Once Jiren and Vegeta arrived in the stands, Toppo said "Jiren. Thank you" to which Jiren asked "Why? I treated you all with contempt during the fight"

"Jiren" came a voice. Universe 11 parted, and Vegeta were revealed.

"I know we ran out of time during our fight, but, I still haven't had enough. I know you'll probably hate this, but I think we all got stronger by fightin' I want to see you again, and I'm sure Kakarot does too" which shocked Jiren.

"He's quite impressive" Goku said, to which Vegeta agreed.

"Vegeta. Have you decided on your wish?" Grand Priest suddenly asked, to which Vegeta replied "Yeah, but the stands is going to have to be expanded again before the other Universes come back" to which Grand Priest nodded. The Super Dragon Balls then appear.

Grand Priest rose his hands and said "Hsiw ym em tnarg dna sdog eht fo nograd htorf emoc, asaelp yttrep", and the light shone, blinding everybody. The light went down and revealed an almighty sized gold dragon. His long body circled what was the arena hundreds of times,

"And now, Vegeta, please state your wish" Grand Priest said.

"Because the Angels will be restoring their Universes, my wish, restore Vados, the Angel of Universe 6" Vegeta said. Grand Priest then smiled and said "6 esrevinU fo legna, sodav reortser" and at this, the dragon roared, turned into a glowing gold form, and with one glow, Vados returned to the stands, to the cheer of all the Angels, who immediately ran to her.

Vados, however, was looking for two Angels as she was hugged by all the others. She soon managed to pull Whis and a sobbing Cus from the throng and hugged both.

"You're back" Cus said, sobbing into Vados' shoulder. Whis said, also crying "We're so glad you're back"

"Can she spare a hug for her dad?" came a voice. The Angels separated, and Grand Priest was standing there with his arms out.

"Alright" Vados said, giving her father a hug. They split after a moment, and Grand Priest said "I'm so glad my daughter's back" to which Vados smiled and said "Good to hear it".

Grand Priest then returned to the top and said "Alright. Angels, now it's time. To bring back your Universes" and at this, he used the reverse hand movement to return the stands to their full size.

"Bring back Universe 2" Sour said, and as soon as Universe 2 were restored, Heles ran up to him and they tightly embraced,

"We're back, thank you Sour" Heles said, to which Sour replied "No worry Heles"

"Bring back Universe 3" Campari then said, and when Universe 3 returned, they cheered.

"Bring back Universe 4, but do not bring back the God of Destruction and Supreme Kai" Cognac said, and most of Universe 4 came back, although Quitela and Kuru didn't return.

"So, where's the God of Destruction and Supreme Kai?" Ganos asked, to which Cognac repleid "They were fuckwits, so I decided not to bring them back", to which Ganos nodded.

"I should also mention that I will no longer be the attendant to this Universe. Grand Priest will appoint another Angel soon"

"Why?" every fighter asked, to which Cognac replied "I failed my duty. I hope the Angel selected next will do a better job"

Vados then said, "Bring back Universe 6" and everybody in Universe 6 was brought back.

"Kakarot, you had better go up and speak to your adopted daughter" Vegeta said, looking at Caulifla, who was still crying into Kale's shoulder. Goku nodded and said "You can join me" to which Vegeta nodded, and they headed for the Universe 6 Saiyans.

"Bring back Universe 9, but do not bring back the God of Destruction and Supreme Kai" Mojito said, and most of Universe 9, in a similar vein to Universe 4, Bergamo asked, "Where's Sidra and Roh?" to which Mojito replied "They were incompetent, so they've been fired. I'm also firing myself from the role, though I'm also watching for another Angel, and I'll take over for Universe 10 if Cus isn't coping"

"Bring back Universe 10" Cus said, finally wiping the tears out of her eyes. As the members of Universe 10 return, Gowasu asked "Where's Cus?" to which Obuni, looking around, found her standing with Universe 7.

"Rummshi, let's go and see Cus, I don't know why she's over there" Gowasu said. Rummshi nodded, and they headed for Universe 7.

Within a couple of minutes, Universes 2,3,4,9 and 11 had left, leaving only Universes 6,7 and 10 behind.

As Goku and Vegeta approach, Kale said "Caulifla, we've been restored, we're back" and as both Kale and Cabba look around, Caulifla slowly manages to pull herself together. Wiping her eyes, she said "We're back, I thought that we weren't being restored because our Universe's Angel was going to be erased along with us"

"Well, Vegeta won the Tournament, and he brought Vados back, so we could be brought back" Cabba said. he then added "Speak of the devil, Goku and Vegata are here", as, sure enough, Goku and Vegeta arrive on the stands next to Cabba, Caulifla and Kale.

"You guys brought us back, thank you" Cabba said to Vegeta, who replied "Hmph"

"Hey, are you OK Caulifla?" Goku asked in a concerned voice, to which Caulifla sat down and shook her head.

"Kale, Cabba, you take care of Caulifla, alright? She's not doing too well" Goku said, to which Kale and Cabba nodded. Kale continuing to rub Caulifla's back.

'Are you three ready to go?" Champa barked, to which Cabba, Kale and Caulifla nodded.

"Come train with us sometime" Goku said, to which Kale, Caulifla and Cabba nodded, with Cabba saying "We'll be sure to. There's several techniques I'd love to learn, and I'm sure Caulifla and Kale would like to learn them too" before they departed.

