It takes a while, but after some rest and, as he promised, food, I'm beginning to regain my strength. I am still not allowed to leave my room just yet; however Tom begins to make time to spend with me. It's not always the same in terms of what we do. Sometimes he'll ask me questions and I'll answer them, as long as they're not too personal. Other days he'll tell me stories of his life before. And some days, he'll just sit and stare at me.

This particular day, he seems to be choosing the third.

"Why do you stare?" I ask suddenly after about ten or twenty minutes.

He shrugs.

"Because you're beautiful."

"I've never really thought of myself that way."

"You should," he says with surprise woven into the tone.
"You are quite ethereal, Miss Lovegood. I'm sure you were much sought after at Hogwarts."

I shake my head.

"No, most everyone ignored me or made fun of me or even hid my things."

"Hid your things?"

"Yes, it was all in good fun, though. It gave me a challenge to try and hide my things much better."

"And they made fun of you?"

"Lots of people called me Loony Lovegood. But I think they were just afraid."


"Yes. I tend to think differently from the rest, and when something new enters into a society, others fear it and try to stifle it."

Tom says nothing for a moment. Though he seems neutral, I can see his eyes widen slightly, and for a moment, he looks almost….human. In that moment, I feel comfortable in his presence.

Suddenly he stands up and brushes down his robes.

"Well, I must attend to some business, my dear, but I shall be back later tonight. I promise."

He gives me a small kiss on the forehead, and then leaves, closing the door behind him.

Suddenly a wide array of emotions flush through me. Am I sympathizing with him? Did he put some sort of spell on me? Are there wrackspurts here?

I don't know what this is, but I kind of like it.

I curl up into my bed, deciding to take a quick nap.