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In this chapter, the girls are sent on a chase between robots!

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Chapter 3: A Chase and Discovery


Sammy growls as she lay on her bed, after her eventful and sudden creature inheritance. Her body was a bit sore but mostly warm due to her new body temperature, this was thanks to her inner fire that all dragons have that allows them to well, use fire.

Right now, Sammy was her human self and in a pair of blue shorts with a black tank top and a denim jacket. She had changed into them last night and couldn't be bothered to change into anything else this morning.

"Sammy! Get up, your cars back!" Nova yelled up making Sammy grunt as she got up while rolling her shoulders.

Sitting up she pulled a pair of black trainers on before leaving her room, she went downstairs to see Nova making breakfast. She also saw Mikaela munching on an apple while watching the news, the funny thing was her new second pair of arms was out and currently brushing her hair.

"Making use of your new arms?" Sammy asked her voice still smooth but it now holds a small growl at the edges of her words.

"Yep, I can't wait to spar with you later," Mikaela asked as she put the brush down while throwing the apple core in the bin beside the coffee table.

"I look forward to it," Sammy said while accepting the breakfast Nova made, she sat down to eat it as Nova cleaned up.

"So, who brought the car back?" Sammy asked taking a bite of her food being careful of her now sharp canines.

"The police found it at one of the junkyards, a group of teens must have tried to play a prank on us or something," Nova said as Mikaela got up and returned to her human self making her arms retract into her body as she shrunk a bit while her skin and eyes return to normal.

"Little jerks," Sammy said as she finished her food and stood up.

Nova held up her hand and summoned the empty plate and cutlery to her to wash while Mikaela checked her clothing over, she had changed into a dark blue tank top with knee length blue skinny jeans with grey trainers. She put her hair up into a ponytail as Nova walked over to them, her own outfit consisted of a purple T-shirt with skinny grey jeans and black combat boots.

"Who's ready for a bit of shopping?" Nova asked as Mikaela smirked walking over to the front door and grabbing her black jacket and Nova's brown one.

"I'm ready! Besides, I need to get my car a re-paint," Sammy said as they exited the house while Nova locked up.

Nova turned and caught her jacket as they went over to Sammy's car, the dragon girl unlocked the door and got in the driver's seat while Nova got in the back as Mikaela got in the passenger seat.

"What colors are you gonna repaint him with?" Nova asked as Sammy started the car up.

"I'll stick with the bee look, it just suits him," Sammy said patting the dashboard before leaving the driveway.


Sammy grins as she watched Mikaela and Nova shopping for some new bras, considering their recent changes that was not much of a surprise. She was about to get back in the car when something caught her eyes.

Looking over she saw something vanish from view, it was shiny and somewhere inside Sammy her inner dragon yelled 'my shiny!'. So, Sammy followed it missing her car's engine starting up as Nova and Mikaela arrived back at the car.

"Where did it go?" Sammy asked as she arrived at an abandoned car park under a runway.

She growls before huffing at the shiny thing escaping, what had it been? Could it have been a reflection?

"Man, I need to get my new instincts under control," Sammy muttered and went to leave when the sound of sirens was heard.

She turned around and saw a Mustang police car drive over slowly, Sammy went to speak when her hair stood on end as her instincts screamed at her about a potential danger close by.

"Um, is there something wrong officer? Anything I can help you with?" Sammy asked standing tense as no voice came from the cop car.

She went to take a step closer only for the car to surge forward Sammy jumped back and to her shock, the car transformed! Into a huge fricking robot!

'What the fuck!?' Sammy thought staring at the red-eyed or optic robot now standing before her.

Suddenly the realization that a giant robot of possible death was standing before her made Sammy gulp as she quickly took off in a run.

"Shit!" She yelled as the robot caught up to her and swung at her sending her flying onto the front of a broken car shattering the window more from the impact.

"I hope this is a dream!" Sammy yelled as the robot slammed its hands down either side of the car.

"Are you username DragonGirl127?!" The robot yelled in a male sounding voice.

"Um, yes?!" Sammy yelled back wondering why the robot wanted her E-mail username?!

"Where are the glasses!" The robot yelled as Sammy felt a surge of warmth build up in her throat.

Glasses? Which glasses? They had many glasses at home! Wait, the only glasses related to her e-mail name was her grandfather's glasses she had David do some research on.

