Chapter 1 Story time

A Sunday would be great with a good old camping trip. It would be a good experience before going into the vile Monday. (Which of course no one would want to speak of at the time.)

The penguins' car randomly stopped on their way to their destination, which wasn't regarded as that big of a problem after Kowalski's theory of the reason being that the engine over heated and that a rest would give it time to cool off. They had gone on a rather moderate distance ride, quite deep into the forest.

The four birds sat around the fire, conversing and typically roasting marshmallows. The only thing eccentric was the fact that Private was frowning.

Not the frown someone would give when their depressed or on the verge of tears, the kind someone would give when they are enraged, trying to indicate that they are highly irritated by something.

"You're still upset about missing the season 7 finale of the lunacorns aren't you?" Skipper asked the boy, who nodded vigorously in response, still keeping his expression. He was straining his facial muscles so much it looked like his beak was going to fall off.

"Why can't you just watch it on repeat tomorrow?" Kowalski suggested.


"Hey!" Rico grunted, unhappy about his 'girlfriend's' cartoon being called, 'silly'.

"Why didn't ya speak up before?" Skipper asked crossing his flippers over his chest.

"I was trying to give you the silent treatment..." Private grumbled through his frown.

The leader rubbed his lower beak, thinking for a moment before finally finding his voice.

"Ya know what, why don't we get into our sleeping bags, and I'll tell you all a story. How does that sound?"

Private's expression finally softened, nestling into the little purple bag with a slight smile. He may have loved the hippie moon horses, but he did enjoy a good spooky story.

"Hehe. Knew it would work." Skipper thought happily. And with that, he began the tale.

"It was a year, not known to any living organism. A young fellow decided that it was a good time to go for a stroll, in the dark gloomy night. Their name was-"

"Princess self respectra!" Private added happily.

Skipper groaned "...Fine.."

"Princess self respectra made her way to the undeniably spooky looking house nearby... Her and her friends had accidentally lost their ball in it while playing horsy in the middle that afternoon, and self respectra was the bravest to go in there and retrieve it.. The little lunacorn walked towards the entrance, peering in through the peep hole... Nothing could be seen through it.. 'This house must be centuries old.' She thought. Then a ghostly moan could be heard from the second floor. She looked to the broken window where their ball had fallen into, and saw-"

"Prince shares-a-lot!" The smaller penguin added again.

"Private if you add anything lunacorn related again, so help me I will slap ya so hard you'll forget your father's name."

The boy shuddered in his sleeping bag. "Sorry sir.."

"The princess entered the house. It was abandoned. Wasn't it?.. She trotted to the second floor.. Once at the top she discovered-"

"A famous scientist club party!" Kowalski added unexpectedly.

"Oh come on!" Skipper yelled in frustration.

"Ok fine.. Uhh.. A party filled with the spirits of old past scientists. She found out the wonders of socializing with dead people and was told some incredible things by Einstein. Things no biography could inform anyone about..." Kowalski restated.

Skipper squinted his eyes. "Better."

"With that out of the way, she still didn't find the darn ball. She skipped happily towards an open closet, Trying to widen the door to get a better view of what was inside. While she was doing so, out popped up-"

"A giant robot from World War two!" Kowalski interrupted.

"But self respectra has horn lazers, and destroyed the robot in one blast!" Private inquired.

"Ah but the robot had a back up drone stored in its inside just in case of it's destruction!" Kowalski countered. "And the drone used its powerful front limbs to launch the little lunacorn out the window unto the backyard."

Private's beak puckered in annoyance.

"Ok... that just ...happened." Skipper mumbled.

"Self respectra got up and took in her surroundings and-"

"And the easter bunny was there!" The boy said excitedly.

Skipper raised his flipper close to Private's right cheek getting ready to smack him.

The smaller bird whimpered. "Sorry sir." Putting his flipper on his beak.

"Making her way towards the tool shed. Someone might have found her ball and kept it there.. Right? On top off the shed it said-"

"Einstein's invention tools for gifted young scientists?" Kowalski asked.

"No." Skipper responded.

"Prince selfless' freindship dungeon?" Private asked.


"Fish?" Rico asked.

"Ok I give up!" Skipper hung his head hopelessly.

"Yay! I call dibs on finishing the story!" The youngest penguin said excitedly.

But before he could add anything else Rico interrupted. "IT RICO STORY TIME NOW!" He grunted.

"Ahl mus strull lala hamun stuguh magnuh Oh mah god fish sfuhff oh mah god pickels feefdfh houhad huddyhu..."

"I lost him at 'pickles'..." Kowalski whispered, as the scarred penguin went on and on.

"duh hemeh de bumbapha agh jugudef, HAF FUN!.. Duh end.."

The other three exchanged weird looks, before Skipper gained a warm smile.

"I like your imagination soldier. All righty, it's time to hit the hay.. it's nearly midnight." The lead penguin got up and waddled towards their little pink car.

"Hey Skippa?" Private called his attention, causing him to look back. "I think I'm happy that I got to hear this story instead of watching the the 7th season premiere.. Where are you going anyway?" Private asked.

"I'm gonna get the bug spray. Or do ya want the mosquitoes to fall in love with you? They sure do love the 'O' positive blood group." Skipper informed.

The Private cringed.

"That's what I thought..." Skipper said as he moved to the front seat, where all the resources, when he smelled something thing sweet.. coming from the engine. As he opened the hood his eyes widened in horror.

"Uh boys.. I don't think we'll be going home tomorrow..." He stuttered.