"Banker's hours?" Emily asked, climbing onto the seat next to Aaron.

"Well, it's business." He replied, his gaze focused steadily on her.

Emily smirked in response, "Does that mean you're buying?"

She set her bag by her feet and gestured to the bartender for the same drink.

While Emily was busy grabbing the drink from the bartender Aaron gave himself a minute to admire her. Just a minute. If he gave himself any longer than this meeting would go from business to pleasure.

Emily's skin flushed with heat at feeling Aaron's eyes on her. She knew combining business and alcohol wouldn't help, but then again, being alone with Aaron required liquid courage. Now that her and her boyfriend were split up there was officially nothing stopping them, and by God if she didn't want him.

Feeling the scotch make a slow burn down her throat she finally dragged her gaze up to meet his, a twinkle making its appearance.

"So," Aaron said, breaking the moment, "your first congressional vote as Chief of Staff."

"Hm," She replied, taking a sip.

Aaron about laughed at her, seeing the stress that he once wore, "I left a bottle in my desk. I assumed you found it."

Emily couldn't help but let a stressful smile slip through, "Aaron, I'm working on my first congressional vote. That bottle is long gone."

"Well, I can see why you asked me for a drink then." He laughed.

Emily took another sip and rolled her eyes, "I did not ask you for a drink I asked you for a meeting."

"Meeting. Right." He drank what was left in his glass, setting it on the ledge for a refill.

Emily's gaze never wavered from his actions. If this is how he wanted to play it, then she would too. She threw back the rest of her drink and waited for her refill as well.

"So, tell me, can we count on Hookstraten's vote?"

"Come on Emily, you know I can't say." He smirked.

"Can't or won't?" She quipped back.

Aaron was taken aback for a moment. He knew Emily was quick on her feet. Hell, that was what attracted him to her so much, but her wit never failed to amaze him. He let his sight linger on hers for a moment. Their connection was only broken when the bartender placed the refilled glasses in front of them.

"How about I tell you the vote if you tell me one of those Dewey Beach stories?"

Aaron was lit up. Emily knew that he wanted to hear those stories, she also knew that more alcohol would lead to them… and most likely something else. She wasn't fully sure where Aaron's feelings were, but she did know that their attraction never faded. It was so clear in the way he looked at her, the electricity was practically palpable.

Emily pretended to think it over, taking a sip to create anticipation. Aaron's proposal quickly shifted any possibility of only work happening tonight. The way he phrased the question, full of desire, and the way he was currently admiring her, like he couldn't get enough, was more than enough to shift their night.

Her gaze shifted from her right to Aaron on her left, a slight smirk on her mouth, "Okay."

Aaron's lips tilted up in response. The alcohol was beginning to create a sweet haze over his thoughts.

2 hours later,

Time pasted in a flash. Before Aaron or Emily knew it they were both tipsy, drink after drink being thrown back. Emily gave up her secrets and soon Aaron knew every little detail from her nineteen-year-old summer. Everything from skinny dipping in broad daylight to her first time. Her first time only making Aaron's gaze darken and her fingers itch to touch him. She knew what she was getting into when shop talk left the table and her secrets came out, but she also knew that at some point the tension between them would snap. It might as well be tonight.

Aaron let out a low laugh while Emily finished her story, "And then suddenly the rest of the house walked in on us and let's just say I was terrified to touch anyone again for a long time."

His gaze kept switching from her eyes to her lips as he leaned in involuntarily. He felt Emily do the same. Not a moment passing between them, both of them frozen in time.

"A long time, huh? How about tonight?" He whispered, his breath falling against her lips.

Emily felt her heart stutter and her eyes close. She lifted her hand and placed it against his cheek, his stubble rough against her palm. Her thoughts were short circuiting, all rational thinking missing.

Instead of answering him with words she closed the rest of the gap between them, her lips folding against his.

Aaron smirked against her, lips gently opening her own in order to run his tongue softly on her own. He softly pushed her hand off his face in order to grab her own. Her jaw was quickly outlined by his fingers, making his face lean in even closer.

As Emily felt him shift, their kiss getting heavier and their breath coming out harder, she knew it was time to take this business meeting home. She pulled away a bit suddenly, her anticipation getting the best of her. She realized she startled Aaron a bit, so she leaned back down to press a soft peck against his heated lips.

"We should get out of here." She insinuated as she grabbed for her bag and got off the stool, furthering her point.

Aaron smirked as he realized her intent. He threw down a forty on the counter and put his hand on her lower back, steering them out of the bar. The last thing Emily saw before stepping into the cold air was Aarons gaze filled with promise. The night was young, and they were officially off the clock.