'Why does he want my grandfather's glasses?' Sammy thought before deciding enough was enough.

"I ain't tell you!" Sammy yelled before releasing the warmth in her throat and blasting the robot with a stream of dragon fire making him stumble back clutching his face and yelling.

Sammy jumped up and ran over the car and away from the screaming robot, she kept running until she saw the main road and was about to start yelling when her car drove over and then to her shock it drove past her and slammed into the robot making it fall down creating a big shower of dust.

"What?!" Sammy yelled as her car drove over and stopped with the drives side facing her.

It then opened to show Nova and Mikaela inside with no-one driving!

"Get in! Hurry!" Mikaela yelled as she spotted the robot getting back up, while Nova was on the phone.

"I don't know what the hell it is! Some kind of robot!" Nova said down the phone most likely talking with David.

"Just follow my phone tracker!" Nova yelled as Sam dove into the driver seat and the car took off with the robot cop car not far behind them.

"Why does the crazy shit happen to us?!" Sammy yelled as she clung to the door as Nova shoved her phone into her pocket.

"I don't know!" Mikaela yelled back as Nova yelps grabbing the seats.

"Escape robocop first! Question luck later!" Nova yelled before yelling with Sammy and Mikaela as they drove through a huge glass window and into an old warehouse.

Nova held a hand over her mouth as vertigo hit her while the car spun around and did a U-turn before taking off at high speeds, she was kinda regretting eating that burger right about now.

Nova looked up as the sound of sirens fade away, she saw the sky slowly change from sunset and into the start of the night. She uncovered her mouth as Mikaela looked around.

"Did we ditch it?" She asked as the car arrived at another warehouse district which was also connected to a minor powerplant.

The car drove backward and parked up, the engine then cut out as the car locked up. Sammy cursed under her breath as her nails turned into claws and back, a low growl escaped her as she looked around tense.

"I hope we ditched it," Sammy said licking her now dry lips as the evil robocop drove past them.

"Time to start," Nova muttered as the car restarted and drove off with a big burst of speed.

The car drove behind the robot police car and kept driving until it arrived at an open area, the car then turned and threw the girls out making them land on the ground. Sammy was the first to get up followed by Nova and Mikaela before Sammy could say anything the trio watched in shock as the black and yellow car transformed!

"What the!? My car is a robot too?!" Sammy yelled backing up as the cop-bot drove at them.

It then transformed on the move and slammed into Sam's car sending him flying back, the girls ran out of the way as both bots landed the police-bot changed its left arm into a mace of some kind as a little bot popped out of its chest!

The girls backed up before running as the giant robot death match happened above them while running from the little bot that chased them, they ran past some water containers away from the fight when Sam yelped as she was tripped.

Looking she struggled as the little bot jumped on her, she growls her eyes becoming slitted as her teeth became sharp while her nails grew into claws. She yells hitting the bot off her before getting up and running, she felt her skin harden as the bot gave chase.

"This is not my day!" Sammy yelled as she ran.

Meanwhile, Mikaela was busy finding a weapon to use on the little bot while Nova who had gotten separated during the fight was looking for her sibling when she heard a crash and ran over to see Sammy tackled down a hill. She watched as Sammy using her new dragonic strength and threw the bot off of her, the little bot then stood up and ran at Sammy only to be stopped mid-jump by Nova.

"You okay Sammy?" Nova asked walking over as the bot struggled in its new glowing chains that Nova created from her magic.

"A ruffed up but fine," Sammy said a slight growl to her voice as Mikaela ran over with an electric saw.

"Have I missed the party?" Mikaela asked eyeing the bot.

"Nope, it's just starting," Nova said before waving her hand and releasing the bot to the tender hands of Mikaela.

Mikaela wasted no time in chopping the little bot to pieces, she soon pulled back looking very pleased with herself as the little bots head detached and tried to crawl off.

"Not so tough as a head now are ya?" Sammy asked before moving forward and kicking the bot's head up the hill and over the fence.

"Nice kick," Nova said as Mikaela dropped her 'weapon' on the ground.

Sammy then perked up as she heard something in the distance looking back at her cousin and sibling she relaxed making her eyes, teeth, skin, and nails return to normal.

"Come on, let's go," Sammy said making Nova and Mikaela nod as they followed her.

