boy toy yet?" Fangmeyer said with a smirk on her striped muzzle.

Judy couldn't help the blush she felt cross her features, Nick and her had become an item a few days before he had set off for the academy five months ago. They had been on his couch, cuddled rather closely while watching bad movies when Nick asked her where she would be staying while he was at the academy. The bunny wasn't really sure how to answer, as she had been rooming at Nick's place since Bellwethers arrest earlier that month and with everything that had been happening to them, she really hadn't been looking for a new place and quietly hoping that she could stay at Nick's. She'd ended up stating she wasn't sure. With a slight amount of hesitation in his voice, Nick suggested she could stay with him permanently.

Judy had felt utter joy at hearing him say that and without thinking, had jumped on his lap and kissed him right on the lips. Once she'd realised what she'd done, she tried to offer a panicked apology but was cut off when Nick kissed her back, leading to a heated makeout session...which ultimately led to a night of passion of which both had longed for. The following morning had seen them entering their new relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend.

After Nick's departure for the Police Academy the two would text or muzzletime each other as often as Nick's schedule would allow. Judy had been hoping to spend the holidays with her fox but he had unfortunately not been able get any leave time from the academy and Bunnyburrow was snowed in, preventing her from being able to join her family at the farm...

Meaning Judy would be alone for the holidays.

It was not exactly an exhilarating thought, but she would manage. At least the thought of being in her and Nick's shared apartment gave her some joy. She may still be alone but the knowledge that this was her and Nick's home that they shared together was a much warmer feeling than her being alone in that shoe box apartment she had before.

"Yes, Nick wasn't able to get any leave for the holidays," Judy said while trying to muster a cheerful tone.

"Oh, I'm sorry Judy…..would you like to spend the holidays with Ralph and I?" The tigress offered.

Judy smiled at her friend and coworkers kind offer. "Thank you Nadine, I appreciate the offer but I'd feel like i'm intruding. I'll be fine on my own."

"Well if you change your mind you're always welcome to come over."

The bunny thanked her friend and the rest of their shift continued on in relative peace.


Judy sighed as she made her way through the lobby of her and Nick's apartment complex. Her shift having ended half an hour ago, the bunny had tried to finish some extra paperwork, but Bogo ordered her home, telling her to enjoy the holidays.

'Enjoy' the holidays'...yeah right. It was hard to enjoy the holidays when the mammal she loved and wanted to spend time with wasn't around. Sighing in defeat she made her way up the flight of stairs to her floor.

Unlocking the door, the bunny made her way into the apartment not paying the least bit of attention to anything around her. She tossed her keys into the carrot shaped bowl by the door and made her way to the kitchen fridge, sighing as she pulled out some carrot juice and drank straight from the carton. She was oblivious to the the sound of paw pads moving closer and closer from behind her.

Putting the carton back in the fridge the bunny turned around and was surprised when a familiar pair of warm lips interlocked with hers. Judy's ears shot straight up and her eyes widened in surprise as she gazed into the loving green eyes of the last mammal she had expected to see.

"Mmmmmhpf!" The bunny moaned into the kiss her foxy lover surprised her with. After several seconds passed the fox finally pulled away.


"Hey fluff, drinking straight from the carton? I am surprised at you Carrots, such a naughty bunny." The fox smirked

Judy felt a warm heat flow through her, she had missed her fox's silliness.

"What are you doing here?"

"I live here Carrots, remember." The fox's smirk grew as the bunny huffed in annoyance.

"You know what I mean Nick, I thought you said you were stuck at the academy studying for the holidays."

"Weeeellll, I might have told you a little white lie, so I could surprise you," the vulpine said while rubbing the back of his head.

Judy could've been mad at the fact that he had lied to her, but the idea that he did it to surprise her took all the frustration out of her. Besides, she was to happy to have her fox home with her.

"Hmmm. Well it was sweet of you to surprise me." Judy hugged her lover close, burying her face into his warm chest. "I missed you."

Nick smiled down at his bunny. "I missed you too Fluff."

Judy opened her eyes to look up at her lovely fox before slowly leaning up for a sweet chaste kiss. After pulling away from the kiss a delicious smell hit her nose and she could feel her mouth beginning to water.

"You made dinner!?" She said with an excited tone, this would be the first time Nick had cooked anything for her.

Nodding Nick booped the bunny's small pink nose with his large black one, and gave a small chuckle as he watched her nose twitch. "Carrot Casserole, your favorite."

Judy's amethyst eyes gazed up into Nick's Emerald ones in surprise "How'd you know that?"

"I may or may not have contacted your mother and asked her, she was more than happy to give me the recipe." a light smirk returned to his muzzle.

Judy couldn't help but smile as she leaned up to kiss her fox on the cheek "Sly fox."

