Edward and Thomas in 2 Days After A Shed For Edward

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Thomas feelings a bit glum after Edward left Tidmouth Sheds.

"Guys and Emily I'm missing Edward it doesn't feel the same since he left to live at Wellsworth." sighed Thomas. "I know we have to wait and see for our new roomate."

"We understand Thomas." said Emily. "Why don't you talk to Edward about this?"

"Ok." agreed Thomas.

So he puffed to Wellsworth where Edward and Philip were shunting.

"Hi Thomas." smiled Philip.

"Hi Philip can I talk to Edward?" asked Thomas.

"Sure this is serious since Emily arrived before you came said you've been missing me being at Tidmouth sheds." said Edward.

"Yeah it's just that." started Thomas then he gulped. "It's just you've been at Tidmouth Sheds for years and it feels strange you not staying there anymore."

"I understand." said Edward. "I hear Stephen and Bridget Hatt talk with Lady Hatt that one day they will one day move away from their grandparents' house when they become adults and live in new places which is what has happened with me I'm still a member of the North Western Railway and I always will be but I won't live at Tidmouth Sheds forever but I'll visit when I can jus like when Stephen and Bridget become adults they'll still visit the Fat Controller and Lady Hatt."

Thomas smiled.

"That would be wonderful." smiled Thomas. "You really are the wisest engine I know."

"I don't know about that still I was horrid when Rocky came." admitted Edward.

"Gordon started that new fangled nonsense stuff so you're not to blame." replied Thomas.

"Besides they have been times you stay at Ffarquhar sheds with Percy and Toby in the past maybe you three should do that again sometime." suggested Edward.

"Good idea." replied Thomas.

So that night for a change Thomas, Percy and Toby stayed at Ffarquhar sheds for once.

"It's been years since we've stayed here." puffed Percy.

"Where did you get the idea from?" asked Toby.

"Edward." smiled Thomas

Next day The Fat Controller saw Thomas and Percy weren't at Tidmouth sheds.

"What's going on?" asked the Fat Controller.

"Sir it's my fault." puffed Edward. "I suggested to Thomas that he, Percy and Toby stay at Ffarquhar sheds for a night for old time's sake and to learn some things of the future includ moving sheds."

Then Thomas arrived.

"Yes sir that is true." he said.

"I see education about life." said the Fat Controller. "That must be very important since Emily told me Thomas was missing you at Tidmouth sheds Edward but this will make you happy Thomas during the Christmas holidays I'll need Edward at Tidmouth."

"I accept the idea sir see Thomas like I said when people or engines move out they visit their famillies." smiled Edward.

"I'm glad you really are wise." smiled Thomas.

"Me too." smiled Edward and the old friends pulled trains together for the entire day with joy.

"Thanks for today Edward." smiled Thomas.

"My pleasure old friend." smiled Edward.

The End