Overwatch and Injustice Crossover challenge.

Summary: Overwatch attempts to stop Talon from preforming inter-dimensional experiments in the ensuing conflict the device overloads transporting everyone from Overwatch and Talon. Now trapped and in a new world ruled over by a former hero turned dictator. Overwatch must join forces with the heroes of this world and save it.

So I recently came up with this idea and I thought it was a pretty good one. I don't really have any ideas for pairings so you guys have fun with that just make them realistic to the characters and good pacing for the relationships. Other than that have fun I want you guys to have as much creative freedom with this.

As stated in the summary both Overwatch and Talon are scattered through out the world of Injustice. So part of the story will be Overwatch trying to regroup and do what they do best be heroes. For example I can picture Soldier 76 showing up in Gotham and he proceeds to do what he does best. He's basically Batman with a gun anyways could have him meet up Jason at some point. Tracer could end up in London, Bastion is in the woods somewhere with his bird where he could meet Swamp-thing.

So those are some examples of what the Overwatch characters could be up to like I said I want you guys to have as much freedom as possible. Message me or review if you want to take up this challenge the only thing I ask try to update fairly regularly.