Heyo! It's me again! :D

Anyway here is the first page, which is not going to be a chapter btw.

I welcome you all, whether you're new or old, because I'm happy to be back :)

And I'm hoping you are too?

Anyway, I'm not spoiling anything, hopefully you'll be surprised and nostalgic (what? It's not that old Bwp) about this new-old story. I will probably change the title (maybe back to the old one?) but for now it is this.

So much stuff will be fixed and redone, but also the cringe I feel looking back on the old one exceeds time and space D:, so I will MOST DEFINITELY be showcasing my improvement in the writing field.

Also I want to get back into Fanfiction because I have other ideas I want to do so hopefully this fic will give me the energy.

Anyway (saying that too much D:) the next update will be the first chapter.

And if I have more to say later before I upload the first chapter I will put it here, so stay tuned :D