Mad Hatter was someplace where there is a bunch of beautiful roses. He sniffed every single one of them. One caught his eye,"Ah ,perfect." he said to himself as he picked up the rose.

"Hatter?" asked a voice from behind him. Hatter jumped up in fright as he heard the turned out that it was Cheshire Cat.

"Hey." said Cheshire Cat with his huge smile.

"Oh ,uh ,hey." said Mad Hatter feeling a little bit embarrassed for not knowing about the voice was Cheshire's.

"What are you doing?" asked Cheshire.

"Nothing." answered Mad Hatter ,hiding the rose and blushing at the same time. "Looks like you were doing something . What is that behind you?" askedCheshire Cat. Mad Hatter took a sigh as he showed Cheshire Cat the rose, "Hmm a rose who is that for?" asked Cheshire Cat.

"Uh ,heh, heh." went the Mad Hatter as he blushed really red. Something hit him when he looked at the rose ,"Oh no it's red! Cheshire ,is there something I could do to make it white!?"Mad Hatter was in shock!

"Ohhh." went Cheshire Cat as he grinned at Mad Hatter, "You have a crush on the White Queen ,I see." said Cheshire Cat.

"No." responded Mad Hatter nervously .

Cheshire might find out (while Cheshire turned his head )"

"Okay fine! I like her but I need a little help alright." admitted Mad Hatter as Cheshire burst into laughter.

"I knew it! But don't worry I'll help you." said Cheshire Cat as Mad Hatter let out a smile.

"Thank you Cheshire." thanked Hatted.

"Anytime." said Cheshire Cat.