Nick smiled while accepting the kiss his tail moved to wrap itself around her ankles.

"Hmmm, wonderful bunny, shall we eat?"


Nick turned to make his way to the oven, "I hope it's to your liking."

Making her way to her seat the bunny smiled "I know I'll love it."

Judy couldn't help the heat the coursed through her as she eyed Nick's well toned rear as he bent over to remove the casserole from the oven, his time at the academy making the already fit fox even more fit.

"Make sure you get a good look sweetheart, I want you to remember it for the next month until I graduate." the fox said with a sly smirk gracing his muzzle. Judy's reaction however was heavily embarrassed at being caught eyeing her fox's rear.

Placing the casserole on the table, Nick leaned forward cupping Judy's cheeks before pulling her into a passionate kiss that felt like it lasted forever, of which neither of them would have minded if it had. finally pulling away Judy slowly began to form words.

"Wha-what was t-that for?"

Nick just smiled and pointed up, following were his clawed finger pointed she lifted her gaze to stare at the mistletoe that was hanginng above her head.

"I've been wanting to kiss you under the mistletoe for awhile now."

The fox began pulling away from the blushing bunny when a small grey paw shot out grabbing his tie and yanking him forward into the bunny's eager lips, the rabbits small pink tongue raking along the fox's lips seeking access to his mouth, of which he happily granted her, both mammals moaned as their tongues became intertwined with each other before both mammals pulled away for air but not before the bunny's tongue dragged across the fox's canines and lips.

Panting Nick gives her a happy but slightly confused look "What was that for?"

The bunny smiled up at her dumb fox "Because I love you."

"Hmm, sly bunny."

"Dumb fox."

As the couple began eating their meal, Judy found herself greatly enjoying Nick's cooking, she hadn't realised that Nick was such a good cook, she found the casserole to be on par with her mother's if not better because Nick had made it especially for her. Once they finished their meal the two made their way to the couch to sit cuddled up with one another by the faux Christmas tree as the yule log played on the flat screen tv. Judy found herself feeling happier than she could ever remember and never wanted this to end.

"I have a present for you."

Nick's voice through Judy from her reverie, the rabbit looked up at the tod in confusion "Aren't we supposed to open presents tomorrow?"

"Normally yes but I got you this one specifically for tonight." getting up from his spot on the couch he made his way into the other room for a moment before reemerging with a giant gift wrapped box that was as long as his torso and as wide as the door.

Judy couldn't help but giggle at how comical the size difference was as Nick carried it, "Nick what on earth did you get? That box is huge."

"Something very special, that I hope you'll love."

"Dumb fox I love everything you do for me."

As Nick placed the box in front of her Judy examined it before unwrapping the white bowtie and lifting of the lid to find "...Another box?"

Nick just sat there his mask firmly in place, whatever he got her must be important to him she figured, removing the slightly smaller green box from the first box judy began unwrapping it, lifting the lid only to find….a third box.

"Nick is this a joke?" Asked the bunny as she eyed her vulpine lover

"Just trust me Carrots." Nick said his trademark mask still firmly in place his ear twitching slightly and his tail moving uneasily.

Several boxes later and Judy finally reached a small red box with a green bow tie that was slightly smaller than her head as she opened it she found a carrot pen just like her own sitting inside. Clicking play she heard Nick's voice come through in a slightly metallic tone.

'My darling Judy, before I met you I was a con-fox, untrusted and sly a stereotype…..something I never wanted to be but ended up becoming because I had given up, but then you show up and turn my whole world upside down, suddenly I start caring again, you had taken a part of me that had been long dead and gave it new life… gave me new life. As the case went on I began to respect you but that quickly turned to love, I had started falling for you on the gondola but when you came to me under that bridge that day I knew in my heart that I loved you more than anything in the world, I knew that the one mammal I would want to spend the rest of my life with was you Judy, you are my life mate, you are my soul mate. I love you Judy.'

Judy could barely see through the tears that filled her eyes, but what she did see as she looked up was her fox on one knee in front of her and the black box in his paw.

Taking a shaky breath Nick got the courage to speak "Judith Laverne Hopps, will you do me the honor of making me the happiest Mammal alive, by becoming my wife?" Nick opened the black box reaving a gold ring with an single heart shaped emerald jewel on it.

Judy could barely speak and she lept at her fox tackling him to the ground crying out her answer "Yes! Yes! YESSSS! A thousand times yes! Of course I'll marry you."

The bunny began kissing the fox all over, barely giving him a chance to breathe.

"When are you due back at the academy?" questioned the happy bunny.

"The first of the new year, why?" Nick asked, slightly confused.

"Good because the first day the courthouse is open i'm dragging your tail down there and making you 'mine'."

Nick smiled at his bunny's enthusiasm and pulled her into a loving kiss. "I wouldn't have it any other way Carrots."

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