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Monday, November 20, 1978

Chet and Jeanette Kelly were really enjoying being married these past ten days and looking forward to their official reception on Saturday.

While watching their soon to be adopted son, Tim, romping in the park and thinking about how lucky she was, Jeanette suddenly remembered they'd made no definite honeymoon plans. She knew Chet had the next two weeks off for this, while she'd been placed on medical leave due hypertension brought on by the pregnancy.

She'd been told to rest and stay off her feet as much as possible. God love Chet! She laughed to herself, and thought, "If he could, he'd go to the bathroom for me, too. He treats me like I were a porcelain doll."

Preparing to return home, Timmy asked, "Mommy, when can I play with my new sister or brother? And when is the kid coming? Will he be big like me?"

Smiling, Jeanette replied, "No, babe. Mommy has the baby here in her tummy, preparing to be born." And she lifts Tim on to the bench and lets him feel her growing belly. "He or she will be a very tiny baby that will need all of our help for quite a while. But you will be able to play with him or her, that I promise."

"Ok, I guess.

Mommy, can I get a ice cream cone on the way home?"

Amazed at how rapidly kids go off on other tangents, she smiled and said, "Sure."

They both had cones and walked the two blocks home.

It was now 11:30am and she knew Chet would be awake by now, having had an early morning run that got them back to Station 51s at 8:30am and exhausted. He had told her they'd been there since 3am and got back at 6:45am. They never even saw Roy or John, as they still hadn't returned from Rampart.

She saw Chet mowing the lawn and smiled at her handsome husband.

She still almost lost it whenever she remembered how they'd met. God, was it only fourteen months? I never thought he would have made it, not whole especially. Even his precious moustache was back to normal.