Lincoln walked down the steps with his bookbag and opened the door, only to be met with Cristina. "Hey Linc!", she sakd as she hugged him. "Hey Cris, anything new?", Lincoln asked, "Nah, everythings still the same.", she replied, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek.

"You ready for our first day?", Cristina asked. "Ready as ill ever be.", Lincoln said as he pulled out the keys to his black Chevy Malibu. The two got in the car and made their way to Royal Woods High School. "Hey Lincoln?", Cristina said. "Yeah babe?", Lincoln replied, his eyes focused on the road. "Any reasons your sisters have been a little... hostile towards me?", Cristina said.

"Wait, what? Why would they be like that?", Lincoln said. "I dont know, just the other day, Lucy came out of nowhere and cussed me out.", she said. "Oh believe me, I will sort this out, in other news, we have to get to class.", Lincoln said as he pulled into a parking spot. Cristina smiled as she kissed her lover before getting out the car and started to leave for class.

Lincoln entered Mrs. Johansson's room as Cristina continued down towards Mrs. Kendricks, only to pass through the 10th grade hallway to be met with Lucy, who looked at her and spat on her shoes. "What is all this for? I have tk get to advisory.", Cristina asked.

"Me and my sisters overheard Lincoln in his room, he said he doesn't deserve you and that you should leave him! He still thinks he is a stalker after that video contest!", Lucy yelled before storming off. Cristina's eyes widened as she continued to walk towards History. Lincoln knew she wasn't the type to hold grudge's, but rhe fact that the boy she loved thought he wasn't good enough made tears form in her eyes. She wiped them away and walked into Art, thinking of how to change his mind.

And after a little bit of thinking, she got it. She remembered one thing she said those many years ago when the two first started dating, "Its a shame we arent 16 yet", she remembered. They were 17 now, and they never even lost their virginity, luckily that period wouldn't last for long.

She made it through an incredibly boring 2 hours of work before heading off to lunch, she sat with Lincoln as Clyde walked up and sat next to them. "Hey Linky.", she said with a seductive smile as she layed her head on his shoulder. "Hey.", Lincoln said while putting on a fake smile. 'Damn they were right', Cristina thought.

"I was thinking we should do something dangerous.", Cristina said. "Dangerous is my middle name.", Lincoln said. "I thought it was Sylvester.", Cristina said with a smile. "You are to never speak of this again.", Lincoln said. "Meet me outside at free time.", she whispered in his ear as she pecked him on the mouth. 'Goddammit Lincoln', Lincoln thought to himself as a large tent grew in his pants.