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In this chapter, Mikaela is rescued and the group starts to notice something strange about Sammy's car.

Also, a little surprise happens in this chapter, be on the lookout!

And to Hikari Nova: Yes James and Lily are older, the timeline has been changed. I'm gonna have them at the ages of 30ish since magicals age slower then non-magicals.

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Chapter 2: The Rescue and Something New.


Sammy giggles as she drove her car towards the lake party that Mikaela was at, the reason why she was laughing? Well, this was mostly due to the third passenger of the car telling a funny story.

Nova sat in the back next to a young man, he was 19-years-old with short chin length blonde hair and sky blue eyes. He was around 5'10" with a runner build that had toned muscles, he had lightly tanned skin and had on a black T-shirt with a gray jacket, baggy camouflage pants and white Nike shoes with a brown belt. On his lap was a laptop bag.

This was David Ravenwood, a magical like Nova but he was known as a technology mage due to his magic and ability to use it and bend technology to his will. He was also a hacker that worked with the governments.

But the most eye-catching thing to David was the pair of black panther ears on his head hidden by his fedora which was on his laptop bag, his black tail was wrapped around his waist and under an illusion and notice-me-not charm.

David was, in fact, a panther Neko who had recently gone through his magical inheritance and unlike Nova who had gotten a huge boost of magic along with her own magic evolving to a higher level, David became a panther Neko which fitted his personality in a way since he was stealthy and fierce like a panther but to friends and family he was a right old kitty cat but get him made and the claws come out.

"My gods! My sides hurt!" Nova said as she held her waist while calming down as David chuckled.

"Want me to give you a kiss to make it better?" David asked as if he was a mother asking her child if they wanted her to kiss their booboo better.

"Shut it, David," Nova said as she calmed down.

David held up his hands in surrender as he looked forward at Sammy who was watching the road, thanks to his senses he could pick up the small changes happening to Sammy. Somethings his smell was useful for giving the girls a heads up for when that time of the month comes knocking, other times he really hated his sense of smell *CoughHormonalTeensCough! StinkBombsCough!*

He had noticed the small changes in Sammy's blood, it was going from human blood smell to something more...reptilian. He could also see that Sammy was a little bit twitchy and looked a little tense if he remembered correctly Mikaela was the same but her blood smelled a little different.

Looking at Nova with his slitted sky-blue eyes he felt a gentle prod at his mind, he knew it was Nova asking for permission to enter his mind. He lowers his mental shields letting Nova in, unlike most Nova did not require constant eye-contact to communicate with their minds.

'; Something wrong David?;' Nova asked while looking out the window.

'; Nothing except, I suspect that Sammy and Mikaela are going to go through their inheritance soon;' David thought to her making Nova shift a bit.

'; Well, they have both recently reached magical maturity. What type? Magical or creature?;' Nova asked glancing at Sammy.

'; Creature for Sammy, her blood has shifted to something reptilian and Mikaela's is powerful yet not fully human;' David thought back as Nova looked through her mental library.

She was quiet for a few seconds before 'speaking' saying '; Sammy will most likely have a dragon or something related to snakes inheritance while Mikaela becomes a demi-god, gods blood while rare can happen as for who her godly ancestor is? Well, we will have to wait and see;'

'; Agreed;' David thought as Nova withdrew from his mind letting him put his mental barriers back up.

"Here we are! Everyone ready?" Sammy asked as she parked the car in view of Mikaela who said something making Trent stare in shock and disbelief.

"Let's do it!" David said as Sammy grins honking the horn making a few people jump as Mikaela looked over at them.

She grins looking back at Trent and flipped him off before picking her bag up and running over to the car, David reached over and opened the door letting Mikaela dive in. She closed the door behind her.

"Drive!" Mikaela yelled before bursting into laughter as Sammy tore off and away from the lake.

Once far enough away from the lake, the others burst into the laughter as Sammy drove them to a cliffside where not many people went, it was secluded and out of the way. A perfect place to spar or have fun, plus Nova got to mess around with her magic when she was in one of her moods.

Once parked up the group of four got out of the car and still laughing Mikaela fell to the floor, Sammy not far behind as she held her sides.

"W-what did you say to him?" Nova asked taking some deep breaths as she leaned on the car.

"I-I told him," Mikaela said before taking a few deep breaths to calm down saying "That while he was fun to date he was not really my gender,"

"I knew it!" David said he had a feeling Mikaela batted for the same team, this just confirmed it.

"You go, girl!" Sammy said as she slowly got up off the ground.

Nova shook her head in amusement before moving and sitting on the hood of the car and pulled out her limiter and focus ring, a focus was what the more modern wizarding worlds used. Unlike their England counterparts, focuses could be made to look like anything. Nova had a focus ring which was made from titanium with a navy blue sapphire gem, she slipped the ring on her right index finger.

A limiter was an item that helped keep powerful magic users levels in check, Nova had one because when she came into her inheritance she became a 'caster' type which meant her magic tripled to the point she could bend her magic to her will. She had no need to say spell names or wave her focus around, no she could just think of the spell and flick her finger and pronto the spell is cast. Her limiter looked like a pair of rectangle glasses (To be more specific a pair of Vogue VO 2484 glasses) in black with runes carved into the side of them.

When she took her glasses off and either threw them away from her or put them down somewhere then her power levels would rocket! Hence why she always has them on her.

Nova chuckles as David moved and climbed up the tree nearby as Sammy and Mikaela got into a spar while Nova put her glasses on and pulled out a book, smirking she started reading as the sound of Sammy and Mikaela's laughter filled up the area along with David throwing a joke in every now and then.

