Chapter twenty-nine

Sarah's arrival

The week went peacefully but slowly by for Chet, Jeanette and Tim, who went to visit Sarah at least ten times a day. She was slowly improving and Dr. Jamison was almost positive she would be home by Thursday.

Thursday finally arrived and the Kelly family nervously drove to Rampart, hoping to bring home the newest family member today.

Arriving at the premature infants' nursery they didn't see her anywhere and began to panic.

Dr. Jamison arrived and said, "No need to worry. We transferred her to the regular nursery last night after you left. She now weighs 5lbs 3oz and is ready to go home.

"So, Timmy, are you all set to help take care of your little sister?"

"You bet." Timmy enthusiastically answered.

They went to the newborn nursery and saw Sarah all bundled up and ready to go. Jeanette was so happy she burst into tears. Chet's eyes filled also, but he tried to hide it. Timmy was clapping his hands in glee.

The whole Kelly family left the hospital and arrived home with Chet saying, "Welcome to the clan, little Miss Sarah Anne Kelly."