Year 3714

Old Earth, Russia

Cosmodrome, Outer wall

Another day has begun in the Cosmodrome. The sun has begun to rise, pockets of snow are scattered all over the ground. rusted cars, street lights and vegetation litter the area. an old abandoned wall stands tall even though it is rusted and beaten. In the distance, a broken highway fill with decaying cars overlooks the cliff. a trio of four blue-eyed beings jump on top the vehicles. The largest and highest ranking one of the scouting patrol looks through the scope of his wire rifle. At first, he sees only striped cars, rocks, and trees then a little white floating ball pops out from behind a car. The captain recognized it as a ghost usually only seen with the company of a guardian.

The dreg of the group sees his captain's posture stiffen. "do you see something sir?" the dreg asked nervously

without looking at him the captain responses "There is one of the ghoul's little floating lights by itself."

Upon hearing the news the vandal replies "If it is alone then maybe we could capture it, it could have valuable information on it we could use." he said enthusiastically.

The captain, having the same idea, shouts "Move in we must take is for house devils!" with a Roar.


The ghost looks around for a body with light. He sees a broken corpse in a car and scans it but there is no light. "Ouch," says it says to the body and moved on. The ghost continues its search until it reaches the top of the cliff. The ghost finds three bodies which have been dead a few decades at the most. The first had a bullet hole in the head from a shock pistol, the second seemed to have been severely burned, and the last seems to have a hole in its chest from what he believes is from a sword.

Upon closer inspection the ghost sees that these three are fallen. "wonder what happened to you three?" the ghost asked. Normally the ghost would simply ignore Eliksni corpses since the fallen were one of the major threats to the last city, but after centuries of searching with no luck he decided "what the hell." The ghost scanned the bodies but didn't expect to find anything. To his surprise, he sensed light coming from the one with the sword wound in his chest. The ghost just frozen in complete shock "ho- how is this possible?" the ghost stuttered. After a minute the ghost began the resurrection.

After the process had finished the fallen male was laying down on his back his eyes still closed. The ghost had transmated some material laying around them to make some weak jury-rigged Fallen tailored armor for his new guardian. The Eliksni began to stir, and wake up. He slowly opened all four of his eyes, he began to move all four of his arms and was momentarily blinded the sunlight. When his vision cleared the first thing he saw was a small white object floating in front of him.

"eyes up guardian." the ghost said nervously.

slightly scared the Eliksni tried to back away from the strange object in front of him. He looked around and saw the rusted cars, street lights, and vegetation that surrounded him. Finally, he noticed the two corpses that were next to him and let out a short yelp.

The ghost was surprised the say the least. He didn't expect his Fallen guardian to be the one who was afraid. After calming down a bit the Eliksni turned to the ghost and asked "who or what are you?" in a harsh accent.

Glad that there some progress being made the ghost replied, "I'm a ghost, your ghost to be precise."

"How did I get here?" the Eliksni asked confused.

"I know it will sound strange, but you have been dead for a long time." In the distance the ghost heard a Fallen roar, and turned to see the source then turned back to the guardian and said "It's not safe here I have to get you back to the city." the ghost said worried and disappeared in a flash of light.

The Eliksni got up and stood as tall as a fallen captain. Worried he looked around for his ghost. "don't worry I'm with you, now b-line it for the wall.

Without hesitating, he started running for the wall passing cars other golden age relics alike. When he got closer he saw an open door and went inside running up some stairs. After walking through a catwalk he saw something move inside the wall on his right. He looked at the opening in the wall but it was gone so he moved up another flight of stairs and into a dark large open area inside the wall. His ghost appeared again and said, " I need to find you a weapon before the fallen find us."

Confused the Eliksni asked, "What's a Fallen?"

Completely surprised to hear that The ghost turned around and stared at the new hunter. His four blue eyes glowed in the dark. The ghost asked, "do you even know what species you are?"

"No," He looked down at his body, looked back up to his ghost, and asked, "are there others like me?"

The Ghost didn't know what to say, Usually revived guardians could remember everything about their time before they originally died. To answer his "yes there are thousands of Fallen on earth, and a few other planets in the system, but they won't take kindly to us." The Eliksni was surprised by the answer. "We'll have to talk about this later, I need to get the power back on."

The ghost started to fly over the gape in the middle of the area and started to shine brightly. Looking at one of the wall's vertical support columns the hunter saw several small blue lights around it. After hacking through the military computer firewall, the ghost turned the lights back on which startled the fallen devils and they dropped from the column to the catwalk below them. They looked around and saw the hunter standing on the distant platform. They began to move across the catwalk they were on when the gate behind the guardian began to open and he saw a rifle leaning against a crate. He picked it up, and the ghost said, " you found a rifle, it's old but it looks like it can still work now let's keep moving."