They soon arrived back at the death robot-match area and slowly walked up the hill, unsure if Sammy's car had won the fight or robo-cop. The trio relaxed slightly as the yellow and black bot that was Sammy's car walked over and into view.

"What is it?" Mikaela asked to her the robot looked like something out of a sci-fi movie.

"A robot, a real-life robot," Nova said as she felt her phone buzz but ignored it.

"Think its Japanese?" Sammy asked glancing at Nova.

"Not one bit, this thing feels alive," Nova said in a slightly breathless tone as she watched the bot.

Sammy took a few steps forward as the bot stood before them with its hands on its hips looking at them with a curious look, she gulps a bit before steeling her nerves.

"I don't think this one wants to hurt us," Sammy said not taking her eyes off the bot.

"You think so? Even after that robot-death match?" Mikaela asked not moving from her spot.

"Yeah, plus I get the feeling it wants something from me," Sammy said making Nova raise an eyebrow at her.

"What makes you say that?" She asked confused.

"The robo-cop was talking about my E-mail and grandfather's glasses for some reason," Sammy said glancing back at her sister before looking at the bot again.

"Can you talk?" Sammy asked rather curious.

"XM Satellite Radio. Digital cable brings you...Columbia Broadcasting System," Various voices and radio clips played from the bot.

"You talk through the radio?" Sammy asked pointing at the bot.

The bot nods and clapped his hands while pointing at Sammy.

"Thank you, you're beautiful. You're wonderful, you're wonderful," The bot 'said' making Sammy smirk.

"Why are you here?" Nova asked stepping forward.

"Throughout the inanimate vastness of space...Angels with rain down like visitors from heaven halleluja!" The bot said while looking up as Mikaela stepped forward.

"Visitors from heaven? What? Are you an alien or something?" Mikaela asked making the bot nod and point at her.

"Any more questions you wanna ask?" The car asked them opening its door.

It then transforms back into the yellow and black Camaro, the trio shared a look not really sure what to believe at this point. Magic and mythical creatures, yes, aliens? Not too sure at the moment.

"David is gonna be so mad he missed all this," Nova said with a chuckle as Mikaela bit her lip.

"Should we?" She asked gesturing to the car.

Sammy looked at Mikaela before a challenging smirk appeared on her face.

"Fifty years from now, when you're looking back at your life, don't you want to be able to say you had the guts to get in the car?" Sammy asked making Mikaela pause.

She then smirks back and went over to the car followed by Sammy and Nova, they got in with Nova in the back, Sammy in the driver's seat and Mikaela in the passenger seat.

They were soon driving off but they did pause to pick up Mikaela's purse which she had thrown aside during the chaos, the trio and one robot car soon hit the road.


"Why is it that the craziest stuff finds you, girls?" David asked after being picked up by the girls.

"I have no idea," Nova said as she sat with him in the back.

David sighs rubbing his face, he was still unsure of the girl's story. Really? A giant robot? Over the phone, he had thought Nova was watching a movie or got caught up in a movie being filmed.

"I still find it hard to believe this little rusty Camaro is a robot, whoa!" David said before yelling with the girls as the car went up on two wheels.

A strange noise was then heard as the car landed back on all four wheels, only this time it was a more modern and new model Camaro.

"Okay, I believe you now!" David said in a high pitch voice making the girls burst into laughter.

They kept driving or well, the robot kept driving as they arrived at a museum (Still can't make out what the building was) and parked up letting the group get out. Before David could question where they were a flash made the group look up to see four meteors! David stood with shocked eyes as Nova watched in awe while Mikaela and Sammy grinned st such a cool sight.

The four objects then went off in different directions, the closest one crash landed across the road in a nearby field. Sharing a look Sammy and Mikaela ran over as Nova shook her head at them, she looked over at David who was rubbing his neck.

"I'm not even gonna question this, my mind has been blown!" David said making Nova chuckle.

"You should have seen the robot death match before," Nova said as Sammy and Mikaela ran back over.

"It was another robot! A big one!" Sammy yelled as Mikaela nods.

David then noticed something or rather a group of something coming over to their location in the distance.

"Uh, guys? We should probably get going before security arrives," David said making everyone share a look.

The group then quickly scrambled back into the Camaro as it's engine roars to life and drove off.

'What a crazy night this is turning out to be!' Nova thought as she watched the scenery go by.

Unaware that is was only going to get crazier from here on out!

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