Hey, Richie here, i want to do something different, and this is a Experimental story, for right now im just going to Drop the Profile for my 2 Characters

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Update : Yeah i realized the SxS with a slug was just stupid so i changed it back with buckshots

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Profile #1

Name – Jonathan Matulessy

Sex – Male

Codename – Viper

Nationality – Indonesian

P.O.B – Manado, North Sulawesi

D.O.B – 9th May 1987

C.T.U – Komando Pasukan Khusus/ Special Forces Commando (Kopassus)

Height – 178 cm (5'10)

Weight – 79 kg (174 lbs)

Hair color – Dark brown


Armor – 2

Speed – 2

Position – Attacker


Primary weapon


- Standard Assault Rifle of the Indonesian Special Forces, Chambered in 5.56 NATO. Healthy Fire rate and Handling characteristic


- Smith Machine Group reproduction of the WW2 German Battle Rifle, Chambered in .308 Winchester. Moderate fire rate with good damage input

Ranger 10G / MS

- Side by Side Double barrel Shotgun, Chambered in 10 gauge with Magnum load Shell. Deadly Close range options

Secondary Weapon

Smith and Wesson Model 29

- Favored Revolver of the Special Forces, Chambered in .44 Magnum. High damage and reliability

Luger P-08

- Legendary German Semi Automatic Pistol, chambered in 9mm. Small Magazine size but compensated by good handling and accuracy


Breaching Charge X2

Frag Grenade X2

Special Gadget

TH-DOS Mk2 (Tactical Heat Detection Optic System )

- An optic system that detects lingering heat signatures from enemies through materials at up to 25 meters.


Jonathan was born on a long line of Military serviceman, with his Grandfather in particular, served in the Netherlands Royal Army, Jonathan always stride to follow the footsteps of his family, he was the smartest kid in school, backed away by their family's fortune, he spends the latter half of his education in Germany and USA. He enlisted in the Indonesian National Army at the Age of 17.

In the Army Jon was the most prolific member of his squad, earning the respect of both his senior and junior alike, his first operation is in Operation Green Viper that is a joint operation between the Indonesian Armed forces, Malaysian Armed forces, The SAS and the SDU, albeit Jon was around only during the first leg of the campaign.

In 2007 he is appointed in leading a 12 men team on a raid of a supposed terrorist lair in the jungles of Sulawesi, the mission was a complete success with only one men receiving minor injuries, the success resulted in him being transferred to the Special Forces, the Kopassus.

Some time after Green Viper he developed the TH-DOS, integrated to an Acog Style Optic, to take advantage of finding enemy position even from behind walls. This device is tested in the Marawi hostage situation in the Phillipines in late 2016, where 11 civilian are taken hostage in a compound deep inside the Phillipine jungles, Jon manages to kill 5 enemy through their covers, all hostages secured, 6 terrorist killed, 1 captured and 1 escaped. A big success for the group, his action attracted the attention of Team Rainbow


A highly motivised person and very calm even under extreme pressure, Jonathan is seen by many as a leader figure, he takes responsibility to his task seriously, but that attitude can be dangerous as he is so focused on his mission he can put himself and his team in danger. His calm yet somewhat comforting demeanor, plus his quick thinking and tactical decisions has saved him and his teammates too many times.

Profile #2

Name – Citra Ayunda

Sex – Female

Codename – Cenayang

Nationality – Indonesian

P.O.B – Denpasar, Bali

D.O.B – 21st March 1990

C.T.U – Detasemen Khusus 88/ Special Detachment 88 (Densus 88)

Height – 177 cm (5'8)

Weight – 61 kg (136)

Hair color – Brunette


Armor – 1

Speed – 3

Position – Defender


Primary weapon

Ranger 10G / MS

- Side by Side Double barrel Shotgun, Chambered in 10 gauge with Magnum load Shell. Deadly Close range options


- Standard SMG of the Indonesian Special Forces, Chambered in 9mm. Low recoil and good handling

AAC Honey Badger

- Compact Assault Rifle, Chambered in .300 Blackout. integrated Suppressor gives an advantage in the element of surprise

Secondary Weapon

Smith and Wesson Model 29

- Favored Revolver of the Special Forces, Chambered in .44 Magnum. High damage and reliability

G-2 Elite

- Modern remake of the infamous Browning Hi-Power, Chambered in 9mm. Faster fire rate with good ammo capacity


Barbed Wire X2

Nitro Cell X2

Special Gadget

Mk3 "Gila" Grenade

- A Gas grenade that uses special psychedelic Mixture, if inhaled, effects including dizziness, lost of vision and disturbing hallucination.


Second child of a Police Officer in Bali, Citra always wanted to follow his footstep, but her mother still believes in a traditional believe that a woman shouldn't have high education because in the end she's still someone's wife.

She worked hard to proof herself, gaining reputation as one of the most intelligent student in her school, she had passion for chemist and biology, she participate and won in many local science Olympics and all for proofing her mother wrong.

Her passion finally pays off when she succeeded of becoming a police officer in 2010, and in later 2012 when she busted off a syndicate of Drug dealer running in the slums of Bali.

Her achievement and higher than average effectiveness in the field catches the eye of the Densus 88, a Special Forces of the police unit, and in 2014 she had officially be one of them, her passion for chemistry lead her to developing a psychedelic mixture that helped the team very much in the torture and interrogation sector in late 2015.

The mixture soon proves the worth in a bust of a suspected Drug dealer in early 2017, with Citra's team working in a highly dense city area, her psychedelic grenade mixture helped the team to quickly apprehend the captives without firing a single shot.


Witty, Smart, and Deadly, Citra is always about pushing herself off the limit, her unrealistic goals often would lead her to danger and she sometimes will not tolerate defeat, even a fair one. Her limited social skills may get her in trouble, but once you earned her trust, she will be your greatest guardian