After moving through the corridor two fallen jumped out in front of them. Surprised that the guardian was one of there kind they hesitated, but the hunter didn't and shot them both dead. He walked up and looked down on the two. He immediately notice that the two look like him except that the dreg was missing his lower arms. He bent down to pick up the knife, and place it in the upside down knife holster on his right side chest piece, and the shock pistol on the holster on the right side on his hip, then move on. After killing several dregs and vandals in the next room The hunter made his way across the catwalk he saw earlier and saw a chest. "The Fallen left a weapon chest, open it, and see what they left for us."

Eagerly the Eliksni opened the chest and saw a wire rifle inside. He placed the KHVOSTOV auto rifle on his back and pick up the wire rifle. After looking it over, he fired a test shot aiming at one of the dead Fallen on the other side of the catwalk, the rifle took a second to charge then fired a precise arc projectile across the catwalk and hit his mark in the head. "I'm keeping this," he said smiling.

Continuing through the corridor he made a left turn and stopped when he saw red beams of light shooting out of the walls ahead. "trip mines, don't touch them!" the ghost said.

"Really? I thought I'd walk through them and see what happens." sarcastically the hunter said.

Noticing another path on his left the hunter continued to run when a dreg jumped down from the ceiling in front of him. The dreg was too close to shoot with his auto rife so he let go of it, grabbed it with his lower left hand. The dreg attempted to stab him when he grabbed the dreg by the wrist with his upper left hand and used his upper right hand to put out his knife from his chest, and stabbed the dreg in his throat. In the corner of his right eye, he saw a vandal readying to shoot him with a shock rifle so in one quick move he pulled out the shock pistol with his lower right hand and fired a burst of arc projectiles at him taking his head off.

after Dropping the dead dreg, and holstering his pistol, and knife the hunter found his way into the breach. As more devils dropped from the ceiling he decided it be best to make a run for the exit. Shooting a few Fallen that stood in his way the hunter made it to the exit, ran past some old fans, and finally escape into the outside into the Divide.

As the Eliksni look around he saw The clear blue sky, abandoned building, military vehicles, and tall tower looking ships in the distance. "this use to be an old Cosmodrome, We might be able to find a ship we can use." the ghost said.

"Yes I'd like to get out of here a quickly as possible." the hunter said while switching to his wire rifle since he was in an open area.

A red flare followed by a noise drew both their attention to the distant sky as a large ketch appeared and knocked one of the old colony ships down. Surprised by the appearance of the ketch the ghost said, "A fallen ketch, we need to move now!"

"Move where?!" the hunter asked alarmed

"Into that old building dock 13, I'm getting readings of an old jump ship that we can use I'll mark on the HUD in your helmet."

Wasting no time the hunter began running down the hill and towards dock 13 as the ketch started flying right over them. As they were about to enter the building two fallen skiffs had dropped two squads of dregs who began shooting at the guardian. before getting inside the hunter turned around fired his rifle three times killing three dregs. After getting inside he switched back to his auto rifle and made his way into the hanger where the ship his ghost mentioned was hand by some old cable.

After seeing that there were no fallen other than the hunter in the room the ghost popped out and mad his way towards the ship. Seeing the state of the ship the hunter was concerned "can it fly?"

the ghost turned and said, "I can make it work."

Relieved the hunter waited and looked around while ghost was making repairs. As he looked he turned back towards the entryway they came through and his eyes widened at what he saw. Another Eliksni was standing in the hall but it didn't look like one of the devils. It was wearing some kind of white and golden robes and It wasn't wearing a helmet or mask so he could see it's face and hair on its head. The fallen didn't move or say anything it simply stared at the hunter. The guardian slowly walked over to the robed figure but before he got close the fallen said in a feminine voice "Peekis" then without warning she burst into flames.

Upon seeing this the hunter yelled "Shit!" and jump back falling down in the process.

Hearing the commotion the ghost turned around looking at the guardian concernedly and asked "What wrong!"

The hunter turned to look at the ghost while pointing at the entryway and ask "you see that!"

The ghost looked at the entrance but didn't see anything. Confused the ghost asked, "see what?"

The guardian turned his head and saw that the girl he just saw wasn't there anymore. Shocked he told the ghost "there was another fallen there and she was wearing gold and white robes then she burst into flames."

The ghost emitted a pulse then told the hunter "I not picking of any other lifeforms."

Upon hearing this the hunter got back up. "I got the ship ready to go, we can talk back and the city." the ghost said.

"Good I think I need rest after everything today." the hunter replied then they here a loud roar coming from a hole in the wall. A devil archon priest emerged from the hole then at the same time The ghost transmated both of them into the ship and began the takeoff sequence. The archon began firing its shrapnel launcher at the ship to try, and stop it, but the ship had exited through the opening in the ceiling. Finally, off the ground, the duo took off to the last city as a hood Exo watched them fly into the distance.