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At the travel agency, they find a lovely bed and breakfast on the island of Nantucket, that they booked right away for twelve days. And a nice hotel in Boston for two days.

They decided to take a train to Boston which takes seven days, which meant Chet would have to ask for a little longer leave, which he knew he'd get. This is longer than a plane, but it was so much more romantic.

So gathering up their brochures and tickets, they head home to call Dixie, who immediately agreed to take 'her special pal' for as long as necessary.

After that, Chet called Captain Stanley to request an additional eight days off which he got.

Chet and Jeanette were very glad with how things were working out.

After supper and putting Tim to bed, they looked over their brochures more carefully and figured out what to pack.

"According to this, it's quite cold on the East Coast now. Maybe we should buy some winter clothes before packing, huh?"

Jeanette smiled at here thoughtful husband, saying, "Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Do you think they have snow, yet? I've never seen snow in America. Have you?"

"Yeah, I've gone skiing in Colorado a few times. It's beautiful. I don't think it'll be snowing yet-it usually doesn't start till closer to December."

"OK, but I know I will be cold."

So after making some more plans, they watched a little television and decided to go to bed early knowing they'd be very busy for the next few days.