(Author's Note):

So someone wanted a sequel? (I guess it's a sequel. Might be more of an AU, but whatever) to my other fanfic Luna Lovegood and the Chamber of Innocence. It's kinda long and kinda weird, but if you haven't read that one yet, I suggest you do, otherwise THIS story will probably spoil a good portion of what happens in THAT story; plus you may be slightly confused as to some of the things mentioned.

Currently this is a Teen rating, same as its predecessor, because I don't currently plan to have (explicit) sex scenes in this story, but it could potentially change. I dunno. There will be dark themes, though. In the first chapter, there is someone being chained to the wall, but not for sexual purposes.

I feel myself losing consciousness. His eyes are too powerful. I don't want to lose myself to him, but at the same time,…I do.

It becomes more difficult for me to think as the emerald eyes begin to sway from left to right. My eyelids begin to flutter as my body begins to settle. Until suddenly I hear his fingers snap.

My mind switches off.

And I drop into bliss.

I slowly drift back into consciousness. My mind begins to pick back up to speed and I find myself surrounded by darkness. A dark green and black to be precise.

I attempt to sit up, and I find myself in a large bed covered by a canopy. Rubbing my eyes, I try to get out of bed.

"Oh, no, no, no, no!" a voice scolds as I feel myself be lifted from the floor and back onto the bed.
"You are still weary, my love. You must rest."

Gasping, I look up to find myself face-to-face with Tom Riddle. Is this a dream or…..is it real?

"Wha—what am I doing here?" I ask in shock.

He begins to slowly pace about the bedroom.

"You do not remember?"

"I'm….afraid not," I reply in a soft voice.

I hear a malicious chuckle coming from him and it makes my blood run cold.

"I am quite surprised that you do not remember, Miss Lovegood. Or should I say, soon-to-be Lady Voldemort?"

I feel the blood drain from my face as everything comes back to me.

"No," I gasp.

"Yes," he hisses.
"You promised to marry me, and now you must fulfill that promise."

Out of fright, I attempt to leave the room once again when I suddenly see a beam of light out of the corner of my eye. I try to move again only to suddenly feel my arm being yanked back. Looking behind me, I go wide-eyed as I see that my wrist is chained to the wall.

"Do you think I'm kidding, my dear?" he asks me, a chuckle of sick amusement woven within his voice.
"How adorable. A promise is a promise, and your promise was to marry me."

"What about your promise?" I ask as firmly as I can muster.

He is silent for a few moments, letting the suspense gather in my chest before speaking.

"Your father is still alive," he tells me casually.

I breathe a sigh of relief.

"But if you dare attempt to escape, he will not be so for much longer."

My relief then disappears. Defeated, I sit on the edge of the bed as my gaze falls to the floor. Tears begin to fall from my eyes, silently. For the present, I can see no way out. If I escape, he'll kill my father. If I don't, I'll become his bride.

"Are you crying?" he asks apathetically.
"You'll wear away the floor."

Where is his heart? He must have some compassion, right?

"Will you please unchain me?" I ask quietly.
"I won't try to escape."

Once again he gives this some thought before taking out his wand and flicking it. All of a sudden, the chains disappear and I crawl back into bed.

"Are you not going to thank me?" he asks, a sliver of anger in his voice.

"Thank you," I say quietly.

"Very good. Now you need to rest up."

He slowly heads for the door. Once he shuts it, I hear the click of a lock and I know I can't get out. With my energy drained, I pull the covers above my head and let the tears fall down my face.

I'm his bride, I think.
I'm to be married to the Dark Lord for eternity.

There's no escape.