A/N: Written for

Ficletchap Competition
Diversity Writing Challenge, h10 - write amultichap with six or more chapters

outside his vision
1. where in time

Kazui is a little boy when he's whisked away to another world, but that's not unusual in his family's line of work. They're Shinigami, after a fashion, and that means they're always going between the Soul Society and their human world. They're also Hollows to an extent, which means ducking through Hueco Mundo along the way.

This looks like Karakura town in the human world, but it's not. It looks antique, almost. Greyed out. Like the photos his parents keep in the house. Like the many more photos his grandfather keeps at the surgery that doubles as the family home. Like Ichika's gotten into the charcoal again and scribbled over his far more colourful masterpieces. That's a trait from his mother, anyway. Not that he doesn't like the colour himself.

This place just isn't colourful. Which means it's not the human world. Probably not some part of the Soul Society he hasn't seen yet, either. Or Hueco Mundo. So he wonders where he's wound up. Or how he's wound up here.

It looks kind of familiar though, so he goes the way he thinks his house is. It's not there, but he hasn't got anything better to do than wander around and talk to the people that are also wandering, and so he does. He asks if anyone's seen the Kurosaki family, and they point him in the direction he thinks the surgery should be… assuming he is in the human world.

Maybe there's more than one human world and his dad, who's been to a few other worlds, isn't aware of that little tidbit. It's exciting, then, that he'll be the one who gets to tell his dad about it. His dad has a huge reputation, after all. His mum does too but he's dad's a certified hero. He has a badge and everything (though his aunts seem to think the badge is more a joke than anything).

In any case, he heads to the surgery because where else can he go? He heads to the surgery and he finds it where it should be – though some of the sights along the way have changed. Some he recognises anyway, from photos, like the school, and others he doesn't recognise at all.

Still, the surgery looks about the same and that's a relief because it's something hugely familiar in this only slightly familiar (and, at times, completely unfamiliar) place.

But when he opens the door, it becomes only slightly familiar again. Lots of photos, yes, but not a single one of him. That huge family photo isn't there either: the one his grandfather is so proud of, that he says shows off all three generations in a way most of the other photos don't quite manage. There's more of people he doesn't recognise, photos he may have seen in an album at some time but can't put a name to and doesn't care to. And his parents' wedding photo is missing too, and any photos of them all grown up. The oldest his aunts look is teenage. That's wrong. His aunts are fine adults and often baby-sitting him. And his grandfather doesn't have enough grey hair in those photos (as far as he can tell, anyway, with the photos greyed out). He looks almost… middle-aged. Also wrong.

And the man who walks out of the treatment in his white lab coat is the same man in the photos, but also too young and wrong.

And maybe the question isn't where he is, but when.