The Next Day~

Tarrant was walking back to Mirana's castle again. This time he had a bunch of treats he carried with his hands. Cheshire followed him.

"So, what are we doing again?", said Tarrant.

"Well, girls like guys who give treats to them.", said Cheshire.

"But,shouldn't I just be myself? Then I can stop doing whatever I'm doing which is not?", asked Tarrant. They reached the door.

"Because Tarrant to look at are weird and crazy. There is no way she would ever fall for you, that's why I am helping you.",scolded Cheshire. The cat smiled widely, maybe too widely.

Tarrant agreed with him the only way Tarrant could ever respond was a stare. A stare turned into confusion as the cat turned invisible. Tarrant turned away,his eyes landed on the door. He slowly opened the door. There was Mirana already standing in front of him. She was spooked by him.

"Oh,Tarrant you scared me." She said putting one hand on her chest, feeling the urge to burst into laughter.

"Well then I'm sorry, Mirana.", said Tarrant. He watched her trying to laugh.

"Anyway I bought these for you.", said Tarrant as he gave Mirana the treats.

"Oh Tarrant but you didn't have to do all of these sweet things for me.",said Mirana.

"I know it's just that Cheshire is making me do it.", admitted Tarrant.

Oh, that silly cat.", said Mirana. She smiled at Tarrant and Tarrant smiled back.

"But thanks for the treats, anyway.", said Mirana.

"No problem.", said Tarrant. Mirana came close to him, then kissed him on the cheek. He blushed red as he watched Mirana walk away. He waved to her "bye"and smiled awkwardly. Cheshire, who was watching everything ,was surprised and shocked -but realized that he shouldn't put much pressure on Tarrant.

The End