Fuck, here it comes again. People are gonna be mad about me releasing shit thats not announced. But i dont give a fuck, if you dont like it, dont fucking read it. Your insults dont do shit.

Lincoln was riding his bike down the street, enjoying the cool breeze of a summer day. He rode his bike until he felt something else fill his lungs, something thick. Something disturbing, smoke? He looked up and saw a house engulfed in flames. He stopped in his tracks and jumped of his bike, he ran up to the two people who were begging for something.

"Miss! Whats going on?", Lincoln asked with a face of concern. "Our daughter is trapped in our house! ", the woman yelled as Lincolns eyes widened. Before they knew it, Lincoln began running towards the house before anyone could stop him. "Kid wait!", an officer yelled, but Lincoln kept running.

Lincoln crashed through the door and saw the stairs still standing. He ran straight through a flame and up the steps. "Where are you!?", Lincoln yelled, "Im in here!", a girl yelled. Lincoln ran to a room and kicked the door down. He saw the room filled with flames, and an odly familiar girl curled in a ball in the corner. "Cristina!?", Lincoln yelled as he moved a scorched peice of wood out the way. Lincoln grabbed her by the arm and ran out.

They managed to get back down the steps and towards the door, until a peice of wood fell and hit Lincolns arm, dragging him down. "Lincoln!", Cristina yelled as she tried to help him. "Cris, go! Leave me, just get out!", Lincoln yelled. "I cant. I- i couldnt!", Cristina replied. "Its ok, ju- *cough* go!", Lincoln yelled as he let go of her hand. Cristina felt tears stream down her face as she dashed to the door.

Cristina ran to her parents as they embraced her in love. "What happened to that boy?!", a firefighter asked. "Hes trapped under a peice of wood!", Cristina cried as they nodded and called for medics and a team. "We need to let his parents know!", Cristina told her mother. "Sweetie, we know, we will get to that.", her mother said. Without taking chances, Cristina bolted down the street since the Louds only lived a block down.

She frantically pounded on the door. Rita opened the door and greeted her with a face of concern. "Honey, what happened?", Rita asked. "Your son is trapped in my house and its on fire!", Cristina yelled in panic. The Louds ran down the street to see the truth. The fire department had put out the fire, but there was no sign of Lincoln.

Rita ran up to a firefighter. "Where is he?! Wheres my baby boy!", she yelled. "What? The boy? Hes in the ambulance.", the man replied as the family dashed towards the ambulance. They stopped where they saw Lincoln on a stretcher, covered in ashes and coughing until the doctor put the oxygen mask on. "Lincoln! Son are you OK?", Lynn Sr. asked.

"Im alright dad, im- im *cough*", Lincoln tried to say. "Oh god.", Lori said. "Sir, ma'am, your son is being taken to the hospital, we will meet you there.", a medic said. As Lincoln was being loaded into the ambulance, Cristina mouthed thank you to him as he gave a faint smile.

At Royal Woods Hospital .

Lincoln layed upright in a hospital bed as he watched the TV. He was lucky and didnt have carbon monoxide poisoning, which considering how long he was trapped in the burning house was incredible. He layed there as his family walked in. "How you feeling hon?", Rita asked. "OK, my chest just hurts.", Lincoln replied with a scratch in his voice. "Well theres some people here to see you.", Lynn Sr. said.

Lincoln looked over to see 6 people, Clyde, his 2 dads, Cristina and her parents. "Oh thank lord your ok.", Howard said. "How ya feeling buddy?", Clyde asked. "Alright.", Lincoln replied. They looked at his condition, he still had a little ash on his face, and he had temporary burns on his arms. "Excuse me, Mr. and Mrs. Loud, could we have a little alone time with your son if you dont mind.", Mrs. Hunter asked.

"Sure.", Rita replied as the rest walked out the room. "Lincoln, thank you. If it wasnt for you, by the time the firefighters got there it wouldve been to late.", Mr. Hunter said. "Id rather die for someone else than someone die because of me.", Lincoln replied.

Lincoln looked over to see Cristina beginning to tear up. "Why are you crying?", Lincoln asked. "You couldve died! You risked dying just to save me even though your family is huge!", Cristina cried. Lincoln didnt know what to do, so he grabbed her hand. "Listen, a ladies life is worth more than mine. No matter how big my family is.", Lincoln said with a caring face.

"Excuse me Mr. and Mrs. Hunter, the doctor said to empty the room for the doctors.", a nurse said at the door. "Thank you again Lincoln.", Mrs. Hunter said as they left. They still couldnt get over it,