At about the same time, Whis said "Cus, looks like you Universe is coming this way"

"I know, I think you should tell them what happened to me after they were erased" Cus said, her voice still trembling. Whis nodded, then asked, "Can you take care of her until Gowasu and Rummshi know what's happened to her after they were erased?"

"Sure" Piccolo said. He then sat down on one of the steps, and Cus sat near him, laying her head on his shoulder.

"Will you go with Whis when he comes to check on me?" Cus asked, to which Piccolo smiled and said "Of course I will"

"Thanks" Cus said, before she hugged Piccolo.

Meanwhile, Rummshi was walking up to Whis, and seeing Piccolo holding her miffed him.

"Stay calm Rummshi, it's fine. I actually need to talk to you two, about what happened to Cus after you guys were erased" Whis said. Rummshi replied with "Why is that mortal from your Universe holding Cus?" to which Whis replied "You will understand once I've told you what has happened"

"Hmph" Rummshi said, but he finally relented.

While Whis talked with Rummshi and Gowasu, Obuni, noticing that his pendant was missing, asked "Does anyone know where my pendant is? I lost it when I got knocked off", but at this, Lilibeu tapped Obuni on the shoulder and, when Obuni turned around, she showed him the pendant.

"My pendant, thankyou Lilibeu" Obuni said, to which Lilibeu replied "No problem. I found it in the arena, so I grabbed it". Obuni then re-attached it, and Gohan, who was walking up to him, said "The thing that you had to protect, it was a family, wasn't it? I saw what was inside the pendant", to which Obuni nodded, and said "You saw my wife and my young child, and that was what I was fighting for"

"Yeah, I was fighting for the same thing. Maybe when Whis goes to check on his sister, my family and I can tag along and meet up with your family" Gohan said. Obuni held out his hand and said "Sure, my family would love that", and Gohan shook Obuni's hand.

Soon, Whis had explained everything that had happened to Cus after they were erased. These revelations horrified Rummshi and Gowasu.

"So, Piccolo's been trying to comfort her or something?" Rummshi asked, to which Whis nodded. Gowasu then said "OK, so we're really going to have to keep a close eye on her Rummshi, she's going to need all the support she can get", to which Rummshi nodded. Whis, Rummshi and Gowasu then walked back towards Cus and Piccolo.

When they arrived, Rummshi asked "Are you ready to go Cus?" to which she stood up and nodded. Turning to the fighters, Gowasu said "Are you all ready?" to which everybody acknowledged.

"OK, let's go" Cus said, and soon, they had departed.

"You did a very good job there Piccolo, well done" Whis said after Universe 10 left. Piccolo looked to Whis, then said "I don't think Rummshi and Gowasu understand just how bad Cus has had it. You're definitely going to have to come and pick me up each time you go to Universe 10 to check on Cus", to which Whis nodded and said "Sure, I'll do that for you"

"If we're finished here, would you be so kind as to hurry and send me back to hell?" Frieza asked suddenly. Goku replied "But, you've still got time left, don't you?" to which Frieza replied, as he turned away, "Everyone enjoying their happy endings is no different than hell for me"

"Then why don't you be happy too, Frieza?" Whis asked as he revived Frieza with one swish of his staff, shocking Frieza.

"It's gone" Krillin shouted, to which Vegeta asked, "So he's been resurrected?"

"It's a gift from Beerus. He said that you did a fine job at the end" Whis said, shocking Beerus. Frieza then asked "Are you sure about this? I don't intend to stop my evil ways"

"Then I'll go and defeat you" Goku replied, to which Frieza answered "Well, we shall see"

"GOKU!" Both Zen-Oh's said at the same time. Goku grabbed one hand each and briefly flew them.

"That was really fun" Future Zen-Oh said. Present Zen-Oh added "It was amazing"

"Say, Goku, what's next?" both Zen-Oh's asked at the same time. Goku was about to speak when Beerus leapt up and covered Goku's mouth, before saying "M-M-My apologies, lord Zen-Oh. Perhaps another time!"

"If you will excuse us, we shall be going" Shin said, having noticed that they were the last Universe still in the void world.

"People of Universe 7. You fought well, and made a magnificent wish" Grand Priest said. As everybody bowed, both Zen-Oh's said "Hey, Goku. Will you come back?"

"Sure! I promise! See you lord Zen-Oh's" Goku replied, offering a fist bump, which both Zen-oh's took. Everybody in Universe 7 then departed, with Piccolo asking "Is Cus going to be OK Whis?" to which Whis replied "I'll be checking on her regularly to make sure she's OK. You and Gohan can come along sometimes if you want. If Gohan wants to bring his family along, we can go and see Obuni" to which both Gohan and Piccolo replied, "Good idea".

"Are the Universe 6 Saiyans going to be OK?" Vegeta asked, to which Goku replied "If they've got a strong enough support network, they should be fine"

The narrator then said "At last, the Tournament of Power for the fate of the Universes came to a close. Everybody went back to their daily lives, or at least, as best they could"

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4. Gohan and Piccolo of Universe 7

5. Krillin, Tien, Android 17's wife and children and Marron of Universe 7.

6. Cus, Gowasu, Rummshi and Obuni of Universe 10.

7. Toppo and Jiren of Universe 11

8. Grand Priest.

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