Chapter 1

As a means to celebrate Valentines day and to make a story with multiple short stories within them, I did this.

Greirat and Loretta

"Heavens, she was already dead... Thank you. I-I'm not surprised, though. Hmm, almost a relief, really. You can keep the ring. As, well, a little trinket of thanks, I suppose." Said Greirat as he starred at the Ashen one, who gave him the bone of Loretta. His Loretta. The Ashen one looked at Greirat in concern.

"Will you be fine?" Asked the Ashen one.

"Y-yes. Just give me sometime alone." Said Greirat. The Ashen one just starred at him with his blank knight helmet before taking off, giving his condolences to Greirat. Once he was gone, Greirat began to silently cry to himself.

"Oh Loretta. Why?" Thought Greirat as he remembered the last time he saw her.

Sometime ago

"Are you insane?" Asked an relatively old woman as she looked at Greirat, who was putting on his Thrall hood. "Why would you got to Lothric castle? And for a stupid ring?"

"Because, my dear, that ring was taken from your family generations ago." Said Greirat as he took the old woman's hands. "As the only member of your family left alive or hasn't gone hollow, it should be in your fingers. If only you had told me earlier."

"I didn't tell you earlier because I knew that you would do something like this." Said the old woman. "Don't do this, my dear." Greirat just laughed before pulling up his hood to give the old woman a kiss on the lip.

"Don't worry, my sweet Loreta. I'll be back in three days." Said Greirat before letting go. "If I come back late, do whatever punishment you see fit." Loreta just sighed to herself before watching him go, both proud and annoyed with the thief that she came to love.


"Why?" Thought Greirat as he wallowed in his grief. "Why wasn't I there for you?"


After recovering and a quick nap, Greirat was back to his normal self. He was currently humming to himself when he saw the Ashen one approaching him.

"Ah, there you are." Said Greirat as the Ashen one stopped to talk with him. "You know, I was thinking… perhaps I'll go on the prowl that settlement I told you about. Everyone's dead or hollowed away anyway, right? So... I might as well fetch some weapons or treasure for you. Well, what do you say?" The Ashen one looked concerned for a minute before talking with Greirat.

"Are you sure?" Asked the Ashen one. "You seemed pretty shaken when I gave you the bone of that woman. You'll be fine with visiting the site of her grave?"

"Yes, I'll be fine." Said Greirat. "I wouldn't have survived in this line of business if I was that easily shaken."

"Besides, it was the towns folks that killed her." Thought Greirat angrily. "I wouldn't mind stealing some of their belongings if it means getting some measure of payback for Loretta. And…I wouldn't mind seeing Loretta's body."

"If you think you can take it…then I allow you to go." Said the Ashen one. "Just be careful."

"Thank you." Said Greirat with genuine gratitude. "You will not be disappointed. Greirat the Thief was once a well-known name." He then remembered how they met. "Until I ended up rotting in a cell..." The Ashen one chuckled a bit with Greirat before taking off. As he watched him go, Greirat gave the Ashen one a silent thank you for allowing him to go.

Undead settlement

Greirat was prowling along the bodies that were hanging from rope and the ones that were about to be burned if it weren't for the Ashen one for Loretta's body. Eventually he found it in a neat place of grass. Obviously, the Ashen one had set her down nicely as a sign of dignity. After making sure it was her, Greirat took a shovel he found and began to make a grave for her, hidden well enough that wandering undead or hollowed will find it and desecrate it. After burying the body, Greirat gave a prayer for forgiveness for failing to save his beloved Loretta. After saying a final goodbye, Greirat went to pillage the settlement for equipment for the man that he owed his life to.

Much later

Greirat was humming to himself when the Ashen one came to him.

"Oh? What is it, Ashen one?" Asked Greirat as he watched the Ashen one bring out the ring that he gave him. "What are you doing?"

"I'm giving this back to you." Said the Ashen one as he handed Greirat the ring. "Your friend Patches told me everything about Loretta and you. I'm guessing the ring was for her."

"*Sighs* We're more acquaintances than friends, but yes." Said Greirat. "The ring was a part of Loretta's family for generations. A Lothric soldier took it from her family sometime ago. Once I heard about this, I attempted to get it back for my sweet, but…" He then stopped, not willing to go through the pain of losing Loretta and not being there for her.

"You couldn't have predicted what would happen." Said the Ashen one. "Don't blame yourself. Loretta wouldn't have wanted that from you."

"No, she wouldn't." Said Greirat as he wallowed in thought of Loretta.

"If it would help, I believe you and I can visit her." Said the Ashen one before brining out some flowers. Greirat gasped at seeing them. They were Loretta's favorites, but they were rare and hard to come across. Seeing Greirat gasp, the Ashen one explained. "Got Patches to scour the all of Lothric for these. Even did it for free when he heard it was for you. If it pleases you, may Patches and I venture with you to Loretta and give these to her. As a means to say one final goodbye to her." Greirat just stammered upon hearing that.

"I-I thank you, Ashen one." Said Greirat. "To take time away from your journey to help a old thief with saying goodbye to his sweetheart." He then took a deep breath. "Yes, let us go." Nodding his head, the Ashen one gave Greirat the flowers before leading him to the bonfire where Patches was waiting for them.

Undead Settlement

"These are for you, my sweet." Said Greirat as he laid the flowers on Loretta's makeshift grave. "I had moved on, but I wish to give you these as a means to express my love. And I'll keep the ring. I know that you would want it to be put into good use." As he was speaking, Patches and the Ashen one were looking on, keeping guard in case anything tried to attack Greirat and them.

"Poor old sod." Said Patches. "He didn't deserve this."

"Neither did many others in ages past." Said the Ashen one. "Yet, the innocent and good people still suffer."

"While the ones that deserve it don't." Said Patches, causing the Ashen one to nod in agreement. "Still…I guess you did a good thing. All this for Greirat."

"You helped too." Said the Ashen one.

"Not really." Said Patches. "I expect payment after this." The Ashen one just chuckled, knowing that he was joking. Greirat soon approached them and told them that he was done. As they were walking, Greirat heard some joyful laughter coming from somewhere. It was a laughter that he was familiar with. He smiled in content as he remembered the first time that he made Loretta laugh.

Few rules.

One: no yaoi or yuri

two: I may or may not take suggestions, depednign on if I can make it work or not.

Three: Only characters from Dark souls 3, cause that's the one I'm most familiar with.

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