It was a nice way to end the afternoon, Nova liked it when an afternoon ended like this.

"Ah!" A yell made Nova jolt as she looked up at her sister and cousin.

Sammy was clutching her head in pain while Mikaela was holding her waist, David jumped down and ran over as Nova put her book away and pulled her phone out to call their parents.

"Shit! Nova their starting sooner then we thought!" David yelled as he picked up Sam and ran over to the car, he used his tail to open the door and place Sam in the back seat as she whimpered in pain.

"I'm letting our parents know, get Mikaela in the car," Nova said as she got into the driver's seat as David got Mikaela.

The phone ringed as Nova heard her mother pick up.

"Nova? Whats wrong? You don't normally call this time of day?" Judy asked as Nova started the car.

"Mom! Get the house ready, Sammy and Mikaela are starting!" Nova said making her mother gasp.

"I will! Right away! Ron! Help me get the house ready! It's time!" Judy yelled over the phone before it cut off.

Nova closed her phone and put it away as she started the car up as David got Mikaela into the car before getting in himself as Nova drove away from the cliffside, she stuck as close as she could to the speed limit as she drove home.


Judy bit her lip as she waited in the living room on the lookout for her daughters and niece, she was nerves and worried for her family. The last time something made her worry like this was Nova going through her own inheritance.

That day had been both shock and very eye-opening for the family, shocking because they were experiencing the family's first creature inheritance since Archibald Witwicky's own father.

And it had been eye-opening to Ron and Judy at just how much pain a person can go through, case in point, Sammy, and Mikaela. Nova was only in pain for a few hours since her body had to adjust to her new evolved magic and her pathways opening up further.

But now, it was Sammy and Mikaela's turn. Ron walked over after moving the furniture to the sides and made a big space in the living room, he held his wife's shoulder as Sammy's car pulled into the driveway and over to the garage.

The back doors shot open as David dove out and ran around to the other side and helped Mikaela out while Nova exited the car and ran around to pull Sammy out, the group of four then went over to the house. Or in Sammy and Mikaela's case, dragged over.

"Everything is ready," Ron said as he got the door open letting the group inside as Judy kept a lookout for nosy neighbors.

"Thanks, Dad, Mom," Nova said as she pulled Sammy over to the cleared out living room as David lay Mikaela on the floor.

Judy closed all the doors and windows whole Ron covered them, they went over to the living room as David went to sand behind Nova. Nova sighs as she held up her hand letting her ring glow as she used her focus to concentrate her magic into the wards of the house and then focused on a barrier around her cousin and sister so they won't hurt themselves.

The first to change was Mikaela, she groans in pain as she grew a little taller from 5'4" to a tall 6'1" as her muscle mass increased giving her a boxer build as her chest went from a B to a D to fit her build as her muscles toned on her waist giving her a feminine six-pack. Her hair turned black with red streaks as her skin gained a faint purplish tinge to it, she then screamed as she hunched over as a second pair of arms grew from her shoulders just behind her original arms. (Looks like Kali's Exterminator skin except replace her silver hair with the color's I put in)

She slumps onto her side panting as Sammy screamed in pain, her change was taking longer as she clutched at her waist. She was the most drastic as her height went from 5'11" to 6'7", her chest grew from a D to an E in size as her muscles grew to fit her rapid growth and balance her out. Her hair then merged with her head as scales grew across her body, she went from screaming in pain to growling in pain as she gained a snout and wings burst from her back being of the thick leather type as she fell on her butt.

From her butt came a long tail that reached a 4 inches past her ankles as her legs changed going from normal looking to that of digitigrade legs with 1-inch black claws on her four toes as the same claws grew from her human-looking hands, her scales were a deep raven black with her scales from under her jaw and down her belly and to the underside of her tail was a lighter dim-grey color. Her horns were a deep black as they emerged from her head with a loud groan with small spikes going down her head as the horns curved around as the last changes took place with fangs growing in her mouth as small spikes ran down her spine and tail.

(Just imagine an anthro western type dragoness snout face and all, also for her legs look up World of Warcraft Draenei female legs minus the hoofs and for her horns look at Second Life Marketplace for Violet Studios Horns - Tularis Demon Horns (Female))

Once Nova was sure that Sammy and Mikaela wouldn't hurt themselves she dropped the barrier, Judy and Ron quickly went to Sammy's side as she groaned in pain. Nova and David went to Mikaela's side as she sat up and rubbed her head with her new extra hand.

"I don't really have to ask how your doing do I?" Nova asked as Mikaela grunts.

"Fuck no! That hurt!" Mikaela said with a growl opening her now slightly glowing azure blue eyes, her voice had a slight echo to it.

"I agree with Mikaela," Sammy said her voice a tiny bit deeper now with an added growl to it.

"I must admit, I was not expecting this," David said while taking out his camera to take pictures for the ministries records of creature inheritance.

"This is amazing," Judy said as she gently stroked her daughter's horns making Sam purr as a result while Ron checked her over for any injuries.

"Come on, let's check you over," Nova said while helping Mikaela up.

"Ah, I see a problem," Mikaela said taking note of her ripped clothing which thankful still kept her covered.

"Yeah, thankfully I don't need clothing," Sammy said while gesturing to her scale covered body which hid away her private areas.

"I can easily fix it," Nova said as David started taking notes while Ron helped Sam off the floor.

As the family got use to the new changes they missed a certain yellow and black car slip away when Sam did notice her car missing she hardly put up a fuss since she was too damn tired to care about it at that moment in time.

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Sam's change was the hardest to describe, I hope I did a good job with it.

In the next chapter, the girls are sent on a chase between robots!

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